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    NOTE: If my PM box is full, feel free to email me at [email protected]!

    First and foremost, I am a stay-at-home mom to my 5 kidlets!

    In my life before kids, however, I majored in Biochemistry and Vocal Performance, fell in love, got married, went back to college and got my degree in Interpreting for the Deaf/American Sign Language. Officially, I am a classically trained opera singer turned certified interpreter for the Deaf turned stay-at-home mom, with the latter being my fave!

    I am a self-taught computer geek with no real formal training. I just buy books, read, experiment and learn a lot through trial and error. I love all things techno-related and absotively LOVE gadgets! I love beauty products and makeup and am restarting my stash :)

    Feel free to visit me at my website: http://www.bmusing.com to read about my latest goings-on in my life!
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    MY KIDLETS & HUSBAND!!, computers, technology, travel, beauty
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    stay-at-home mom and wife
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    Japanese cosmetics
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    Dodge caravan-- what else? :)
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    Dead Poet's Society
    Titanic (for reasons other than the storyline)
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    opera, Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Yael Naim, Dar Williams, REM
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    I only read non-fiction and think fictional books are a huge waste of time!
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Lure Beauty
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    Jill-of-all-trades, master of none :-) I LOVE SOCK MONKEYS!!!

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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that the second time I got married (the guy who was married to someone else when he married me!), we were married on February 21. I had forgotten what date we were "married" (ok, not really but . . .) until I found out certificate today. Freaky, huh? Hugs, Brandi
  2. Well, I'm home as of this afternoon. My blockage, which was a narrowing of the small intesting (bowel) semi-resolved itself. More tests to see what the deal is. They want to avoid surgery at all possible costs because of my history. On Thursday, after 2.5 days of not eating, I demanded to eat. I told them I wasn't asking for their permission to eat, that I was telling them I was going to eat- that I was ordering pizza. They weren't happy but I wasn't either. I ordered pizza and stuffed my face. Oh yummmmm. At any rate . . . thanks for the well-wishes I really appreciate it! Hugs, Brandi
  3. Good stories! My husband was married previously and had 5 kids from a previous marriage. They were married on December 21. One child was born on January 21. Another was born on November 21. Another was born on May 21. I was born on June 21. And Noah was born on March 21. I was soooo adamant about not having Noah on the 21st but the alternative was the following Monday which would have been crazy because Allen would have had to take more days off of work. We did on Friday, the 21st, so that he could use his Saturday and Sunday wisely. I was NOT a happy camper when I heard my choices. Allen thought it was sooooo wonderful. I told him I didn't want him born on the 21st because the 21st was his and his ex-wife's thing- NOT OURS! I also told him "you better not go to the hospital and start talking about the 21st and your kids being born, getting married, etc. because I am NOT happy!" He zipped his lip Hugs, Brandi
  4. Have y'all seen this or do you have one? What's your impression of it? Do y'all like it? Why/Why not? Butler Bag - The World's Most Organized Handbag! Hugs, Brandi
  5. UGH! We finally finished moving (mostly) and we spent our first night in our new home on Saturday evening. I really haven't been feeling well for about a week. I figured it was the stomach flu even though I really didn't *have* stomach flu symptoms (weird, I know!) Yesterday, I spent much of the day laying down with the babies. I wasn't really quite sure what was wrong I just knew I didn't feel well-- and had a headache (not abnormal for me) and was very tired! This morning, I woke up hurting sooo badly in my lower abdomen and it hurt so badly to walk. I decided to ask my mom to come over and take me to the hospital and watch the kidlets for me. So, she did. They did an abdominal CT scan, abdominal x-rays, pelvic exam, etc. etc. They discovered that my small intestine is kinked off and swollen. So, no soup for me! (or water or pop or candy or FOOD!) I may have to have a tube down my nose and into my stomach to decompress my intestines. Or, and this is the most likely thing IMO, perhaps surgery to unkink my bowel. I am in a ton of pain but am medicated now1 At any rate-- with all the downtime I have, I may actually be able to read and post here! Hugs, Brandi
  6. Amazon.com: Amazon.com - Handbags / Accessories: Apparel Enjoy! Warmly, Brandi
  7. Affordable styles, comfortable sizes & free shipping at Shoetrader I know somebody's gotta enjoy this one And post what you decide to buy (Karren, Lisa... and anyone else Hugs, Brandi
  8. Affordable styles, comfortable sizes & free shipping at Shoetrader Enjoy! Warmly, Brandi P.S. I MISS Y'ALL! Hopefully will be able to be back more regularly this week! *HUGS*
  9. SmartBargains: 3 for $99 Shoe Event Sign-up for their bargain alert newsletter and get an additional 10% off! Enjoy! Warmly, Brandi
  10. True Religion Jeans, Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, Citizens of Humanity at Revolve Clothing Enjoy! Warmly, Brandi
  11. Mygazines.com - upload. share. archive. Enjoy! Warmly, Brandi P.S. I miss y'all-- I've been so busy with moving and I'm still not done. I want to be done!!
  12. Lever 2000 and absolutely nothing else. The regular fragrance-- not all that fancy jazz. Ha. Hugs, Brandi
  13. I've become a Craiglist addict as of late (when I have the time!) I went to the link that says "Best of Craigslist" to see what it was all about. I clicked on this one: best of craigslist : To my neighbor who I saw pooping in his yard yesterday - w4m and I laughed so hard I cried. lol Warmly, Brandi

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