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  1. I'd be fuming mad if that happened to me. It's crazy your own family doctor will not give you a second referral. I pray your sports medicine doctor will help. Did you get your xrays and email them to that doctor in London? Hear back from him? He sounds like a decent doctor. Maybe you can go out to London or he will speak to another surgeon where you live?
  2. For Marika De Florio, listening to the incessant racket of an all-terrain vehicle doing endless laps near her property was simply too much to bear. So, she decided to fight back. Her weapon(s) of choice? Bare breasts. And according to a report in the Toronto Sun, De Florio’s northern exposure strategy certainly generates results: whenever she doffs her top, the grandparents of the child piloting the offensive ATV immediately run outside and snatch the boy back indoors. (Evidently, the sight of uncovered mammary glands is just too heinous a sight for junior.) By way of background, De Florio, 60, says she never wanted the dispute with her neighbours to escalate to such a degree. But nothing else curtailed the ATV – from talking with the grandparents to calling the police. The Seeley’s Bay, Ont. resident says her quality of life was being obliterated thanks to the kid next door riding his off-roader for up to 10 hours at a time. “I can’t open my windows. I can’t have a coffee outside. I can’t think,†she says. When diplomacy and a call-out to law enforcement failed, she decided to doff her top. That worked. Alas, the boy’s grandparents, Michael and Nancy Berry, say they’ve tried to be good neighbours with De Florio but her insistence on precluding their grandchild from riding an ATV was simply out of touch with rural sensibilities. “There should be some give and take,†says Michael Berry. At one point, the Berrys called the police regarding De Florio’s topless display. But the cops informed the couple that in Ontario it’s been legal for women to go topless in public since 1996 as a result of the precedent-setting Gwen Jacob case. (Jacob had charges of public indecency thrown out of court after she was arrested for walking topless in Guelph, Ont. one hot summer day.) As it stands now, the De Florio/Berry dispute continues unabated. When the ATV is parked, De Florio remains fully-clothed; when the ATV starts up; De Florio strips down. Is this an egregious situation – or merely a tempest in a D-cup? You decide. Woman uses her bare breasts to thwart ATV rider - The Passing Lane
  3. Krystal

    Lise Watier

    Lise Watier is Canadian brand of makeup. Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs carries it. I don't know if its available in the states? I like the eyeshadows, eye shine pencils, lipglosses and lipstick. Never tried the foundation, concealers, mascaras and skin care.
  4. Oooh.. that is a cute pink toolbox and also great stash!
  5. I know Pharma Plus stores, but not all locations, carry NYX in Canada. Other places too in this list NYX Cosmetics Canada - Dealer Listing
  6. I have a few Clinique cream eyeshadows (the ones in a tube with a wand) and powder ones. I recommend them.
  7. I was at my doctors office a couple days later. I broke two toes. One is worse than the other. He buddy taped them and suggested a cast shoe. It's rigid and doesn't cause the toes to bend while walking. It helps and I hope they heal fast!
  8. I'm searching for another flat iron. The one I have is not that great and I cannot remember the brand because the name rubbed off. I do remember buying it at a salon. For sure it's not a CHI or Sedu. Some other cheaper brand. I think Hot Styler or something of the sort. What are the flat irons like at Sally Beauty Supply? Flat Irons at SallyBeauty.com They carry many but are there particular brands, model that are good? Looking for one with adjustable temperatures. My hair is fine to medium with a slight natural wave. Any rec's?
  9. Next time I'm shopping I'll be on the lookout for the ones posted. Dry shampoo is a product I have never tried.
  10. Gosh that is scary Glad to hear your alright.

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