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    I am new to MuT and just learning the ropes. I just cut my teeth at MUA and LOVE swapping! I've had a great time and it's almost like Christmas when I come home to packages everyday (except I already know what they are lol). Here are the things you need to know before we swap:

    1. I ship to US only and with delivery confirmation. I recycle packaging whenever possible. I will also makesure that your item is securely packaged so that it will arrive unbroken. Please do the same for me.

    2. I usually can ship the day after a swap and I will notify you as soon as I've shipped and send you your DC #. Please be just as courteous. Communication is so important!

    3. If you have any problems with anything we swap, please contact me before leaving negative comments. I am very honest and up front and will always work hard to settle disputes in a mutually benefitial manner.

    4. All items are from a pet free, smoke free home. Some items will come with their original packaging if I still have it. PLEASE NOTE: I donot sanitize anything I send and unless the original brush is needed for the packaging, it probably will not be included (unless I forget). I tend to reuse packaging whenever I can to reduce waste. Please let me know if you have a problem with that.

    5. Whenever I have them available, I will include extra goodies and appreciate the same in return (though I do not expect them). Please do not send candy or drugstore items as I have almost everything the drugstore sells already. I am not being picky, just do not want your items going to waste.

    6. Please try to respond to an offer within 24 hours or the item may be swapped with someone else.

    7. I really only want to swap for high-end items. Though I may list some drugstore things, I will usually give them away or use them as swap eveners.

    I am a very honest and sincere person who places the Lord number one in her life. I abhore liars and thieves. If that is you, please remember that you will be held accountable before God one day - whether you are a believer or not! I conduct myself in a manner that always remembers that I am accountable before Him. If I wouldn't do it to Him or in front of Him - I won't do it to you. I expect you to treat me with the same care I give you. If you can't do that, please don't bother contacting me.

    If we have confirmed a swap and you haven't heard anything from me, there is a problem/emergency on my end and I COULDN'T communicate OR I'm on vacation. Please do not give up on me - that is the only reason I would be incommunicado. For security reasons, I will not tell people I am going on vacation.

