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    I'm back on makeuptalk...it's been so long! I have been doing makeup for years. But only a few years ago did I start getting creative & challenging myself to do better. I've been having actual gigs since the 9th grade. I'm about to be a senior now & I'm very proud of what I've accomplished throughout high school with this hobby of mine. I am at the point now where I am deciding what to do with my life...yet I've already passed that. I KNOW what i WANT to do...I just need to find out what order to do what. My life is a little confusing right now to say the VERY least.
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    i do makeup & am about to go into the fastfood bidnis. lol
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    -Makeup Brush Toolbelt
    -A few things from Mehron
    -every shade of foundation from the CoverGirl Queen Collection (I've already got every shade in the Clean collection)
    -some more brush sets off ebay! :D
    -crazy colored eyecontacts
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    Silver 2003 Chevy Cavalier
  1. They are pretty jumbled up, but you get the idea. I had a lot of fun. This was my last prom before I graduate. Let me know what you think! I took advice from the last post I did like this prom last year's prom. I hope you guys think it paid off. I think I did loads better actually. Thanks so much for taking the time to view & hopefully comment!
  2. This isn't a joke. Its just my attempt to make someone happy. I know he is very controlling...but very loving & amazing. I just want a simple life that works. I can have the simplest most easing going life if I can be submissive & try to be perfect daily. It looks like the direction my life is taking. I'm not sure how ill feel in the long run. But I feel like I was born to make others happy. I don't want uncertainty about life. I feel like I'm in too deep in love to want to try to begin again with a new direction. But I am still thinking of selling, so I am serious.
  3. Originally Posted by Johnnie Would you mind listing some of the items you used? I wouldn't mind at all! but there were so many girls that I think I can really just give a generalization on what i mainly used. i hope that's fine by you 28 color neutral palette 120 palette UDPP Wet n Wild Black Megaliner Maybelline Colossal Mascara a few pigments from here and there. lol Covergirl Clean Foundation for Sensitive Skin ( i have every shade so I used this on each of the girls) LA COLORS Face Powder idk the name but the box is round & cardboard with little powder puffs on it (setting powder) i get it from walmart. monistat chafing gel as primer nutrogena moisturizer
  4. aww thanks guys for all of the love. i've never felt so welcomed here the positive feedback is very inspiring.
  5. thanks so much!! it was a truly great experience.
  6. I hope you guys like these. it was much tougher but a LOT more fun than the last prom. let me know what you think! i only did her eyes i forgot to get a BEFORE of this next girl the last was my very FAVE!! thanks for looking & let me know what you think!!
  7. lol. i actually had a girl yesterday that (i didnt get a photo of.) wanted me to do the makeup from the video Helena by My Chemical Romance. the girl in the coffin is who she wanted to look like. of course i changed it up a lot to make it pretty but still edgy. she loved it. & was very happy. i dont understand why people try to go so dark for weddings...unless its a themed wedding. but i dont think anyone should be trying to look SEXY, especially giving full blown smokey eyes to bridesmaids. lol. i think everyone should have a BEAUTIFUL makeup job, not HOT or SEXY or BOMBSHELL. lol.
  8. thank you! she ADORED the look too. she couldn't stop smiling when she saw the mirror. i was so happy! i used a silver pigment with home made mixing medium (1 part glycerin + 2 parts water). i keep it in a dropper bottle & mix a drop with the pigment right in the lid of the product. this work awesome on all pigments...but with the metal tones, it looks even better. Originally Posted by Imprintwilight Wonderful work. I wish you could have fixed the girls that I saw at applebees going to prom. UGH. One girl had used what i think must have been a huge eyeliner pencil to apply both upper and lower shadow and she looked like a zombie. lol! i've seen some major pieces of work myself. but what makes me mad is that girls will shell out $30+ & then wind up with red lips & bright blue eyeshadow all the way to the brow. ALL THE WAY!! there were sparkles IN HER EYEBROW from where the woman went crazy. the next prom she hired me lol. i havent let someone do my makeup since i was in elementary...& i obviously have my reasons lol.
  9. agreed. i used chapstick on the lids of one of my clients yesterday & it held the glitter beautifully.
  10. I lost my other post on this:/ well, i hope you guys like these. i gave each girl an hour. i really need to fit the girls of next week into 45 minutes...any advice would be appreciated! thanks for taking the time to view! thanks guys!
  11. thanks, guys! it means so much to hear positive feedback..you have NO idea! what a stressful day!
  12. Today, I did the prom makeup of 4 girls. but I forgot to get a photo of the 3rd client. I worked very hard, & if anyone has any questions or comments or advice please write I had fun today & got to make a little money lol. I'm ready for this next prom day. (my own school's prom) i will have 12 girls!! I have to work on my speed. It takes me about 1 hour or so to do a girl's makeup. i have to do makeup next week within 45 minutes for full face. kinda worried. hope you enjoy!! all comments are welcome.
  13. makeup: --black liquid liner<3 --concealer<3 --neutral shadow palette<3 --aquafina lip balm<3 --covergirl lastblast<3 brush: --concealer brush<3 --blending brush<3 --contouring brush<3 --buffer brush<3 --foundation brush<3
  14. I've also considered buying a few fake mac items on ebay. If i were to buy the brushes that come with the roll with the MAC name across it...it would be pretty cool. especially if my clients think i spent a fortune. lol. I would have to try the brushes out though...wouldn't use them if they completely sucked. but even the fake products on there are kinda out of my reach (money wise) because i am a highschool student without a job. haha. but i'm living happily. haha. I'd love to try them out if anyone has any good reviews on them.
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