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  1. Lots of mineral brands are talc free but not bismuth free if that is an issue with you. You have to get samples of each one to find a formula for your skin. What type of skin do you have? For oily skin I rec Jlynne, Buffd or Meow or Monave. They have full coverage and good oil control. For drier skin I rec Pure Anada or Aromaleigh Glissade (it does contain silicone), Lauress (does contain coconut oil).
  2. I dug out an old container of EM, the very first formula when they first opened. It's still great! Covers well, last all day, no caking, or emphasize on lines. Just wondering if anyone found a similar formula to the original EM.
  3. I checked out the Aubrey Nicole foundation and it does look promising though it has silk in it. I had a reaction from EM Silk Dust so I try to stay away from silk. The ingredients look good overall but I am concerned about the kaolin being drying. The Emani has no ingredient listing on the site but I have seen it in person and I vetoed it cos I didnt find a color match. As far as I can remember about the ingredients I dont recall anything that would be a problem for my skin. Jane Iredale looks like a better choice with a better range of color options but it's really pricey. I read mixed reviews about the suspended particles not blending with the liquid and it being gritty. Sapphos Cosmetics is also pricey considering it doesnt come in a pump bottle and there is a limited color choice. The creator is a makeup artist that worked on the L word and on Twilight. I am thinking about Lauren Brookes, Jane Iredale or Mad Minerals depending on my budget and finding a color match.
  4. borax is used a an preservative and can be irritating in cosmetics according to my Paula Begoun book. It has a pH of 9-11. it is a fungicide, bactericide, disinfectant so that is probably why it's used in natural laundry products. and it does irritate my face.
  5. On the hunt for something less drying than mineral powder for the winter time for my dry skin. I have found several brands if anyone has info on them. My color for reference would be Lancome Buff. Lauren Brookes cream foundation- looks really good and has no ingredients that may bother my sensitive dry skin. It doesnt say if they ship international. They also removed titanium from their loose minerals because of respiratory health concerns but replaced it with zinc oxide which seems well meaning but naive as it is pretty similar anyways. The concern should be the application as it could just be the fact breathing in a powder daily is not good in general when it's not meant to go inside the body. You can get around it by used pressed powder or using a sponge to pat onto the face. Otherwise I never heard of this brand. Monave Mousse, Cream or Liquid foundation- seems pretty decent except the cream contains borax which has irritated my face when in other products but the formulas seem very good and my face will tolerate it. I just could not find a color match in the loose and I am not crazy about the handling charge on top of shipping nor am I sure I can find a match in the non loose products. Mad MInerals liquid foundation- I tried the liquid but it W1 was too light so I might try W3. The price is good but I could not get it to blend well. I shall try again as the price is very good and I always had great service from them. Aubrey NIcole and Emani also have liquids too. Getting tired so I will add more later on what I found.
  6. You don't have to buff or brush the stuff on, especially if you have sensitive skin as it can irritate more especially if you keep going at one spot. I tap a bit into a glass bowl and use a flat sponge from MAC or a flocked sponge from Jlynne. The MAC sponge applys heavier and the flocked sponge is a more sheer finish. You dont get flyaway and use less minerals. Its great if you have asthma. I then spritz on some toner and add blush.
  7. Sorry, I meant Sterling Minerals. The colours look a bit odd but Calla is the only one that looks like a skintone but I guess it depends on your skin. I didn't like that Monave charges a handling fee but their skincare seems quality. The minerals I found very drying and too yellow. But if you have rosacea skin then the yellow might balance it out.
  8. What about Lotus Minerals? I believe the samples are free, just pay for shipping.
  9. Some other lines for dark skin are Buffd, Vasanti, Crush Groove, Alima, Jenulence, Lumiere, Joppa, Blusche, Oceanmist. Let us know what you end up with.
  10. You didn't say what kind of skin you have. If you want to neutralize pink, you would pick something more on the yellow or goldens side to balance. For Lumiere I would suggest looking at the goldens first and then the yellows. I would also suggest Buffd Sand, Lauress, Blusche Butter Pecan , Suncat, Joppa Ginger to check out. They have a good selection of yellows and goldens. If you have oily skin I would suggest Jlynne 1.8 maybe?
  11. I am thinking of mm with glow and decided to go with Lauress. How much glow does the Etheral have like BE and how much does the Elemental one have in comparison? I want a slight glow.
  12. Too bad for all the stuff that has happened. EM was one of the first brands I tried and I got a good match and great coverage and endurance right off the bat with Intensive. Then they changed the formula. It no longer lasts on my face and makes it look dry. And I have dry skin! More annoyingly so is that the website has been redesigned so many times and I still can't find a match with the revamp they did a few years bad. I feel bad for Carina, she seems to be overworked and getting terrible advice. Buffd Light, Pure Ananda, Sassy Minerals and Signature Minerals (too dry for me) are the closest in formula to the Intensive.

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