    Right now I am NOT w/l only - but I do prefer it. I have tons of makeup, so those are the things I'm especially wanting to try. I'm honest about what condition my items are in and I try to always use pics so there are no misunderstandings. Please be as honest about your items. Please do not be offended if I swap your item with someone else. I try to ask for things I've never tried before, so it is a given that many times those things will not work out for me.
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    MAC mineralize - try me
    Jo Malone Any samples - would like to try this line
    Trish McEvoy Any - would love to try Fragrances
    Laura Mercier Any - would love to try Fragrances
    MAC Empty propans for e/s and blush Palettes
    Givenchy Any Prism palette Eye Shadow
    Escada Into the Blue, Pacific Paradise, Moon Sparkle Fragrances
    Creed Any fragrance samples - dying to try
    Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb sample Fragrances
    Jane Iredale Jewel Box cream to powder e/l palette
    Clean Warm Cotton, Ba
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    Laura Mercier
    Bobbi Brown
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    I am totally in love with the risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Have you met Him yet?
  1. Hey guys I'm posting this quickly because I am in desperate need of funds for family emergency. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping is a flat $3 w/tracking. Feedback on MUA = Cmhchic40 - over 200 tokens - all positive. Please note: this is a quick sale. Do not ask me to hold items. I will ship within 24 hours of payment clearing and the sale ends Saturday. Brand New items have numbers inscribed on them to prevent them from being returned for cash or credit. Estee Lauder perfecting powder 95% left - $12 Clinique Redness Reducing powder - swatched only $12 Lancome Dual Finish Matte Buff 2 - 95% left $15 Stila 1-step foundation in fair 80% remains - 5$ Revlon Photo Ready foundation in Vanilla 90% - $5 Lancome Teint Miracle Buff 4 - 99% remains - $30 Benefit Hello Flawless BN in Honey - $25 MUFE HD 110 90% remains - $20 Clinique Stay True in Stay Ivory 50% or more - $5 Smashbox HD in Fair $5 Urban Decay Naked BB Cream 1x - $25 Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr foundation in Light used 1x - $25 Paint pots shown with actual usage: $5 each unless othewise noted Blacktrack $8 Rubenesque Otherworldly Delft Electro Sky Let me pop $10 Rollikin Soft Ochre Perky Mac Fluidlines $7 each unless noted: Lithograph Blitz-n-Glitz Graphic Brown Macroviolet Delphic Shade $4 little dry Waveline $5 Haunting $5 Silverstroke $5 Lancome Gel Liner Indigo Darling $10 Laura Mercier Creme liner in Noir $10 both items used only once or twice Yabee Blush palette - hardly used $30 MAC palette containing: Pinch O Peach, Stark Naked, Swoon, Coygirl, Dame & Tippy $10 each MAC palette containing: Stereo Rose pressed into Emote pan, Lovejoy Mineralized Blush, Love Thing Mineralized, Pleasantry Mineralized, Springsheen, Style, Secret Blush and Emote (missing a chunck) Mineral Blushes are $15 and used no more than 3 times Stereo Rose and Emote $8 All others are $10 MAC blushes/powders: Sunsparked Pearl 99% $16 Tahtian Sand 99% $16 Wonder Woman Amazon Princess 1x $18 Petticoat MSF 98% $20 Gold Spill MSF 90% $18 Sprinshine Ombre 99% $18 Vintage Grape Ombre 99% $18 Color Form Play Around Pinks 80% $14 Wonder Woman Mighty Aphrodite $15 b/c I scraped a little off to blend into foundation BN Bare Minerals Blush in Flirt $10 MAC mineralize Grand Duo 99% $15 MAC Peaches blush 80% $9 MAC mineralize Buddy Up 98% $14 NARS Gina blush 90% $18 NARS Desire blush 99% $20 Napolean Perdis Mosaic Blushing powder 99% $12 Benefit Benetint NEW $16 Hourglass Cheek Stain Petal 98% $15 Lorac Cheek Stamp Island Spice 99% $3 Laura Mercier small size Mozaic powder 1x $10 Primers: NIB Fusion Beauty Brightening Primer $15 NIB Fusion Beauty Anti-Redness Primer (2 available) $15 ea Fusion Anti Wrinkle Primers 3x $10 no box Laura Mercier foundation Primer 1x $20 BN Miracle Skin transformer Sarah McNamera (2 avail) $10 ea BN Smashbox photofinish dark spot corrector primer $20 BN SMashbox photofinish primer $20 Sephora anti-shine primer BN $5 Philosophy the Present primer 90% $10 MUFE BN small primer $5 Fusion Beauty Line filling lumizing primer 50% $6 Cargo palette swatched only $12 Bobbi Brown Pastel Sugar Sparkle Quad 2x $22 NARS 15 palette $30 Pixi purples $4 Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia palette $10 MAC Color Forms warm palette $12 NARS Andy Warhol tester eye palette Flowers 2 (blue) 2x - $15 NARS Andy Warhol Tester eye palette Flowers 1 1x - $16 MAC Heatherette palette $12 Lancome Mauve Cherie $18 Bare Minerals Star Treatment used 2X $12 YSL #5 palette (purples) $20 Lancome Mademoiselle quad $20 Dior Garden Pastels w/velvet pouch $30 Stila Hamptons palette $3 MAC My Dark Magic duo 3x $15 Wet n Wild palette $2 NYX Casting Call palette $5 NYX Velvet Rope palette (not shown) $5 MAC Impassioned Solar Bits 3x $15 MUFE aqua Cream in nude 13 1x $12
  2. cmhchic40

