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  1. I'm 23 and have very oily skin, its not bad in the fall/winter, but once the summer rolls around, after an hour, its like someone slathered my face with oil. In addition to that, I still get 2-3 small pimples on my chin once a week and when my skin gets clogged up with makeup and oil, I know there will be more pimples in the morning. I've used benefit get even for the longest time and was pretty happy with the results, but I'm on a budget now and need something cheaper that works just as well. I also have some redness and discoloration from acne scarring when I was in high school. Is there anything I can find at chain stores like wal-mart/target? We also have Merle Norman near by . I usually order stuff online, but its been hit and miss lately. I've tried maybelline finish matte pressed powder because it got such raving reviews on makeupalley, but it provides absolutely no coverage for me. thank you
  2. I forgot to mention that I need something thats oil free, thanks
  3. thanks, I'll look into those, I've tried several brands of mineral makeup, but they dont provide enough coverage, I still have some scarring from my old acne, so I use benefit get even powder for now.
  4. I've been trying to switch to more natural products, though I dont wear a lot of makeup, I enjoy home made facials because I know they wont irritate my skin. I have sensitive, acne prone skin, its also oily, especially now since summer rolled around, in NC its very humid, so being outside the makeup begins sliding after 5-10 mins. Its pretty bad. Then it clogs pores and makes me break out. Anyways its gotten better this winter since I changed my diet a bit. But I was looking to buy a moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 20 if possible, and made with safer sunblock like zinc oxide. Because I've used regular brands like neutrogena with SPF 30 and 45 and it burns my face. The only one I found so far is Racher Perry, SPF 15, and its oil free, I might give it a try, but I was looking for something with higher SPF. any idea? thanks
  5. sorry for the belated reply, thanks everyone for the advice, I'd really hate to throw away money on something that wont work or work with same effectiveness as the ones claimed to be the best, or "industrial strength". Right now I'm using neutrogena moisturizer in the morning before applying makeups, mineral powder to mattify the look , I have acne prone and blothy/shiny skin, over that a little bit of benefit get even powder, usually do that first then concealer, I somewhat liked the boi-ing, but the color was too dark for me, so I mixed it with another one, once I ran out of that, I purchased bobbi brown corrector and using that now along with time balm concealer , because its a bit too light for me and blending helps a bit. rawrrawrrawramy- I'll sometimes use eye creams at night, but just regular moisturizer SPF 30 or 45 in the morning, I've tried the yellow concealers and they just look really awful, even after blending, doesent match my skin tone at all. I was thinking about the highlighter and might give it a try later when I have extra money
  6. this is such a frustrating problem for me, i have hereditary racoon eyes and nothing gets rid of them, I'm very healthy, eat only high quality food, organic, whole grains, lean meats, legumes, veggies, fruits, etc, sleep 9 hours, they always look the same, and have then sunken in appearance as opposed to just regular bluishness, they look dark because of the shadow cast from the hollowness, its really embarassing because I'm only 22 and having issue with some acne as well. So I really feel like shit when I look in the mirror. I need something simple yet effective, so far I've tried a number of concealers, including benefit boi-ing, bobbi brown creamy concealer, dermablend and some random grocery brands. In order to mostly cover the broken cappilaries I have to apply like 3 layers and after couple hours my eye area starts looking scary and settles into little lines and wrinkles. Any idea what to do? I'm really at my wits end. thanks
  7. I have very acne prone skin and tried a number of products, most make me break out, so I finally settled on benefit get even powder because its not too heavy(I hate liquid makeup) and evens out my blotchy skin, the problem is, the sponge it comes with wears out rather quickly, its not like a regular sponge, but has a thin leather like film over it, it works well with this powder, but I cant find replacement anywhere. I've contacted benefit and sephora but they dont manufacture spare ones. Any ideas? thanks

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