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  1. I would just get back in bed and start all over tomorrow!
  2. For that just get a rat! Haha! Kidding, I would love one. I have wanted a small dog FOREVER but DH says NO, Way!
  3. I have AT&T and for the most part I am happy. I had the 8125 which is similar to the Tilt but an older model and I loved it (until my daughter decided to play baseball with it and threw it across the room). I now have a Palm Treo and I LOVE LOVE it. Super fast internet, chat text-messaging (looks like an IM and keeps text messages grouped by person in 'conversation' mode, like a long IM, so cool.) I have recommended it to everyone I know! Good luck!
  4. This is a great article. As a mom to a toddler, I know all of these to be true. Thanks!
  5. I agree that a schedule will help. I shower with my 2 year old. It saves time and I can keep an eye on her. I do a lot when she is asleep, too. You will do fine! It is just the adjustment period that is tough, once you get settled you will like the 'alone' time.
  6. I can never do winged liner like that! Beautiful! Love the blending, voodoo!
  7. No metal ouchless. I find scrunchies just slide off my hair. If I do wear a scrunchie, I don't leave the house with them on. I have issues with scrunchies (maybe a childhood of mom always styling hair w/the scrunchies!).
  8. Cute. If I don't attack my bangs right away, I look like a bad 80's chick.
  9. That was great! I don't usually shop at Sephora (I am at the Mac store, alot, though and see that happen!) Can't wait to read more!
  10. I love the buildable coverage that my StudioFix powder has. i' use the sponge. You have to replace the sponge from time to time so as not to add oily buildup. I have the liquid, too, but that is my summer make-up cuz it is darker. Love them both. i like the idea of spraying after. Never thought of that. Thanks for the tips!
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