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    I am a CD who received an invite from a friend here and now I am here too.

    You may be wondering about the dressing part. I first became intrigued by women's clothes when I was about 13. I was all alone and started to experiment with my mom's things, clothes makeup etc. and would practice whenever given the chance. I even went as far as buying some pierced earrings and trying them out since my mom only wore clip ons!

    I was in heaven and did this for a few weeks. I wasn't entirely happy with my appearance and eventually tried to trim up my eyebrows by using a razor. Not the best idea and I bet you know whats coming next, yep I ended up shaving off my eyebrows! and then somehow thought that I could pencil them back in. It looked totally bizarre because even thought the punk thing was around I was NOT a punk (with the razor blades and safety pins etc) The embarrassment and humiliation I endured as a 13 year old was merciless. I gave up on this for quite a long time from then on.

    Fast forward maybe 15 years + and my wife and I are invited to a Halloween party. The suggestion is made that maybe i should go as a women (make that a sort of sl***woman, kind of funny story). I went all out on the costume with my wife's help. Got a wig, makeup, full outfit , shaved legs. Well to make a long story short the party was great and it was a lot of fun, maybe too much fun.


    Originally this was supposed to be a one shot deal. I got rid of some of the stuff acquired for Halloween, but days later reconsidered and told my wife that I wanted to do it again. Its been quite a while since then and some shared fun for my wife and I. Its not something I would do all the time or anything and it is mostly seasonal for me mostly taking summer off since there is my desire to do so is less.

    My wife has asked me to curtail my hobby around my kids as they grow up, (they are teenagers now) and I have complied. I have learned to love makeup and what it can do to create the perfect illusion of looking like a woman so its not purely a fetish type of thing. I know i have much that I can learn & thats why I am here.! thank you!\

    In the short time I have been here I have found everyone to be real accepting. I realize CDs have a huge image problem which is why so many people are so private about their hobby. Let's face there are not a lot of good role models (well maybe Rudy Guiliani :-) but in the movies the TV is usually the psycho killer or something really bad. Well thats in the US but I guess in Great Britain you could possibly make it to Parliament.

    I am trying to develop a sense of style both with outfits and with the look, especially makeup. There are just so many things to consider.

    Finally found a few pics i can put online here. Please be gentle with your comments, but your influence here with makeup is rubbing off on me (hey what a bad pun).
  • My Interests
    Skiing, Coaching soccer, collecting live music recordings (legal bootlegs), playing with computers and of course my CD hobby [img]http://www.rocky-peak.com/photos/ski_ll.jpg[/img]
  • My Occupation
    Do we have to talk about work?
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Nyx and/or HIP e/s
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    I am a huge BMW fan ever since driving a friends 2002tii in college (its like a true cult car) , [img]http://www.makeuptalk.com/forums/gallery/files/49448-greenbmwP4040306.JPG[/img]I drive a 325i now, but really wouldn't mind a new 135i or 330i [img]http://www.car-catwalk.com/cars/bmw_e36_m3_bullshi
  • My Favorite Movies
    Family Man (a really nice what-if movie like 13 Going on 30 and Big) Brazil (excellent fantasy movie) Star Wars series & film classics. For TV love Monk & Psych. I am updating my home theatre setup currently. check here for some trailers and show clips. [ytiny]rkMn9GQTdTw[/ytiny][ytiny]4Wh2b1eZFUM[/ytiny][ytiny]ND2eHTsg7GA[/ytiny] [ytiny]u_Gced_Z_KU[/ytiny]
  • Favorite Music
    Check out my music player on my notepad! [url] http://www.makeuptalk.com/reviews/showEditor.php?usernm=Darla_G [/url] I have varied musical tastes my favorite is classic rock (yes and Genesis) but also like current stuff like Coldplay & Evanescence and my kids keep me somewhat current. Also I really like a lot of jazz, especially jazz fusion type stuff & some classical if I'm in the mood. Detest rap that puts down women.

    I collect lots of live music probably have close to 1000 live shows (some are soundboard (TV & radio) , some are user recorded sources (all legal) So i have traded recordings with people all over the world and have met lots of fascinating people.

