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    I'm a seamstress and designer, mostly of children's clothing, playthings, and diapers. I also design household cloth items that are used as a replacement for disposable paper products.

    I have 5 surviving children, and yes, we are done now :)

    My oldest son and I participate in a Medieval-style live-action battle game called Dagorhir. We build foam weapons, sew up fun period costumes, and go out in the woods every Saturday and "kill" our friends. Nice part about Dagorhir - you don't stay "dead" for very long! www.dagorhir.com
  • My Interests
    Sewing, knitting, crochet, historical costuming, historical fiberarts, Dagorhir, Nine Inch Nails, natural living, Traditional Foods
  • My Occupation
    Seamstress/Designer/Pattern Writer/Publisher
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    I'm up for trying any pure mineral makeup.
    I'd also like to give UDPP a try, and Fyrinnae's rice powder primer.
    Companies I still need to sample from:
    Dreamworld Minerals (order is placed)
    Fyrinnae (order is placed)
    Archetype Cosmetics (order is placed!)

    I think I need a couple more doe-foot e/s brushes - those are what I use for foiling my mineral shadows usually, and I like to keep them washed out. Need brushes to rotate out!
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    A big ol' Ford Econoline, which is the only thing big enough for all the family, the dog, and all of our camping equipment!
  • My Favorite Movies
    Pride & Prejudice, The Princess Bride, RENT, Sweeney Todd, Hairspray. Saw Iron Man this week, and even though I don't care for superhero movies...it was AWESOME. Loved it!
  • Favorite Music
    In my player now: B-52's, Brand New, The Cure, The Cult, The Doors, Falkenbach, Filter, Finntroll, Flogging Molly, A Gruesome Find, Jane's Addiction, Moonsorrow, Nine Inch Nails, Omnia, Hairspray, RENT, Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, The Sugarcubes, The White Stripes.
    NIN is my longtime absolute favorite, and I'll be going to see them play this month.
  • Favorite Books
    I'm just going to list favorite authors, since I almost always end up reading series' - J.K. Rowling, Anne Rice, Jean M. Auel, Edward Rutheford, Mary Stewart, Lemony Snicket
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    So far:
    Foundation: Cory & Mineral Silk
    Bronzer: Joppa
    Finishing powder: Joppa & Mineral Silk
    Eye colors: Cory, Joppa, Signature Minerals, The She Space
    Lippies: Alba Botanica TerraGloss, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I have piercings in the tops of my ears configured in such a way that I can put a barbell through to pinch the tops of my ears into a faerie-point. I bet you're jealous.
  1. Well then, maybe it is safe to say that if you live outside the US, you may have difficulty getting your order. Aside from waiting a while for them to ship (my own last order was held up by an out-of-stock lipgloss and a new batch of one of the colors I was looking for but was unlisted for a while), it seems like those of us in the US don't have too much of a problem getting our orders. As soon as I get the money, I'm placing another order - their new The Bar is Open LE collection is loaded with must-haves for me!
  2. I, too, have ordered 3 times and am waiting on my 3rd order. I knew going in that I could be waiting 3 months, and so was not disappointed when it took that long to get my initial order. My second order came within just a couple weeks. No way will I stop ordering from Archetype - my faerie makeup is pretty much completely centered around their colors now.
  3. Cory, most definitely. I've also had excellent luck with Mineral Silk, which goes on gorgeously with a damp flat-top brush application. Speaking of which, I need to sample out some more Cory shades - the one I have is way too light for me now!
  4. I still stand by my assertion that Archetype is worth the wait. Their samples are only $.25 each, and quite generous! (I think that's why I don't have very many Fyrinnae samples - they're about $2 each!) And yeah, that Pixie Poop one just cracked me up - I told my twin-buddy about it when I was ordering last time, and he said "See? I told you that fae are made of sparkles!! I bet you'd even puke sparkles!" It's a gorgeous purple....I ended up ordering Conjunction instead, though, because I liked how it irridesces a pretty robin's-egg blue when I blended it with Poison Pen. Faerie eyes are soooo much fun - it's like painting, only easier
  5. I mist the brush with water (I use an EDM flat-top foundation brush) and swirl the damp brush in the foundation to coat. I do half my face at a time, re-misting and loading in between. I don't do wet application with Cory foundation, though. It doesn't seem to like it for some reason!
