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  1. Has anyone recently joined? If so, how long were you on the wait list? I have a subscription--just one--and have had one for about a year now. My sister keeps seeing my goodies and finally decided to try it for herself--but now she's on a wait list and is getting discouraged. I see people on here who have several subscriptions, and I just wonder how long the wait time might be. What if I were to give her a gift subscription? I can't imagine that in order to give a gift, I'd have to wait for something to be available. I'm just curious--I think my sister would really enjoy it, and she doesn't shell out money as frivolously as I do, so I was sort of shocked that she decided to give it a try...and now she can't join anyway.
  2. I recently decided to try Aveda products again...I'm constantly tired of my very thin, very fine hair that won't do what I want it to. So I signed up for their emails and placed an order. On Tuesday I got an email offering a cool sample size set of like 3 products and also complimentary overnight shipping with a $40 purchase. Ok, I'll bite--there were a couple more things I wanted. So I placed the order Tuesday evening--finally found out my stuff shipped I think on Thursday or even Friday. And it won't be here until Wednesday. How in ANYONE'S world is that overnight? I can understand that since it's hairspray it probably has to go ground and not air, but Aveda is HAIR CARE--most of their stuff would fit in that category, so how/why would they even OFFER overnight shipping if they know they can't get it? I figured I order it on Tuesday night...they get it out Wednesday, I'd probably have it by Friday. Nope! It's not a huge deal--its not like I needed the stuff right away, but part of the reason I took advantage was because of the free overnight shipping and now it is taking just as long to get it as if I'd have just gotten regular shipping. Just sort of frustrating I guess...thanks for listening to me rant.
  3. I had a (sort of) similar issue in my SiJCP when the Pantone collection came out. I had been very excited about it and was going to check it out in the store....but then it became available online and I couldn't wait, so I purchased a couple of things online. Before it even arrived, I was in the store and asked them if/when they were getting the collection and she said they HAD it already--it was just in the back because they weren't supposed to put it out yet. She asked if I wanted to check it out and I asked if I could purchase it and she said yes, so she went and got it. I ended up liking the big kit that had like five things in it, but I had already ordered the eye shadow quad and the eye liner set and I didn't want doubles. She said "Oh you can purchase this tonight and then when your other stuff comes, you can just return it here." I guess this was MY fault for not asking, but I ended up getting store credit and not my cash back. I went back in to return the stuff I had ordered online and she said sort of the same thing--since it was an online purchase she would have to do a return without a receipt, even though she was holding the packing slip in her hand. So I got store credit, which was fine I guess, because I knew I'd spend it--but I REALLY wanted my cash back on it. But again, I suppose I should have asked when she told me I could return it. I realize it's tricky because it's not an actual Sephora store so it still has to play a little by JCP rules, but they need to make it less confusing for customers. It IS all Sephora, afterall, and my stuff hadn't even been taken out of the package--I got it in the mail, took it out of the shipping box, and returned it. But I guess I understand them not being able to sell it--they can't take that chance. I guess next time I'll try and remember to ask the appropriate questions. Dream, I'm glad you got your cash back, even if it was a headache--that's a lot of money!
  4. What are you getting, Reija?! My stuff should be here tomorrow--I'm excited!
  5. Oh Black Mauve Shimmer Ink is one of my favorites! I love that one--I think I should wear it tomorrow!
  6. Oh, and my sister's and my stuff should be here Friday--wheeeee!
  7. The sale just got extended through Thursday the 19th!
  8. Hellocat, do you recommend the YSL Glossy Balms? I was looking at those online a couple weeks ago and they look like just what I like, but I just couldn't justify spending the money.
  9. Hey Lola! Actually my sister USED to do that to me until I kind of got her in to make up too! She doesn't go completely insane like I do but I have gotten her to enjoy it! And she loves Bobbi Brown so it usually isn't too hard to get her excited about that. We always have fun chatting on the phone, each of us on our computers, saying "Ok what do you think about this?" or "Ok how about that color?" So here's what we ended up ordering: I ordered the Long Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Velvet Plum, Sparkle Eye Shadow in Sunlight, Rich Color Eye Shadow in Pink Silk, Rich Color Lipstick in Heather Pink, and a new 6-pan palette. My sister got the same Pink Silk shadow, a palette, the Metallic Eye Shadow in Burnt Sugar (I love this color) and Eye Shadow in Navy. I should have gotten a mascara too but I forgot.
  10. HAHAHA! Ok, I WOULD like to try him as well--that wasn't what I meant but it sure works!
  11. Well, right NOW (this is all subject to change!) I have a Sparkling eye shadow in Sunshine, and I really like her Rich Lip Colors so I think I have that in Heather Pink, and two long wearing cream eye shadows. I've been looking for a warm toned sort of nude-ish color with a tiny bit of shimmer to use as a base for eye shadow, and I think one of hers will fit the bill. And there's a bronze-y plum one that sounds pretty too. My sister and I are having a shopping date via phone and computer tomorrow to 'shop' some more and see what we can come up with, since we live four hours apart.
  12. I know a lot of you don't really like Bobbi Brown but I'm a huge fan and I got advance notice today that her Friends and Family Sale (20% off) is starting on bobbibrown.com soon! I've already got a few things in my cart but that could change once I look around a bit more. Anyone else want to take advantage of 20% off?
  13. I've seen Temptalia's reviews on Tom Ford and man I'd love to try him. But it's so expensive! But yeah I think you should definitely check it out--it sounds like that or the Guerlain (another brand I haven't tried but would love to) would be your top choices--the packaging on those looks "rich" too! How far of a drive is it to Seattle? If I lived out there I'd come pick you up!
  14. Oh man I wanted The Balm and the Beautiful SO bad and I never even heard about it! Wonder where I can find it! I have all 3 Shady Lady palettes too and love them. Very well pigmented and lovely colors too!

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