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  1. I'm really stressed about MAC pigments right now. I keep seeing all these beautiful pictures of eye make up and everyone is using MAC pigments but they are soo expensive I would like to find something that works just as good for half the price or should I just give up and buy the MAC? any suggestions?
  2. sorry guys I did mean oscars and not grammys... thanks for looking up the pics on line and also what an amazing response!! thank you soo soo much!
  3. I'm a hairstylist and was telling a client of mine who works for Clinique about this site. She first thought that katherine's makeup was amazing at the Grammys, (she always looks perfect though) and wondered how to achieve that look. Is it the shadow colors that are important or the almighty eye liner? It is definately 4o's inspired so my question is how would you do it?? please use specifics, brand, shadows and brushes!
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    Thanks for all your help and opinions.... I have placed them on the back shelf for now!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!
  6. shandam323


    I'm farily new to doing make up for print so I have tons of questions... I was thinking that using a pigment over a base is a good idea. Firstly I want to know what you think of Loreals high intensity pigments??? I tried two today and was fairly dissapointed. then I added some water and was Ok with the results. I want vibrant crazy colors that you can see from miles away! (ok so I'm exxagerating) Is it just Loreal or did I do something wrong? Thanks for the help!
  7. I seem to always want to try something new but end up doing the same thing, dark in the crease and light on top and bottom... I'm so bored with that, I really want vibrant colors how can I achieve my desires??? Originally Posted by Micki I can never seem to find the right color combinations to smoke my eyes. Being a black girl, I know that it'll take a darker color for it to show up on me (this is actually my problem with a lot of shadows). I got up the notion to smoke my eyes before my fiance and I went out last weekend. I thought I had done a pretty good job, considering, until we got on the elevator and he says "Did you just wake up? You look like a racoon." Damn. I can't decide if he just doesn't know what look I was going for (he's anti-makeup) or if I really did look like a racoon. LOL I've given up on primers that have any type of color. They're always too light for me. If anything, I put Photofinish on my eyelids. Also, I don't do any frosted or cream shadows. From experience, it just looks like I threw metallic glitter at my face. I'm sticking to various browns and champagnes for a base, and maybe a swipe of warm color on my lid (greens, deep pinks, deep blues). I think its much better to do something relatively basic very well, than to do something far out badly. I seem to have the same issues, I got tired of my silver turning my black gray so I just used my pencil, that seemed to work. The only primer I have does have some shimmer to it, its a mac paint and i've had some great results. (not with the smoky eye though) I'm going to buy a matte one though to see what I can do with that. I also wanted to know is there a better black to use that stays the same pigment, ya know mac vs stilla or something like that? Thanks
  8. Hey evereryone I just joined... I look forward to learning from you all!!
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