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  1. Man I wish I could do this right now!! Grr..I LOVE the Bratz makeup-drag queen and a little overdone maybe, but GLAMOROUS! Good job everyone-this is my favorite theme so far!
  2. Yeah the dolls do kind of get on my nerves, but I won't lie-I've always been a big fan of their eye makeup! I wish I could do makeup like that..I just may try this though =] Sounds like fun!
  3. CONGRATS! I'm almost 8 1/2 months pregnant but I had support from both families so I don't know about that but what I WILL say is that things will get better with them-BELIEVE ME..they'll come around! Meanwhile, get ready for the best adventure in YOUR LIFE!
  4. Wow thanks for all the help guys!
  5. I knew about the runway eyes but not the other! Thanks!
  6. Okay lately I've been very frustrated with the way my makeup has been looking! I'm a very pale girl with dark brown eyes and black hair that's long and normally down & pin straight... When I put on my foundation and powder, I can't help but to never have enough concealer or cover up underneath my eyes. I've tried using a hue with a yellow undertone, I've tried using white..I've tried everything-but still can't achieve the perfect face because of my under eyes! What should I do? What products do ya'll use to cover yours? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.. What's your makeup routine?
  7. I am sorry to here that, we're here for ya! You'll be in my prayers..
  8. Hi, I like your icon! Heath Ledger was sooo cute! It's a shame how young he was.. Oh well, I'm guessing he'll be in a better place now..
  9. Hi, i'm pretty new here too! Nice to meet ya!
  10. Wow, that was interesting! Thanks for posting that.. One question though, how do you end up a Sephora employee? I want to work at a place like that, or a MAC counter..do you need any special training (like cosmetology school) or do you just apply like you would for any other job?
  11. Eyeliner-L'Oreal (the gold one) Neutral eye shadow Carmex GLITTER
  12. I'm getting obsessed with their glosses... Try a bright pink or a maroon, or stick with a nude color that matches your lips!
  13. I have been wanting to try Smashbox's brushes.. But I think Sonia Kushuks (Spelling?) brushes are a cheaper, more affordable option.. Her brushes are available at Target!
  14. Whoa, that's crazy! Personally I don't keep up with her because I LOVE ADRIANA! Wait..Gisele left?!! Okay, I'm pretty far behind too-that's what I get for being preggers!
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