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  1. Hey there, so I've been looking at these brush set on Ebay, and they look like they're pretty good quality. I've read the feedback on the sellers page and it seems like a lot of people are saying these are comparable to higher-end brushes. Does anyone own these ebay brush set? If so, how are they? Are they soft? Any fall out? Here are some links: 28 pcs GRAY SQUIRREL HAIR Mineral Makeup Brush Set+Gift - eBay (item 130268586178 end time Nov-15-08 09:40:00 PST) 22 pcs GOAT & PONY HAIR Mineral Makeup Brush Set+Gift - eBay (item 140281472322 end time Nov-15-08 0900 PST) 40pc Pro-Quality&Quantity makeup brush Liquid FREE SHIP - eBay (item 280275446177 end time Dec-07-08 22:23:06 PST) there's a lot more but these are just the example of what I'm talking about.
  2. Ulta just came out with a new Blockbuster set and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. I'm a huge fan of Ulta eyeshadow. Extremely pigmented and the staying power is great.
  3. I'm one of the few that prefer using a sponge, mainly because I feel that a foundation brush gives me too much coverage, and comes off a bit too airbrush and fake looking. A sponge gives me the coverage, but a more natural finish.
  4. That could be said about anything. Why is he only pinpointing women? Does he wear a different shirt everyday? Does he gel his hair or wear colonge? If he does, we can very much say that he's doing it to attract others also. I don't wear makeup to get attention; I wear it to look more presentable. I have bad acne at times and I wear foundation so that my face doesn't look too gross. if my skin were good; I wouldn't rely on make up so much... plus; just like an artist love to paint; my face is like a canvas. I consider it as a hobby to look for new product and to create a new look. Even when I don't go out; I play with my make up just for the heck of it. Women shouldn't wear make up daily; just on special occasions so man can focus on them as an individual? What kind of rubbish is that? With or without makeup; we're still the same person... they can focus on our personality no matter what... if they can't because of the makeup; it's not the women fault; it's the man's for only paying attention to the look.
  5. Originally Posted by matteell how well is the pigment in the shadows??? last all day??? I don't know about lasting all day since I haven't wore it yet. However, the pigmentation is pretty. You don't have to layer it on.
  6. I got the first set and I loved it! I actually went to the first Ulta and it was sold out (and it's limited, so they don't make anymore once it's gone), so I had to go to another Ulta, which THANK GOD, had it. It's GORGEOUS! I almost fainted when I open up the thing, it's byfar the best make up set I've seen. The design is sooo gorgeous, and the colors... ::die::, it's amazing. You know how a bunch of make up set have crappy color that you're never going to use? This isn't one of them... I love ALL the colors in there. Amazing amazing set! If you guys haven't got it, GET IT! It's going out FAST.
  7. I think it's a good thing that we're having all these kind of different make up and texture because not everyone skin work the same, just because MAC work for some, don't mean it'll work for better. If you think about it, hundreds of years ago, people have their "good" make up then also, but then better make up comes along. It's not as if MAC was created in one day. I think that it's great that company are looking at different method for their product. I mean, think about it. People use flower back then, smash it up, and consider that as good make up. Our make up now, is probably a gimmick to them back then. As technology advance, we advance... I don't see what's so bad about better make up? My mom make up 40 years ago are nothing compare to the make up nowaday.
  8. Well, I know that they won't stick, but how is the color payoff? Is it just sheer with a hint of color? Or is it like pigment? Sorry for bothering everyone. = (
  9. Originally Posted by paintedlayde It can be. I've seen some shades that are similar between Mac and minerals but you may have to check MACs ingredients as they may or may not use dyes or pigments in addition to the mica. Jenn Oh another point is that it would depend on what base you use too. Some other ingredients common to eye colors can vary widely on what they offer as a base. There is no one "fit's all" ingredient. Some offer shearness with great hold, others offer not as good of stick and maybe silky. It really depends! Jenn OoOoO, I love you so much! Thank you, now I'm even more convince to just buy my own eyeshadow kit. I love the idea of creating any kind of shadow I want! I'm just so worried that the mica won't be pigmented enough to show up.
  10. Originally Posted by paintedlayde I make a line of mineral makeup and can tell you that some micas will stick much better than others. In that thread mentioned above, there was a link to a gold color from a supplier. I use that ingredient in some of my colors. Honestly, that one in particular will not stay on the skin alone. It is very light and sparkly and doesn't "stick". A strait oxide color will be much better on it's own but they won't go on smoothly and can be chalky and give uneven color when applied without a base ingredient(s) added. I hope that helps a little. The basic answer is that over all, no, a strait mica won't stay on the skin well and some won't stay at all. Jenn Oh, Ic ic. However, if I were to add a base to make it adhere, would you say the color payoff of Mica would be on the same quality of Mac or NYX?
  11. Yeah, I did see that thread but I still had some question... No one answered if they would give the same color pay off, so yeah. = (
  12. I see this sight that have 94 mica for sale in various shades, I'm just wondering, could these be used as pigment or what not? Or are they not the same thing? Coastal Scents: Ultimate Mica Sample Kit What's the different between those and these? Which are pigment? I mean, they all look like colored powder to me? Coastal Scents: Oxides & Pigments I mean, I see the main ingrediant in Pigment is Mica, so can I just get MICA?
  13. Well, if you're using your own product then I don't see why you shouldn't charge them money... just as long as you don't charge them the same amount a professional make up artist with charge. Honestly, just see how much your product cost, and estimate. I wouldn't charge them more than 20 dollars though. And YES, do ask if you can take pictures.
  14. Originally Posted by mXm I would never do this. We are not chemists and it crazy for somone to have to use more than one foundation at a time. In photographic makeup artistry we match the face to the neck and not the other way around. The same could apply to daily wear makeup. Match your face to your neck,I know it will make you feel as though you look pasty,but adding a nice bronzer(liquid bronzer is my fave) can give you a great helathy look from season to season. If after you have matched your face to your neck you should look like a bland, blank piece of paper,monotone from chest to forehead. If you do you have nailed the color. Now bring out the beauty with your latest rock star makeup techniques. Hope this helps! Richard But that are for photos... You have to realize that when you're walking around in real life, and you're wearing foundation that isn't your color, it WILL show. Unless you have some godly foundation that covers all area of your face wihtout it being chalky and thick.
  15. Originally Posted by brewgrl I don't like the square ones!!! they hold less... a 5 gr doesnt hold 5 gr just like a 10 gr doesn't hold 10 gr- it's based on the weight of the actual jar... and the square ones are double the price and hold the same as the 5 gr round. Aww, really? But they are so cute = ( Thanks for the head up though... I was kind of suspecting that it wouldn't hold that much amount. Oh well, look like I'm gonna go for the 10 gram with BlackLid... and hopefully, I can find a clear labeling thinghy so that it won't hide the bottom of my jar.
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