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  1. i do wash my hair daily, but my hair is so oily that if i skip a day, it's a greasy mess. i guess i'll just deep condition it every day till it gets back to normal.
  2. hey gang! so my hair has been through helllll the past few months. i dyed it black (permanently) and i got sick of having to maintain the color, so i went to the salon to get it back to my natural color, or close to it. well my hair was stripped (bleached) and dyed, and it was a really gorgeous auburn color but it wasn't close to my natural hair color so i went back and got it dyed darker. ANYWAY. my hair is a lot drier, less shiny, and frizzy i want to save it so does anyone have any tips as to how to get my pretty hair back?
  3. i'm in NY too, and i also got the flu shot in november! i just got the flu today. it's awful =( feel better!
  4. oh, karren, i'm so sorry to hear about that. my week hasn't been so wonderful either... i blame the full moon =) just hang in there!
  5. that sounds so incredibly annoying, rosie! i'm sorry =( i don't get how such incompetent people get so much power sometimes. i'm still in high school, and the whole tenure system is so stupid. incompetent teachers get their tenure after just 3 years.
  6. ok so yesterday i needed to go and get a new body wash, so i went to the local CVS and got Dove Creamy Cream Oil Body Wash in the cherry blossom and almond scent. i got it because i needed a moisturizing body wash since it's super dry and cold now in the winter. it is AMAZING. it smells SO good, it lathers into this really thick creamy lather, and after when i dried my skin, my skin feels baby soft and smooth. it's like butter. i love it and totally recommend it for women with normal-dry skin like mine! perfect for wintertime.
  7. gorgeous! i love the lip color. i wish i could get away with pink eyeshadow
  8. oohhh i really like the colors! i'd use most of them.
  9. ok so i've been really sick for the past month or so. i've been getting blinding migraines chronically and fatigued and a bunch of other stuff. so for the past 3 weeks i've been out of school. it's a small high school and it's definitely going to be noticed that i'm out for so long. however, a lot of other students think that i've been faking sick to miss out on tests and projects, and to stay home and play World of Warcraft all day. i am SO angry and really disappointed and crushed. i've really been really sick and have been going through such a rough time and to know that most of my peers think that lowly of me is so heartbreaking. like what is WRONG with them? yeah, i've been home and yeah i've been playing WoW a lot, but when you're sick and can't do much of anything, what the hell am i GONNA do? yeah right like i want to miss 3 weeks of school in a row to come back and have to make up all that work. i'm not getting out of ANYTHING. i'm just so upset.
  10. for me, i have medications to take in the morning and at night, so i drink a big ol' glass of water with each. during the day in school, i keep a water bottle with me, always. it becomes so much of a habit once you get into it.
  11. thanks everyone.. it's just so hard to keep going. i pretty much left my "best friend" because i knew that she was treating me terribly and i didn't deserve that, and it was breaking me down even further. so now on saturday nights like these, i'm alone. it sounds stupid and corny but it really sucks. i'm just doing little things now to cheer me up, like watching a movie or playing a video game or something. for me it's just getting through the day. and even if i did have an excuse to go out with people, i wouldn't be able to because i'm in pain chronically. it's all really frustrating.
  12. hahaha cute and quirky. i love it.
  13. oh i'd so love to know more details about this look, too. it's gorgeous.
  14. yeah like i can even afford it all already. my next MAC purchase will be from Hannukah money and that's it. smart business move on their part. it's all supply and demand. but hardly anyone can afford it nowadays. hell i live in one of the richest areas in New York (Westchester County) and on Black Friday, the Westchester Mall was bleak. absolutely bleak.
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