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    I love makeup and I don't want kids!</p>
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    makeup, shopping, movies, dining out, going to the beach, watching the sun set and other cheesy crap.
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    Toyota Matrix
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    Taken, Casino, Goodfellas
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    Robin Thicke, Maroon 5, Fergie, Adele, Bruno Mars...
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    the bible
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    NYX, MUFE, Coastal Scents
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    I don't really like music most of the time
  1. Tyari

    New product Nyx Eyebrow Gel

    I just use makeup wipes, but I have oily skin so I don't have a problem.
  2. Tyari

    New product Nyx Eyebrow Gel

    They are really easy to work with and look surprisingly natural on sparse brows. @ No applicator that I know of, I just use an angled liner brush.
  3. Tyari

    New product Nyx Eyebrow Gel

    @@Lrking1999 They're not runny, doll! ;-)
  4. Tyari

    New product Nyx Eyebrow Gel

    Nyx has a new product, tinted eyebrow gels! They are extremely similar to MUFE Aquabrow but without the $20+ price tag. They run about $7. I have one in the color Espesso and I must say, I really like it. Have you guys heard about it?
  5. Tyari

    Your Favorite Products

    There's so much to choose from... Nyx Butter Glosses La Femme blushes Rimmel Scandal'Eyez eyeliner Inglot gel liner in 77 Nyx lip liners And definitely my Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara
  6. Tyari

    New One Direction makeup collection

    Not even remotely interested. I just don't get into gimmicky celeb makeup.
  7. Tyari

    The Monday Club

    Really good idea! I'm totally doing this
  8. Tyari

    Dupe for Too Faced Melted Lipstick

    I've had quite a few of the lip tars (still have several) and now have 2 of the LA Girl lip glazes and they aren't that similar. Lip tars dry to a satin/matte finish (like Melted) whereas lip glazes are a super pigmented lip color with a glossy finish
  9. Great looks! I also love the purple lippie. If you don't mind, can you please tag me with the name?
  10. Tyari

    I need to find the most dramatic mascara at the drugstore.

    Another vote for Jordana Best Lash Extreme. I have 4 tubes in my back stock. It's just a great mascara. I get really good volume and definition. I prefer it over any other mascara I've used, high or low end.
  11. Awesome thread! I wish I had something to contribute but at the moment I cant think of any horrible advice I've received.
  12. OMG this was hilarious!!! Especially the part "with the thumping assurance of an evangelist..." I'm tickled pink!
  13. I legit LOL'd! Too funny!
  14. Tyari

    Drugstore Mascara?

    I live for Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara. It's a great, great mascara and it's under $4. Awesome for volumizing (sp?) Please check out the reviews because its quite the jewel and few know about it. Jordana also has a Best Length Extreme but I haven't used that one.
  15. Tyari

    Dupe for Too Faced Melted Lipstick

    LA Girl Glazed lip paints are a really close dupe for Too Faced Melted... the packaging is similar too. :-)
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