    My precious babies

    These are recent pics of my nieces and nephew. Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen?
  3. Originally Posted by starburstsours Hey! So I'm new, but yea everyone here is I guess Welcome!
  4. Originally Posted by sammijessie My name is Samantha, or Sammi, and I'm new to make up talk. I have combination skin and mild to moderate acne, which bothers me a lot! I have blonde shoulder length hair with layers and sideswept bangs, but I don't like them anymore so I want to get straight across bangs like reese witherspoon. I'd be very glad to meet everyone here so please comment! WElcome!
  5. Originally Posted by TwinkletOes26 Ok my mother and stepfather have been fighting off and on about him checking out other women when we are in the grocery store,lowes,resturants,and the mall. The last time she caught him looking was in the grocery store. We were walking past a woman going to get ingredients for soupn and my stepdad stops turns all the way around and just stared at the woman.Im talking good five minute stare. Well my mother of course is LIVID. She asked him why was he staring at that woman. He told her he wasnt he was staring at the candy next to her. Now this was a lit bc ALL the candy was set up next to where me and my mother were standing as we watched my stepdad stare at the woman. The woman was so uncomfortable she left the area. Well we ran into her again in another part of the grocery store. She saw my stepdad and rushed out of the aisle. My mother yelled at him all the way home. They have been fighting ever since this incident happened thursday. So i know they say a man will stop looking when he is dead but to just flat out stare while your wife is there next to you? Isnt that just RUDE? Is my mother overreacting? Is my stepdad wrong? I dont know cos im not married and if i saw my bf staring a woman down i wouldnt be to happy either. What do yall think? I think it is shameful and degrading. Not surprising that she is depressed.
  6. Originally Posted by Jordan0326 Hey everyone. I'm really stressed out and in bit of a situation. I just wanted some advice or see if anyone could explain to me better what this means. Long story short my ex boyfriend is away in a rehab center in abother state. He's been in and out of treatment centers for almost a year now. We had an apartment that we were both living in and i moved out over a year ago however we remained friends and I've been looking after him since he's been battling his drug addiction. His family hasnt been there and have been no help to me at all. Heres the thing. He's being evicted from his apartment. Their is a court hearing scheduled. I am NOT living in the apartment and havent in over a year. just been stopping by here and there to check on him or do things for him. while hes been in rehab ive been over there cleaning and getting his mail also taking care of things like handling his money and paying the rent and bills for him. He was the applicant on the lease and his parents co-signed for him to get it. I was listed on there I believe as an occupant. They knew i was a student at the time and would be living there but i didnt want to be responsible for the apartment if we had ever spilt up or anything so i wanted a key and all so i was an occupant but never had my credit or anything ran. Well I've been completely alone to deal with this. Moving him out of the apartment. I have had no help. I had to sell the furniture just to get it moved out. I am drained emmotionally. Just dealing with an addict takes its toll on you. I picked up his mail today and got the letter from court about his eviction hearing and it states to him "& all other occupants" I am now really worried that this will effect me because i am on the lease as an occupant but not as the owner applicant. I honestly have no energy or the time and money to attend a court hearing that has nothing to do with me. He's away getting treatment theres no way he'll be able to make it. I just wanted to move everything out for him and be done with it. I'm living back with my parents now I never changed my license address or my address I havent been living there. The landlord knows that I havent been living there that i've just been paying his rent for him (with his money) and picking his mail up. I'm so upset because if they try to come after me for this my credit will be completely ruined and i will never be able to get a mortgage or rent. for an eviction that i had nothing to do with or had no control over. I guess I'm just looking for advice on this. Can anyone tell me if they think I will take a hit for this? I'm so worried about it i cant eat or sleep or even think about anything else. like I said I am on the lease I believe as an occupant but I'm not an applicant. It was his aparmtnet not mine. I just want this explained to me better and advice. Thank you for the help I think it depends on what the law is for your state. If you didn't sign the lease, or have your credit ran, I don't think it has any bearing on you, but I would still double check to be certain. You wouldn't want to miss a court date by mistake. If you need legal advice, often each state has a Legal Aid source where you can get free information and help, depending on your income. I would also recommend that you might try attending some meetings for the caregivers of addicts. It sounds like you could really use some support right now. I hope everything works out for you and your friend. God bless.

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