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    I've noticed a difference in my makeup application when I use better brushes. IMO it's worth it to splurge on brushes. I went from using EOB brushes to MAC brushes and have never been happier. The quality of the brushes and the softness of the brushes really help to achieve that ideal perfect look.
  2. If you were still looking for some, i have 4 eyeshadow and 5 blush depots. PM me if you are interested
  3. this is SO CUTE! it frames your face really nicely!
  4. my two faves are MUFE and revlon colorstay :]
  5. yeah i'm not too fond of the 187se in the HK line. it looks nothing like the regular 187. it looks like a totally different hair was used (the black hairs in the 187se in HK had a very shiny look) and it doesn't work like my regular 187 does, it's wayy too flimsy..
  6. hunny its back on my mac website :] i saw it appear again a few days ago M·A·C Cosmetics | Shadestick hurry though! who knows how long they'll leave it on there for
  7. Originally Posted by bella1342 Tracy just cp'ed me a backup of Stark Naked bp blush from her CCO. $12.25, not a bad price... love that blush. which CCO is this?! i missed out on this collection due to being broke and i must have stark naked =(
  8. Originally Posted by GraceGirl7 Is there really no thread yet for today?! Well, then we need one! Here's me today...decided to throw in a little color. I'm convinced though...I DO NOT like pink on my eyes. It's all my usual stuff except for my eyes, the eyeshadow is Milani with a Cover Girl brown thrown in. If you really, really want specifics, just ask, and I'll look. Ha! (Sorry, I'm lazy and my kids keep my busy!) http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e3...eGirl7/me4.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e3...eGirl7/me5.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e3...eGirl7/me3.jpg OMG. you are FREAKKG GORGEOUS
  9. x33cupcake

    Lip gloss..

    MAC dazzleglasses and chanel's glossimer <3 -dazzleglasses are LE mac products, but will be released in an upcoming collection (sugarsweet, march 19) in which i heard they're going to be permanent!!
  10. NYX round lipsticks are on sale now at cherry culture for $2. and also sold NYX Round LipStick : Lip stick : Lips : Cosmetics : Makeup|Creamy and moisturizing lipstick - Nonpareil Boutique for 1.90. other nyx products are also sold on these sites and i found them to be cheaper than buying from the nyx online site =) i love the texture and feel of the round lipsticks but i cannot compare them to the black label lipstick as i have not tried it. sorry i can't be too much of help, but i do read a beauty blogger's blog and she talks about NYX a lot. i did a quick search and found a few links that may interest you NessasaryMakeup: Product Review: NYX Round Lipglosses round lipgloss review NessasaryMakeup: CherryCulture.com Product Review: NYX Black Label Lipstick in "Dusty Rose" a review of a black label lipstick there are more on her blog if you were interested, just type down nyx in her search engine. hope this helps!
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