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  1. Thank you so much everone for the great advice! a few samples have arrived in yesterday's mail and hope to try them today. I will possibly be ordering even more based on the input recently too!!!! thank you thank you! ♥ Mwaaahhh
  2. LMAO - wow I love it here! Hey on days that the undereye circles are bad - I don't feel I look that young (lol). But yes, 38 (not 28)... as in almost 40 - THANK YOU GIRLS. That could be why 4th graders I sub for thought I was only 25 a few weeks ago and I thought - ARE YOU CRAZY!!! no way! LOL I do need to start using some sort of ant-aging items on the eyes too but haven't gotten that far yet... there are SO many products out there it's hard to decide! I think my skin only looks young because it's so DARNED oily! lol! I'll check out the samples today and see what I can find! i'm still trying to stumble my way around the site. Thanks so much for your input so far! ok gals; checking out samples.... What shade do you think: KT Minerals: Mineral Makeup Foundations : KT Naturals (I'm thinking light neutral or light rosy beige)??? or do you think a medium neutral ???? Ocean Mist NO CLUE - which - it's so hard to pick! Ocean Mist Cosmetics - Quality, Affordable Mineral Makeup and Beauty Products with Everyday Minerals i'm thinking the Beige group - but totally NOT sure! (or even the cool muti tasking neutral) Mineral Foundation - Everyday Minerals Meow I was thinking: Beige (Frisky #2) or Naughty (#3) "Purrr-fect Puss" Mineral Makeup Foundation by Meow Cosmetics
  3. here's a long-shot... maybe she's buying it for her Jamie-Lynn ???
  4. I'm ready for a new me with the new year. I've begun working out and gasp finally getting some sleep at night (imagine that)! Not to mention I'll be hitting 38 in February!!! Ack! What I'd like to do is also find some makeup that I LOVE to use on a regular basis. I do get some breakouts (and am about to try the Oil Cleansing Method (I couldn't find any Castor Oil this evening at the store ), but do tend to get shiny and oily during the day. I also tend to have large pores (or at least I think they are!) LOL I can't tell you the last time I put ANY foundation on my face at all. Rarely use any loose powder. The most I use is occasionally some eye shadow, always eye liner, and undereye coverage. a) need suggestions for under eye concealer and shade suggested for brand mentioned (if possible). Mineral makeup - what brand and shade do you suggest for my skin color? type? c) shades and brand of eye shadow/liner? d) same as above but for blush? Note: in this photo - it's untouched; only wearing eye liner and under eye concealer
  5. I'm a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful girls - 1- nearly 12 and my other just turned 7. I run jan online scrapbooking store and also freelance website design from home. I have jumped in with questions here and there and look forward to learning much!!!
  6. Should the shade you choose for your concealer be lighter than your skin tone or should it match as close as possible like you do for foundation?
  7. whoa - great tip -- can't wait to try it - might have to run over the store now and get some; I don't think we have any here already as we typically don't use it.
  8. I think it's a good decision to "can" the show. My 11 (nearly 12) year old made a comment the other day when it was on; "I can't believe this show is one mom - did you know she's PREGNANT!!!" This showing the kids are talking about it at amongst themselves or heard about it and DOES impact them and how they perceive or might perceive Nick.
  9. I read somewhere online that Bare Essentials was good for oily skin (maybe the Bismuth)? but wondered from people that have already tried it. I tend to get shiny too of course with the oily skin so wondered a) which help with the shine... doesn't make my skin MORE oily and c) which won't make me break up from clogged pores and more oily being generated? THANKS!
  10. I have thin and straight hair that seems to get just so dried out from daily washings. Mind you I have A LOT OF IT so it appears to be a thick head of hair but, if i don't wash daily my hair tends to LOOK oily. Suggestions?

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