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  1. Im 24 years old and a new mom. My babyson is 3 months old and sometimes I loose myself in being a mommy. My bf works fulltime, so from 7 till 17 I'm home alone. My friends live in a different city, so sometimes I really have a hard time So thanks for the article, I realise that I really have to start doing things for myself again. Even if its just a nice beautymask or go shopping by myself. I think it would not only improve my mood but also my relationship with my bf
  2. Im now 23 weeks pregnant and Im not gaining lots of weight (yet), but I am starting to worry a bit about my belly.... Is it ever going to be normal again after the pregnancy? I did read some stuff about the belly after pregnancy, it does not go back to its normal selve after pregnancy. The number they mentioned was around 90% of women..... this scared me a bit also... I read a lot of kardashian nonsens and I was wondering about the belly bandit. Khloe used it or did only advertise it, but it does seem like a descent product. In Azia women also strap themselves in after pregnancy to help their tummy get back into shape. They always seem so super tiny and slim with perfect flat belly's. So what about the belly bandit? did someone use it? Or did someone do anything else special to get back into shape? I know working out and eating healthy is a good way, but a little help cant do no harm especially for the part of my body I almost hate the most at some points, except now. I love my belly now Im pregnant, but that has other reasons haha
  3. I live in holland, over here we have a 20-weeks ultrasound, where they check your baby for abnormalities. Thats when I found out what the sex of the baby is And its a boy! Im now 23 weeks
  4. I live in holland and we dont even have family bathrooms here My dad would just take me to the womans bathroom. I mean why not? The womans bathrooms are always behind closed doors anyway and I dont think a woman would really be bothered by a man taking his little girl there, at least in holland they wont be bothered by that
  5. I just found out that im preggos today!! Im 23
  6. The kardashian sisters look hot, most of the time. But is it just me, or are their bodies looking faker and faker every season? Especially Kim... I think she is gorgeous, but I cant help to wonder if she did some plastic surgery on her face and body... Khloe her ass looks gigantic compared to the rest of her body and even Kourtney looks like she had her boobs done after having mason....
  7. moccah

    BB Cream

    for everyone who wants to buy it, but cant find it: www.secretive.sg they have more brands and sometimes they have very good specials. I love bb cream as an undereye concealer. there is also a bb cream with a pearly finish, this one works really well on cheakbones. the only thing that might be a big turn off for some is the consistency... it is thick as hell. use a little and blend it like crazy lol But if you know the tricks for applying and all, its great stuff. at least, for me it is.
  8. @shesaidorg Gorgeous eye shadow!!! Love the green And love your eyes as well!!!
  9. moccah

    New here :)

    Welcome!!! And my ultimate mascara for 2 years is L'oreal beauty tubes. Long, thick, false looking lashes. Easy to remove (just warm water) AND you can build it up very easily. Have fun here
  10. Most of my friends dont have children yet, but do want them a.s.a.p. My mother had me when she was 17 (one month later she became 18 tho) I just stopped taking birth control a few weeks ago. I just turned 23 in april and my boyfriend and I agreed that its time for us to make a baby. I dont think 23 is young or anything. My sister in law just turned 18 in april and she is 6 months pregnant. Thats a bit young I think, but its her life. These days there are huge differences. Some woman have their first baby in their 30's and some have their first baby at a much younger age. I think you should start having kids whenever you feel your ready
  11. I buy a new nail polish color every 2 weeks or so... I maybe polish my nails once or sometimes twice a week. I just love nice bright polished nails
  12. I've heard this a couple of times and I must say that it works, BUT for me it only works with the really cheap brands... My mascara tip is to use a mascara with a primer. My #1 mascara for 2 years or so is L'oreal beauty tubes mascara. I have preached on this forum about it a while ago. No matter what mascara I try, I always come back to my baby haha. It has a primer and after, works with tubes and makes my lashes super long, super thick and I can build the volume and lenght up. I love the tubing part for two reasons: 1. No more panda eyes. The tubes are removed with plenty of warm water. 2. My lashes are longer and healthier. you dont have to rub and all to get your mascara off. My lashes have grown a lot since Im using this mascara.... So... My ultimate tip for faux looking lashes: Buy L'oreal beauty tubes!!!
  13. I "scrub"my lips with a toothbrush I just rub it gently over my lips, just to get the blood pumping and make them smooth and soft. After that and during the day I use Vaseline lip jar in rose or cacao butter. Really inexpensive and effective

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