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  1. I can do the winged eyeliner and the "nude lips" and liquid liner took me forever but I finally got it down... I can do colors and browns with a smokey eye type look heck I do it great in pinks! But the black is just so overwhelming and you have to make it light w/o having dark spots in the lighter/faded area that I just flub it up! For some reason I cant do the blending on the black for the life of me! Heck I could do a look like Trixie had with the rainbow colors with black w/o blending and it looks awesome but trying to blend it, it ends up just grrrr I'd show you but last night I was so ticked after the look I wiped it off LOL It looked good from like 3+ft away but if I closed my eyes it looked choppy and spotty...but the lids looked great with eyes closed LOL Its all Rock'n Jess's fault for that damned electric blue/black eye! Haha I been trying that for weeks now hence the frustration with smokey eye LOL <<< Jealous & envy Meh, at least I can pull off the pinks and browns! And some other colors too... Off topic but anyone notice that Urban Decay actually costs more than MAC? I feel like a total dumb-butt for never looking into that before! I always thought that UD was a wannabe MAC so it was a cheaper version of great colors...What sucks from what I see though is that UD has better palletes...Im not into the Fafi quad or the Heatherette Trio...not my color combos. And the fact MAC doesnt do a like Brush combo irks me! I want the brushes but I want a pack or roll not buy em one by one LOL LOL end second & third rant haha
  2. SMOKEY EYE KISS MY ASS!!! I cant do it for the LIIIIIIIFE of me!!! The color black HAAAAAAATES me! I try to do it, blend it out, fade the black so it gradiates (is that a word?) And it ends up getting choppy and I try to soften it with the lighter brow color and then it gets too light...and the whole ordeal starts over again and then when I think it looks good...I close my eyes to see the full effect and I can see all the spots... I just cant do it...**** it..I'm staying with colors!!! sorry for the rant LOL So what looks cant you do?
  3. I think it was on here one of the girls mentioned having to cut into her tube to get more out of it. People complain that the tube itself sucks because they cant get to all of it thats in there. I HAVE FOUND THE LIGHT!!! I have just a "test tube" of the UDPP and I was finding that like less than a month later I couldnt get ANYTHING on it! I would shake it, slap it against my palm, and I'd get a lil bit more...I didnt want to go buy a new full size one JUUUUST yet haha because I had a feeling there was more in there. and BOY WAS I RIGHT!!! So I dont know how many of you have thought of this or done it already but for those that havent...heres the trick!! the clear part...that fits itself around the applicator...take it off...thats it. I used a thin blade and worked around it to pop it out. I put in the applicator and pulled it ONLY HALF WAY OUT and it was COVERED! Ok so since the PP is now a glop just lift it up a little bit, and scape a small bit off onto the top...so pull up a lil bit and push down a lil bit on one side...this stuff a lil goes a looooong way so I am gonna save as much as I can. I assume with the full size version you can do the same but due to the awkward shape you might have to swirl the applicator around inside of it a bit. Even then when you think you are out, cutting just below that final curve on it might help. I am somewhat frugal myself haha so I try to get the most use from everything I get...damn it I paid for it I might as well use it ALL right!!! I hope this tip helps at LEAST a few of you!
  4. Ok so I dont know about you ladies but I am GLBT friendly... Ok and Bi too but thats besides the point haha PRIDE is this weekend!!! Sunday to be exact! I cant do rainbow **awww** Cuz I dont have all the colors or i SOOO would! (missing red & orange) I have the UD Deluxe Pallete to work from and a few other misc brands/colors. Mostly in pinks purples and browns outside of the pallete. I was wondering if a few of you could come up with some looks/ideas for me this weekend for pride!!! The Bi Pride flag goes Pink/Purple/Blue, if you Google it, you can see for yourself...I was thinking of doing something like that but I have NO idea how to put it together haha I am just getting used to using COLORS that arent shades of the same color...hence the pinks, purples & browns haha. ANY help you ladies could give me would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!!!! Heck also show me some "Pride looks" in general I'd love to see what you all can come up with! You all have such awesome skills! :yahoo:
  5. Awww thanks! Haha yeah I used the deluxe palette lol my mom and I were at Ulta (LOVE ULTA!!!) and I was showing her the awesome colors that Trixie used for her rainbow look and my mom was like "I get it for you" (you gotta hear her say it LOL its so cute LOL) "No mom its way too much" "Noooo I geet it fer you!" Im glad she did bc it came with a sample of the primer - which I had heard rants and raves over but never tried and I didnt want the full size bottle just to try it. But its awesome to play with the colors! Come on girls post up what you wore yesterday! I know im not the ONLY ONE who wore makeup yesterday!!! Anyone else get pics?
