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  1. If you are interested in providing writing services in the form of articles of 300+ length, for an average of $3.5 per article, PM me for details. This is a great opportunity for content writers out there. The best thing is you will get paid through Paypal every month when your account reaches $25 and there are many other things to explore as well
  2. Thanks for sharing info about Zeno but I was asking about blue light therapy which is not the same as thermal acne treatment It is a new technology that makes use of high intensity LED bulbs to transfer blue light to the affected areas and cures acne after regular usage for up to 3 months.
  3. No problem I didn't know about this site before but now I really like it!
  4. Check this out ladies: Natural Make Up Effects for Oily and Pale Skin | ExpertVillage Videos I really found it helpful. It's a complete video series.
  5. I was wondering if anyone here has had the chance of going through blue or red light therapy for acne treatment and skin healing?
  6. Originally Posted by Beyonce Welch Without the mirror that I carry in mu purse I would have the reddest teeth around ! Beyonce - Nearsighted Old Lesbian Dame ! Haha!
  7. Could be stress pregnancy. And yes it's normal to miss a period.
  8. If I don't have a mirror I use my cell phone to apply lipstick
  9. Using a fingertip on the non-lipstick-wielding hand as a guide, position the tip of the lipstick on the center of your mouth's bow. Draw half a heart from the bow to the edge of your mouth. At the same time, trace the top line of your lip with your fingertip to shield from wobbles. Use the same fingertip to mark the center of your lower lip and to use as your guide. Sweep the color to each corner of your mouth. Don't rub your lips together; you'll only smear the color. Source
  10. Thank you for your feedback guys. Looks like eBay is popular for its makeup products especially those which are low-priced.
  11. The only solution is to buy another pair of tweezers
  12. Laser IS very much effective for thick, coarse hairs. If you have thick hair on back then you must go for laser treatment. Since laser is a more complicated procedure I wouldn't go for home treatment, however, electrolysis is a much simpler process and can be carried out over days. That's why I'm considering buying a home electrolysis system.
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