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  1. Hi ladies! I have asked everywhere.... but if anyone here is of Venezuelan descent.... can you please help? I am in a class called California Food and Wine and I have to interview someone about their culture and food. It won't take long and can be via email. Its just about your fave foods and how you were raised. If I could interview everyone of every descent that would be awesome but the particular country I was assigned to was Venezuela. Thanks.
  2. That is exactly what advice I needed to hear. Thank you. Its kinda hard for me to explain it to other people.. but at least this way when I posted it I could get another person's perspective with different experiences and backgrounds that were no where near mine or remotely in near the same environment. I guess I will have to wait until June when I graduate... but the brightside its not too far from here! I just kinda have to keep my head up for the moment being. Bleh.
  3. I need some advice.... i feel almost stupid for posting this... but I always need a second opinion. I guess I should start with the back story and then the details. I'm in a sorority. I used to be very proud of it... but I grew up and realized it was not benefiting me. I have distanced myself from the people and have placed more focus on my goals (school, internships). I'm about to graduate this May and have been accepted into grad school for the upcoming fall. Ever since I stepped away (I'm technically still in it just missing in action), people have treated me differently. They have disrespected me and have found any reason to point drama in my direction. My problem: I live with two girls who are my sorority sisters. They are horrible roommates. I always clean after them. And at times that I've cleaned out their moldy food, I've gotten yelled at in front of everyone in my household saying its my fault. Ultimately, I look like the bad guy even tho I do everything in this house. It's gotten bad because I feel like even though everyone is older than me in the house I still have to look out for people when I have my own problems. They even have criticized me. I was trying to lose weight and they sometimes would tell me "oh you have a long way to go." or that they couldn't tell I've lost anything. I am moving out in July when my lease is up....so moving out right now is not an option. And when I do move I am going to quit my sorority. For a while I couldn't quit because it was conflict of interest since I lived with two of them. Although I don't go to activities or anything anymore... I don't even sport letters around school... you can basically say I'm not really in it. I have just tried to be civil with people and suck up alot of things that bother me around here just so I can leave with out drama. Plus, I'm not here on the weekends and my crap is here. I've been wanting to clean up my facebook, change my phone number, etc. I just wanted a drama free life. I need to anyway because I work with attorneys and obviously heading to a different change in education environment. Do you think it would be okay for me to do it now? I'm just scared because it might create more drama since I live with two of them. I occasionally see people around school but don't really talk to them. I mainly wanted to ask if you think that would be okay... but also how to deal with drama. I'm usually not very good with it because I didn't have 20 plus haters all at once. Its ridiculous. sometimes overwhelming...and I just needed to vent! LOL. So thanks.
  4. I'm a college student in her senior year. I'm at a breaking point or phase I guess I should say where I feel like all I do is school and internships and school and internships. I moved out to SF to start a successful college career. I joined a sorority to make friends. I even have a boyfriend out here... But all of it seems to not fit into place? I'm going thru a phase where sorority life is old. I'm over it and even got out of it. My boyfriend is two years younger then me and is still in a phase of wanting to be spontaneous and young. I'm just at a phase where... well hard work will pay off soon right? I hardly go out and its not because I can't... I'm just too tired. Maybe its because I've grown up? I know what I have to do? Responsibilities? I used to be the girl who would lloooveee going out every weekend... random trips...getting drunk... but as you get older and your internships dont pay... then what else is there to do? I'm about to graduate soon. I've gained two successful internships within a year. I'm an assistant to a judge at the courthouse and next semester I will be working at the District Attorney's office. So why am I so unhappy? All my accomplishments have made me happy..and I feel so grateful and rewarded that this is what I really want to do... but I'm really unhappy that I'm not spontaneous anymore. I keep saying all this hard work and school will pay off and I will get into law school and be that attorney I want to be... The other frustrating thing is my boyfriend thinks I've turned into this lifeless soul who doesn't care about our relationship. But hes always working and would rather spend time with his friends on weekends and hardly calls me? I want us to work out..but I'm not even sure what to do. Even this post is confusing cause I don't even know what I'm feeling... HELP please. Any words of encouragement or anything would help. I just came back to this forum because in the past Ive made good friends here... but disappeared for a while! And now I'm back!
  5. ohh there is no university of wales? LOL how funny. I'm reading the list the school provided me and it was on there. But yes, I'm thinking about going to places that speak English. I mean i could go to France since I speak it, but would much rather experience something else. As for the academics, I'll be taking serious classes even tho it will be hard to know I'm in a different country. =[
  6. If so, where did you go and how did you choose among all the places your school offered? Also, how was your experience, if you would would you do it again? And how is your outlook on life different when you first went? Basically, I'm really trying to find out if the whole program is really worth it for me. It'll be the first real thing I do, if I decide to do it. I've never left the comforts of home, always been sheltered, I have traveled but with my parents...this is just a whole new scene. I'm in the process of applying right now for study abroad. I can't choose between the UK (university of wales), France, Denmark, or Sweden. If I take France I have to study two semesters of French since I already have four. And for the other countries I don't have too... so which do I choose? =[ Help! P.S I've done my research but still cant decide.
  7. Its really safe. I have actually used it all the time and have been sent a check for $50. Great website.
  8. Dont know if you ladies shop alot with high end brands, but theres this great website that has sales everyday from various brands. Their discounted but the website is invitation only. So I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to join! Welcome to Gilt Groupe Enjoy! I bought a new lamb bag the other day on it!
  9. Gah I am a juicy addict. Its so sad. I would end up getting this. LOL
  10. Free shipping over $50 -already placed my order! Its usually $75 that they ship free!
  11. When I first saw this all I could say was dear lord... LOL
  12. My chihuahua loves the song "lovebug" by the Johnas brothers....and sometimes when I sing to other songs, he dances or sings too! Its really cuuutee!
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