    Peter Gabriel (1993 Modena Italy) In Your Eyes and Shaking the Tr
  • Favorite Books
    How to answer? all time favorite or current favorite. blank for now.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Still deciding on favorites.
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    this all started with an invitation to a Halloween party!
  1. really nice video, well done. Its great that you gave credit as well. Wish more people did that.
  2. Having lived there for the first part of my life, i would have to say New Jersey is a good place to be .....From (as in past tense)
  3. Education? I thought all High School in Tx was about was football!
  4. well if that's the worst they could say about your state I wouldn't get too bent out of shape
  5. I ran across this story that features the Best .... & Worst of all States based on published statistics. I thought this might be interesting.
  6. Ron Paul may be in this race, but its not like the media takes him all that seriously. He seems to get less questions from the moderators than Gingrich and Romney and even Santorem. So no one seems to take him all that seriously since he does seem to be his own man. It seems the media is really enjoying hyping this race for Gingrich to overtake the inevitability of Romney. The lack of support in congress for Gingrich is staggering, I think he only has 11 current member that would support his bid for president. But i don't think there are too many attacks yet because no one wants to waste the bullets at this point in time. Newt will in time flame out whether it is over his wives (isn't Callista a peach), ex-wives, horrendous tenure as Speaker of the House or his dealings with Freddie-Mac and Fannie-Mae (yes Newt was a historian! for them). The fact that Romney hasn't sealed the deal troubles many and really bring into question whether he could beat Obama. I heard a line recently that seems to sum it up pretty well, Romney IS the 1% & Gingrich is the 1 %'s lobbyist.
  7. Is that you in the #5 post? I dunno it looks like the after is similar to the before. For $99 it seems like snake oil. A product like this without exercise or a sensible diet just seems like a waste. Evidently not everyone is happy with it http://www.ripoffreport.com/weightloss-programs/it-works-body-wraps/it-works-body-wraps-it-works-dfa86.htm
  8. Dunno but she hasn;t been back. hopefully we didn't all scare her off
  9. It's too bad DesertFlower hasn't been back to tell us how things went. .... there's enough lipstick for everyone
  10. sorry Janet, now that you have explained it especially regarding Clinton and Bush I agree with you. I'm a registered Republican, but despised Bush and the way he ran rough shod over human rights issues. His legacy will be starting the two wars and how he defined torture. Obama is doing an adequate job in a highly divided political climate. He could have shown some more leadership earlier on this spending limit debate and maybe it would have gone better, who knows? I'd give him an overall C for his grade over his first two years. A lot of extenuating circumstances and some incompletes in there. As for Glass-Steagall, the act that was enacted in the height of the depression in 1933 to regulate the banking industry was in some ways outdated. The intention was that the new law that replaced it, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 would let banks offer a broader range of services and be more competitive. It never really had the safeguards in place to curtail the wild real estate speculation that went on. Some would say the warning signs were there, but nothing done about it. (maybe something about being distracted with two wars going on)
  11. Let's be real about this, no Obama did not kill Osama Bin Laden but he was Commander in Chief and he was in the situation room when the whole mission went down. He could have called the whole thing off if he decided to and if for some reason the mission went wrong guess who would have been getting all the blame. (Just ask Jimmy Carter about that one when he tried to send helicopters into Iran to rescue the hostages) But look at what is happening, in years past the Republicans would always knock the Democrats for being soft on defense. Listen to all the supposed candidates right now, not a word about defense they know they can't attack Obama on this and are leaving this alone. The raid on Obama will shut everyone up for this whole election cycle unless there is some big incident in the middle east or some terrorist attack. As for the economy yes the US is one of the world's biggest economies, but if you missed it there was a world economic recession. The economies of Greece and Italy are in shambles. The bailouts that were started in 2008 would have happened even if a Republican had gotten into office, Bush's Treasury Secretary was trying to push them through in the last days of the Bush administration. So its easy to put all the blame on Obama as bailouts being ineffectual, but the reality is they might have staved off the country from going into a deeper economic crises or even depression. So JanetGrisselle you lost me. What exactly did Bill Clinton do to ruin the economy so that when George Bush got in he would have gotten blamed? I kind of think, at least in the US there were two major factors that contributed to our downturn. The real estate crises with all the foreclosures and resulting bank failures. Money was too easy to borrow and there was no responsibility to be shared by anyone. The US has been fighting two really expensive wars, with a spend whatever it takes mentality. What a waste! Now that's my problem with the Tea Party. First of all none of them are really in office in a situation where they can control anything and there message is not new. The mantra seems to be "Don't tax me and I will spend money and it will build the economy." This was the premise behind the original Bush tax cuts so you can tell me if that approach really works.
  12. wow that first picture is something with all those lip piercings. Makes you want to take a small lock and keep those lips shut.
  13. Who cares about Facebook. If he wants to reconnect with her there is always a telephone. Or a coffee shop. You need to ask yourself why you are with a guy that makes you so insecure.
  14. KaeceeLove I think you're completely wrong about this. It's not necessarily a manipulation tactic, but a matter of feeling secure and comfortable in a relationship before you discuss the most intimate detail about oneself. Perhaps he should have been a bit more forthright while you were dating or just before you were married, but maybe he was scared of what the result might be. Crossdressing with few exceptions within the entertainment industry is not well accepted by society. Acceptance is a huge issue for most CDs. and contrary to common stereotypes most CDs do NOT want to become women. nor are many of them gay. Anyway I imagine these are questions that you have posed directly to him, right? I think if this is a major issue in your relationship then you need to discuss this with him. Tell him you don't mind him doing this but there are times perhaps you would prefer he not do this. There need to be some boundaries. If he truly loves you he will respect your wishes and truly be thankful that he has a partner that at least accepts him.

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