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  1. Originally Posted by PerfectMistake I found this on my best friend "Web MD" Check it out when you have the chance. Especially if you have been considering MMU! The Lowdown thanks I was curious about this and even posted elsewhere, but this is the explanation i was looking for.
  2. also recommend UdderBalm moisturizing cream!
  3. where do you keep him or her ( i dont recall seeing which)? i had a bunny once and then like lots of bunnies.
  4. I tried reading through everything here and hopefully I didn't miss anything. I have been developing a problem which i think is maybe Rosacea but I am not sure. I am scheduling an appt with Dermatologist to confirm. But in the meantime (that will take some time) I wanted to inquire here. I have been getting this mostly on my nose but sometimes near the under part of the eyes. It starts like a blind pimple and while I am being careful not to put any pressure on it , it will eventually come to a head and maybe even seep a little. Sorry this is a little gross. What troubles me is underneath it is like there are 2 or 3 closely located pimples (papules?) and it persists for like a week or so. Sometimes after it goes it leaves a small indentation in the skin. Very unsightly. Does this sound familiar to anyone? thanks in advance
  5. Lets see now Guiliani is probably done after the FL primary today, Thompson was gone after the last one. Who will be still standing? Looks like either McCain Romney or Huckabee. and to think a few weeks ago no one would have given McCain any chance.
  6. Only a limited number of episodes have been shown on BBC America, but the series has been around for years. Here is the Wikipedia entry with episode guide. sorry cant put links in I don't know if you are a real computer type person but you can get a lot of the episodes and other TV shows as well online. You can check out what is available at Mininova. com . Just a warning getting episodes like that you are ok but there is always other stuff like current CDs and DVDs that I would definitely avoid unless you want the RIAA or someone else breathing down your neck with a lawsuit. The technology is called BitTorrent and its a separate program that you download and set up. The way you do it is find a program like wwwbittorrentcom to start. You can PM me if you have questions.
  7. Hi Hopefully I am welcome here. I am a middle age CD who received an invite from a friend on this board and now I am here introducing myself. I kind of feel like I wandered into the wrong door, but hopefully not. I belong to a bunch of different types of user groups & bulletin boards usually related to my interests. I always try to be helpful and always participate. You may be wondering about the dressing up part. I first became intrigued by women's clothes when I was about 13. I was all alone and started to experiment with my mom's things, clothes makeup etc. and would practice whenever given the chance. I even went as far as buying some pierced earrings and trying them out since my mom only wore clip ons! I was in heaven and did this for a few weeks. I wasn't entirely happy with my appearance and eventually tried to trim up my eyebrows by using a razor. Not the best idea and I bet you know whats coming next, yep I ended up shaving off my eyebrows and then somehow thought that I could pencil them back in. The embarrassment and humiliation I endured as a 13 year old was merciless. I gave up on this for quite a while then. Fast forward maybe 15 years + and my wife and I are invited to a Halloween party. The suggestion is made that maybe i should be a woman (make that a sort of sl***woman, kind of funny story). Well to make a long story short it was a lot of fun, maybe too much fun. I got rid of some of the stuff acquired for the party, but days later announced that I wanted to do it again. Its been quite a while since then and some shared fun for my wife and I. My wife has asked me to curtail my hobby around my kids as they grow up, (they are teenagers now) and I have complied. I have learned to love makeup and what it can do to create the perfect illusion and have much that I can learn. My look is currently a little heavy, but it is probably an attempt to compensate for less than perfect skin, etc. & thats why I am here to learn. Hopefully this will not offend anyone ! I am always interested to learn about women's impression of crossdressing in general, I have always felt we are a persecuted bunch with movies and the media constantly making fun. We don't all desire to be women permanently or be effeminate, or gay. thank you!

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