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  1. Most recent was 4 foundations from Lucy Minerals - she had a sale I just could NOT resist: 2 of the 30gr per volume foundations and a full sized freebie for 20 USD and no shipping fees! You have to agree - irresistible!
  2. Unless those are some very glittery pigments they can be pressed - use alcohol and a drop of jojoba oil or dimethicone oil
  3. Look at the selection cosmetic ingredients' wholesalers offer: they have very nice selections of pigments and some of them are dupes of rather famous MAC piggies (big makeup companies get their stuff from big pigment manufacturers just like the wholesalers do and not all the colors are reformulated afterwards - a few are sent to the market with only some additional adhesives mixed in). they are SO CHEAP you'll end up hoarding them up khm TKB Trading khm PS! But you should keep in mind, not all pigments are lip-safe. Does MAC have those warnings on the label? Usually it's the green ones with chromium oxide green and blue ones with ferric ferrocyanide.
  4. Every time I use blue around my eyes, I look cheap and it seems to add 20 years to my age. Turquoise is ok, but blue - like a 40 yrs old really tired sexworker. Blue looks good on brown-eyed ppl and folks with a bit more color.
  5. basically ground up rocks is all that it is. trick is in purifying it after the raw material has been dug up. lots of the components are also artificially made, otherwise it'd be very expensive to get them pure enough for cosmetics use. couple of large factories produce all the micas in the world etc. this used to be common makeup before it was made into industry in 20th century and the petrochemical industry thrived - Kleopatra ran around with ground malachite on the eyelids and red clay on the cheeks, celtic warriors decorated themselves with blue clay etc - mineral makeup is nothing new.
  6. Their smokey colors are nice: Confident, Socialite, Smoldering
  7. Totally agree with zadidoll's recommendation
  8. I think I have gray undertone, like dust on the road. yellowish gray. very fair olives usually do the trick.
  9. My blog. And it's not overexposed - it really was that white. I was surprised, because it was not a 0, it was level 1. Abyssinian seemed "cooler" then Manx, the latter was a warm pale. And coverage was excellent as well. MUFE's alabaster is also nice, I just swatched it the other day, have not been able to blog about it yet.
  10. I'd say all the lighter tones should suit you - Fair is yellowish, Fair concealer used to be my color but it has also become yellow some time ago. I can wear it in the summer but not during winter.
  11. Those cases are really handy to keep the makeup stuff organised - not all have big bathrooms or vanity tables Every hubby annoyed with little lady's face stuff all over the place should consider getting one for xmas
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