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    Love isn't something you find. Love is a fish that finds you. (Loretta Lynn lyric)
  2. Darla


    Have i told you lately that i love you (just wanna kiss those fishy lips!)
  3. Darla


    love is really a fishy thing
  4. Wow, Melissakecken that was some post...I hope no one takes your !!! off your keyboard ......jk
  5. Ok but i think the discussion should move away from discussing little kids and bullying. I don't think this is very relevant to the original poster who is a teenager and is looking for ideas.
  6. i see this being a very trendy type of item. i prefer classic footwear
  7. I think the $38 is supposed to suggest exclusivity. but i am not sure that anyone wants to cough up that much money for the privelege.
  8. If you were still experiencing a problem that's what I would have suggested to you. Talk to the parents. A 6 year is hopefully going to listen to their parents especially if some older boy is going to retaliate against her if her bad behaviour continues. I am glad you were able to resolve your son's problems for him. In the case of a teenager I am not so sure a parent's intervention is so helpful or even desired. Things can just can get worse for them if that happens.
  9. You know no parents want their children to get into a physical altercation. The reality is sometimes as a kid you need to stand up to your bully. I know i did that in 7th grade and as Carolyn said after he saw I would stand up to him, he never bothered me after that. But Divadoll I am surprised you would ask someone else advice about your child?
  10. I still remember when he was running for office. I was coming back on a flight from LA and the woman next to me was from California. So i asked her if she thought he would make a good governor and the woman replied "well he makes good films so yes!". I never dreamed he would be governor, but I guess with answers like that I am not surprised.
  11. definitely not round in the diagram divadoll posted oblong looks an awful lot like oval, although oblong has a more pointed chin, which i think you have, but it could be heart as well i dunno, definitely not round and i think you have nice cheekbones (and really striking eye makeup as well)
  12. agreed no surprise, and all this in California an even bigger no surprise since they elected him in the first place
  13. With the advent of the internet there is a new entertainment offering called webepisodes. These are like little short films with a bit of drama and humor. One of the more interesting offerings is "IkEA Heights". It’s all filmed entirely and covertly inside a Burbank, Calif., store as unwitting customers browse the Ektorp sofas and Poang chairs in the background. At six episodes and counting, Ikea Heights has become a modest Internet sensation. It is quite funny. I can just imagine shopping in Ikea and coming across these people. Very strange.
  14. I finally saw this and not really sure what it all means. I agree that the religious concerns are overstated. The songs not so great and without any attention it would just go away.
  15. Let me withdraw my previous statement. Now that you've explained everything it is a pretty horrible situation. You need to get away from this guy most definitely and get custody of your kids. Whether this is a shelter or family or friends it is important to get away. What Carolyn wrote about above is so true. Good luck with everything.
  16. i agree you gotta tell him how you feel. You might be the kind of person who never wants this type of physical closeness. If its just him then that tells you something right there.
  17. PTSD is an awfully strong term to use for this situation, one that is normally reserved for witnessing acts of war and domestic violence. The fact that you say you have both forgiven each other should be enough although you do not really say what had happened to both of you.
  18. are you sure you aren't talking about people who bleach the area near their butthole?
  19. Bowbandit of course Obama did not kill Bin Laden himself. That part is obvious. The graphic which I did not create was intended as a humorous poke at all that crap over the birth certificate. But you must be made aware that as President Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief of all the US Armed Forces. He was involved with the operation to apprehend Osama bin Laden as Commander in Chief as the event happened. On CNN they showed a video where Obama, Sec of State Hillary Clinton and a room full of people had a full audio hookup of the events as they transpired. If for instance he had wanted to call off the operation it would never have occurred. He did give the order to kill Bin Laden.
  20. I kind of liked this. Carolyn you are right Donald Trump won't believe that he is dead until he sees the Death Certificate.
  21. no not exactly what i meant. but you're probably right or otherwise why did she let him in
  22. that was all good advice about the makeup. that's why they make concealer in the first place!
  23. Take it up with your credit card company. That's the only way you will get it resolved.

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