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  1. I just placed a Sephora order. I used a early Christmas gift card... TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette BENEFIT Rockateur Blush NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz KAT VON D Painted Love Lipstick in Coral Castle
  2. Hey everyone, I've been following this thread for awhile and I wanted to pop in with my experience. Since I can't see the Em products in person I've been relying on reviewers to help me decide if I wanted anything. The ONLY thing I really have an interest in is the chiaroscuro. The eyeshadows seem very underwhelming, the lipsticks look like nothing special. Then there's the outrageous prices.... Anyway, about two weeks ago I decided to use the ipsy code to get the chiaroscuro stick since I also got free shipping the total ended up being $19.08 (which should be the everyday price for this, but I'll talk about their pricing bellow...) Several days later I received an email saying my order was cancelled with no explanation. I used the live chat to see what the issue was and they basically gave me the run-a-round saying it must be a paypal issue (I've never had an issue using paypal before). Whatever, shit happens so I placed my order again using the code and paypal I've been waiting patiently since. I order on the 20th, got a shipping notice on the 27th and it's still not here (Los Angeles) according to the tracking it arrived in CA but not in LA so who knows when I'll get it. Now to the pricing.... It's almost insulting to price those items as they have. I've watched Michelle off and on since she started YouTube. I'm not really a "fan" more than I found the whole YouTube guru thing interesting. I haven't watched in a couple of years and I just happens to check out my old subscriptions and Michelle around the time EM launched (at this time I also learned that makeup geek had makeup, Goss and Samantha Chapman had brushes and so on....) I watched some older videos about her line, was generally interested then went to the site and saw the prices... Totally unbelievable. Now I'm a grown 33 year old woman with a descent income so I can easy afford these prices (still I like to shop sales and bargains) but I know the majority of her viewers have to be teenage and college age girls who can't afford her makeup. I much rather spend my money on actual, well establish and trusted luxury brands. Owning Dior, Tom Ford, Kevyn Aucion, Chanel, Hourglass, Guerlain, YSL.... Etc I know quality and I'm actually able to go to a counter and see for myself unlike EM. The fact that she runs around claiming her items are a Luxury brand rubs me the wrong way. How often does Chanel have coupon codes or sales? Never! Now I can understand wanting to pricing her products around mid-range (UD, Benefit, Too Faced... Etc) but from reviews the quality couldn't even justify those type of prices. Luxury brands also have lux packaging. The life palette look like one of those old apple laptops... Anyway sorry about the rant. I don't want her to fail, I don't want anyone to fail but the decisions Michelle and her team have made are going to damage her image. I never felt negative towards Michelle but when I first started seeing the prices, the packaging and her excuses of "luxury brand" for not well received products my respect for her dropped considerably. Also I understand wanting to promote her products on her channel but since EM launched she uses nothing but EM or Loreal products, then she does an ad on her channel for black Friday and locks the comment section.... Alright rant over.
  3. Red's on me just don't work. I end up looking like a zombie with red eyes and pale skin.... I had tried a red color once with some brown and I looked like I was sick. If I was foaming at the mouth it would have completed the look!! No more reds for me.
  4. My first set of brushes were the Essene of Beauty brushes from CVS and they are wonderful for the price. Since then I've accumulated other brushes from all over; MAC, Smashbox, Sephora, Everyday Minerals and Mally. I have to say that my MAC brushes are outstanding and I can really see the difference they make with blending and color compared to my other brushes. I don't need any new brushes at the moment, but I think eventually and over time, I'll end up replacing all of my brushes with MAC brushes.
  5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick
  6. I use to really like Falling In Love, but I've gotten over it. It's nice, but I won't be buying it again. I'd rather get Philosophy's Inner Grace or Amazing grace.
  7. I always take the plastic stopper out which lets me get more product out. Once I start running out after taking the stopper out is when I cut it open and put the rest in a small jar.
  8. Originally Posted by Gail Evans Maybelline Full'n'soft. I just keep coming back to it. Same here. It's probably the only mascara I've ever re-purchased.
  9. I liked purity as a makeup remover but it clogs my pores if I don't wash my face after using it.
  10. Originally Posted by usersassychick0 Theres really no harm at all, the real reason why you may be told to use the same brand is just to get you to buy more of their products and stay loyal But in reality, products don't necessarily work better or more effectively if you choose the same brand. Exactly. These companies tell you that to get the full benefits of their products you must use the entire line. It's just not true though, they say it because they want your money. I use different brands for my skin care because I've found things that work well for me from different companies. I don't need the matching moisturizer that goes with my cleanser because I found a moisturizer from a different company that works better for me....
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