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  1. OP back. Thanks a lot guys. I got a couple things that I'll try. One of them is ZEAL, a non-sulfate, vegan, anti-dandruff shampoo that I got a free, good-sized trial bottle of. I just had to pay $7.95 shipping. Then, I browsed my huge beauty supply place & found this brand called Dr. Miracles Tingling 2-in-1 Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner w/ vitamins & peppermint oil. If those don't work, I'll try the next thing(s). Any more ideas?
  2. Thanks a lot! Any other ideas anyone?
  3. I've ALWAYS had dandruff, but it's gotten worse within the last 1-2 yrs! It seems to have started when I had a hair dye job at my salon within 2 weeks of each other back then & my scalp got really red. I've always developed dandruff & had to wash my hair once a week. Nowadays, I have bigger flakes developing already on day 2 or 3 after washing. I already use a good quality dandruff shampoo & recently got a scalp treatment conditioner with tea tree oil, but that doesn't help at all. It looks like I need a more intensive scalp treatment product. I have no extra money to go to a dermatologist. Anyone know of any over-the-counter products OR any home remedies, etc. I'm beyond frustrated by these huge flakes!
  4. I don't have to worry about moisturizing underneath. My skin is so incredibly oily & gets shiny so fast, it's not even funny!
  5. I use their Medium 62. I kinda like MUFE...actually, I'd like to explore their line more, but I'll hold onto Kat Von D's for as long as their around!
  6. I'm in my late 30s & my entire life, it's been extremely tough finding my perfect foundation. Usually the shade isn't quite right. If by the rare chance the shade is right, the coverage isn't heavy enough. I've been wearing Estee Lauder's Double Matte & Doble Wear for the longest years with the occasional hunts for other brands without much success. However!...I finally found what I think is my PERFECT foundation: Kat Von D's Lock-It tattoo Foundation! It's got absolutely everything I want: - full coverage - 24-hour wear - transfer resistant - matter finish - fragrance & oil free - for all skin types (but specifically for oily would be nice) How many years has this particulat product been out? Well, better late than never!
  7. For those who use a sponge to apply makeup, which brand & shape do you use? For me, there's only certain brands of wedges I'll use, like I'll purposely for out of my way to seek out the Rucci brand & a few certain other brands & I'll get a 100 qty pack. Most others have this smooth, waxy-type surface that I don't like. I was at Walmart the other day & I've found my new favorite brand/shape: Swisspers Professional crescent-shaped wedges: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Swisspers-Professional-Make-Up-Application-Wedges-12ct/19856867?srccode=cii_9324560&cpncode=33-73767600-2&adid=1500000000000036337730&veh=cse
  8. Yes, I got to that site too after Googling the product name, otherwise, if you just go straight to the HSN site & go to the brand name of the product, it's no longer shown in her group of products. In the past, I've seen items on HSN that were sold out, but they still showed them on there. So I'm fearing the product might be discontinued. That figures! It seems like every time I really, really like a product, it gets discontinued shortly after! Well, does anyone know of something comparable to this product?
  9. On the HSN home shopping channel, there used to be a mascara that goes underneath your regular mascara called Signature Club A by Adrienne Hot Seal Hair Extension Lash Conditioner. You didn't even need to use it w/ its accompanying hot eyelansh curler. I loved it because it really made the lashes look lush & THICK. HSN doesn't seem to sell it anymore. Does anyone know which site sells it OR do you know of a good brand (drugstore brand or dept store brand or Sephora) that sells something very similar. I tried the lash conditioner/underneath from Clinique & it did NOT do it at all! Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys. No, I don't plan to pay the rest & try to sell to someone else. There's no one else I know to sell to. THis is some travel company in my state of California. I've never visited them in person. I found out about them online. Oh well, we'll see what happens.
  11. Since Nov. 2009, my mom, aunt, & I have been planning a nice 2 wk trip to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London & to Paris. This was going to be the trip of a lifetime! We have been mkg payments & to this day, we've been charged $13,440 & were $4380 away from having the entire trip paid for. Now, we have to cancel the trip & the travel co won't give us back a penny. No, we hadn't gotten travel insurance yet, but we weren't done paying for the whole thing either. My mom's definitely planning to get an attorney. The total was charged on two of MY credit cards. I disputed a few thousand so far on one. The bulk of it, I have to call a certain dept on Monday. Does anyone know of any travel attorneys in southern California? Anything else you suggest? Thank you!
  12. I guess that's all I can do then, thanks! Anyone else know any ideas?
  13. ...colors change every season? But, what if there's a shade you absolutely loved, but they no longer carry? I loved the color called INTENSE. Does anyone know how to get it again? Thanks?

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