  6. My favorite is definitely Archetype ArchetypeCosmetics.com Mineral Makeup The wait is long for shipping (3 months is typical, unfortunately), but the colors are extreme and the sparkle is over the top! Not everything, though - they have plenty of shimmers, and lots of amazing highlight and blending pigments. I also use Signature Minerals Mineral Makeup by Signature Minerals for their lovely matte liner colors and gorgeous metallics, Cory Welcome to Cory Cosmetics also for their liner shades and vibrant colors (Cory has the best staying power of any of the eye colors I have used, which is primarily what I use makeup for), and She Space Mineral Makeup, cosmetic pigments, mineral foundation, eye shadow again for their vibrant colors. I have samples from Fyrinnae, Joppa, Dreamworld, and a few others, but I don't use them very often. I think I need to get more colors so I have some "go with" shades to experiment more with I also use The She Space eye primer (still haven't tried the blackout primer yet, though I have it...), which is awesome with all of the brands I use regularly, and then I use Cory's Brow Wax as an eyelid primer when I need super-stickability that lasts all day. I only do that when I need to pile on the color and sparkle, though - see my Faerie Makeup thread to see what I mean
  7. Hi, ladies! I haven't been around in a while, sorry 'bout that - once I figured out what makeup was working for me, and got my techniques down, I sort of lost interest in talking about it But I figured it would be cool to show you some of the stuff I've been doing with my makeup, most specifically my Faerie Eyes using Cory Brow Wax as a primer, and Cory and mostly Archetype Cosmetics pigments. Purples (Cory Mystic, Archetype Black Dahlia, Salmagundi, and Gloomy Sunday): Golds (Signature Terre Dark, Archetype archy, mehitabel, The Oak King): Greens (Cory Cinder, Sage, Gold Dust): Even better purples (Cory Mystic, Archetype Black Dahlia, Pixie Poop, Silk and Cyanide): And a blend of green and purple (Cory Cinder, Sage, Archetype Poison Pen, Conjunction, Angel Dust): All of these were done over a wet application of Mineral Silk foundation, Joppa bronzer and finishing powder, and then a patted-on layer of Cory Brow Wax all over the eyelid and browbone and out past the corner of the eye, as far as I figured I wanted to be applying colors. The brow wax allowed me to really pile on the color, and helped the sparkle and shimmer stick nicely, and also allowed me to cover over the ends of my eyebrows as much as I needed to to get the pointy-eyebrow thing going We've been having a lot of fun with the Archetype colors, as they are SOOO over-the-top and sparkly - she's still pretty slow to ship, but the wait is definitely worth it to me. Just as a comparison, I've been using She Space primer for my everyday eye makeup application, and I can say that the Cory wax holds about twice the color and doesn't crease up as fast as the She Space primer. (I still go pretty over the top with my colors, even when out of faerie garb )
  8. Here's mine: Darn it, the color is pretty washed out I'm actually all purple and sparkly! I used: a touch of Joppa Back From the Beach bronzer Archetype Oil Slick for liner Archetype The Black Dahlia for lid color Archetype Gloomy Sunday for browbone color Maybelline Full 'n' Soft mascara Dreamworld Minerals Pixie Sunshine in Nectar formula on the lips That's it
  9. Looks good, Emmy!! Originally Posted by feu_du_ciel wow i don't use e/s usually but now just wish i had tons of mineral e/s :x Eye shadow is one of the things I like to have fun with. I like wearing bold colors, and it's a lot of fun to match my eye shadows to what I'm wearing! One of my favorite combos is Cory Theseus with Fyrinnae Chlorophyll - a groovy bright teal with super-screaming orange It makes me happy!
  10. Jandi - you'd be surprised at how nice powdered mineral liner goes on! I stink at pencil liners, and liquid is a joke.....but using mineral colors for liner is a piece of cake with a nice angled liner brush. I got mine from Signature minerals.
  11. For the money you'd spend on it, you'd be better to get a true mineral makeup, without all the waxes, "natural" additives, and iffy minerals like Bismuth Oxychloride and talc.
  12. Joppa will get to you very quickly. They're excellent with the fast shipping!
  13. I second Cory - LOADS of light shades, very creamy powder, and a little goes a long way!
  14. I use a drop of emu oil applied to my damp face every couple of days. I do not moisturize every day, and I let the emu oil soak in for a good half-hour or more before applying makeup. I do think that many people with oily t-zones just need to accept the fact that you're going to have to powder over it a couple times a day.
  15. I love the synthetic flat-top brush from EDM, and I have Signature's eye duo brush (double-ended liner and shadow brush) that I love as well.

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