  6. how would I approach this situation? hmmm well for the mostpart I am a brutally honest person haha but I tone it down for friends So I would be there one day or night before going out with her and just casually mention it WHILE SHE IS PUTTING it on! "hey hun? What foundation do you use?" "I use ______ why" "I LOVE the coverage of it, (or w/e you DO like about the foundation itself not how it looks on her) but that color is a little rusty. Do they have other colors? I mean I'm sure they do but do they all have that same base type color (sorry I dont know much about makeup so Im making this up as I go haha)" Make it sound like you are interested in getting that foundation yourself, then go out together and try colors out together and get her to try other colors. THEN when SHE puts on a color that compliments her rant and rave over it and then grab the one she usually uses and SHOW HER the difference! If she likes it then she will change, if she doesnt then well...there isnt any hope LOL. And telling her straight out "your foundation makes you look like you have a fake tan for a darker woman" wouldnt even help at that point haha. People respond to things better when they think they are the one making the choices rather than people trying to change them or w/e. lol thats just me tho LOL
  7. thanks! I tried LOL Its not anything a real makeup artist could do but its fun to try haha
  8. Originally Posted by |<33 Welcome to MUT You wouldn't happen to be an online gamer as well would you? I know the term "Oh Noez" has crossed over into normal people land, but I have to ask cause gamers rule Although, I'm sure you rule just as much even if you're not a gamer Hope you like it around here Haha I forgot about this one! Well I am sortof a gamer altho not as much as I used to be I picked up more of that talk from forums that spoke in LOLcat haha aka "spell it how it sounds" its a lot of fun to do but after being on a forum where thats all they talk all day every day it gets a lil old but from time to time it can be fun thanks to everyone again for the warm welcomes!
  9. Well I guess I will start off todays! I dunno if I am sposed to or not but I noticed there wasnt one for today. I got a lot of compliments on this today and I wish my digi cam was working so I could take better pics bc I dont think my camera phone really gets the effect of it. For one I used green, pink & purple with a slight touch of a pinkish gold (you those that dont know the color names) anyways here they are! K SO! heres the info! UDPP (man I gotta cut it open already!) UD Graffiti - inner 3rd of eyelid (and lower lash line same area) UD Fishnet - middle 3rd (and remaining lower lash line and waterline) UD Ransom/TINY BIT of Zero - outer 3rd UD Blended Then I took this softer purple I have (Milani 07 wild violets top right color) and put it in the crease and a little above the crease and blended it. Then UD's Scratch color lightly on top of it and on the outter edge of the upper lid so it wasnt too stark. Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in black MAC X mascara (I think thats the name of it) in black Upper inner lid lined with CoverGirl Perfect blend pencil eyeliner In the 3rd pic it looks like I missed like a square LOL thats my camera phone picking up glare, I had a lot of photos that did that but that one came out best for that angle to show up close color. It also looks throughout that the pink is actually a purple or blue hue darn camera phone!!! Sorry for the poor quality I wish my digi cam was working!!!! It was fun to play with!
  10. OOOH those would be FUN for pride! Especially that orange! Thats the PERFECT color of orange! Too bad that most of em arent safe for eye areas
  11. I freaking LOVE this show! It makes me want to get back into dancing again!!! Anyone else notice the two last girls? Roomates...that tried out together...both made it TO Vegas, made it ALL THE WAY THRU to the very last bit and then were up against eachother for last female spot together?! WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!! So cool though I cant wait to see how it all plays out... Anyone remember that really cool little guy that could pop dance I mean the REALLY good guy that was LOVED at auditions but they knew he wasnt going to be able to do anything else, he had some kind of disease I cant remember now but n e ways he was really cool I would love to see vids of him again!
  12. Originally Posted by cheller on yourself? or another person? i would really like to know whether my application is slow compared to others.. TIA heheh I like this thread already!!! Ok natural look, nothing over the top, just quick application of stuff I already know how to do really well and am used to doing? Which means a lil bit of liquid liner, mascara, mineral foundation and blush. 5 min tops. But if I am going for something a little more daring, trying new colors or something bold that I already know how to do but I want it to blend well and have nice flow. Including the essentials of course : eyeliner, mascara, blush, foundation. It can take up to 30 min or more depending on just how exact I am trying to be or haha or much I have to grab a wet q-tip or baby wipe haha.
  13. Originally Posted by Emily86 there are claims that both Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide (two common ingredients in mineral make up) can clog pores. while they offer UV protection and other benefits to the skin, it's said that they can clog pores due to being heavy metals. however, Zinc oxide is actually used in some acne treatments, so there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on whether it's good for the skin or not. there's also research that suggests Mica can cause skin irritations and lead to pore clogging. does anyone know for certain whether these ingredients- Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Mica- clogs pores or not? i'm really concerned about this issue since several mineral brands have caused small bumps to form on my cheeks. I dont know for certain but I will give my 2cents! I have been using Bare Minerals for about 2 years now, actually almost 3. I am bad when it comes to my face and ya'll are prob gonna curse me to hell for this. I go to sleep with my makeup on. I dont use any products on my face I wash off excess with handsoap and water on a washcloth. Yeah I know all "bad" things to do right? But considering the way my skin used to be and is now? I think Im better off...Whenever I used ANY cleaning product I'd breakout. Now breakouts of ANYTHING are few and far between. And i sleep in my bare minerals...I actually get breakouts when I STOP wearing it for a little while or any other form of dusting powder over my face. Dont know why maybe its just me. Haha probably is. I aint got the best skin or complexion but, I have never had breakouts caused by my mineral makeup.
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