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    -i'm an artist and a musician to the core.
    -graffiti is my love, music is my life.
    -i've got an affinity for makeup, purses, and shoes that my boyfriend cringes at.
    -i'm a piercing and tattoo enthusiast.
    -i love animals and have many: 3 cats, 4 ferrets, a dog, a snake, and 2 turtles.
    -i'm loud and dramatic and love to laugh.
    -i've got too much personality at times, but it never embarrasses me; it always bothers everyone else.
    -i'm a pirate.
  • My Interests
    tattoos - piercings - makeup - music - graffiti - knitting - blood guts & gore
  • My Occupation
    unemployed :(
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    -all 48 of the MM loose shadows
    -a long list of MAC pigments
    -UD e/s
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  • Car I Drive
    '96 toyota camry
  • My Favorite Movies
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Where the Buffalo Roam - American History X - Anchorman - Pirates of the Caribbean movies - A Clockwork Orange - Soylent Green - American Hardcore - Suburbia - The Decline of Western Civilization - Trainspotting - The Life Aquatic - The Big Lebowski - Ferris Buller's Day Off - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Ace Ventura (both of 'em)
  • Favorite Music
    hardcore/80's hardcore/80's punk/boo-wop/horror punk/screamo

    pretty much anything that is chug chug chug squeeeeeel chug chug chug
  • Favorite Books
    authors are a way easier catagory:
    Hunter S. Thompson - China Miéville - Joseph Heller - Chuck Palahniuk - William Gibson - Irvine Welsh - William S. Burroughs - Ken Kesey - Jack Kerouac - Neal Cassa
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Benefit - MAC - Medusa's Makeup - Smashbox - Tarte - Urban Decay
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    i can stick my index finger through the hole in my septum
  1. i've only been here about 8 months-ish & it's been that long since i've had a hair cut. and i am in DESPERATE need! this is the longest my hair has been in YEARS. i had this awesome stylist back home, but i haven't been able to find one around here that i would actually go to. there are so many places around that advertise '$5 hair cutz' and, frankly, i'm not down. so, to anyone who happens to reside in the Baton Rouge, LA area: any salon suggestions? i keep my hair short (not like, super-duper short) and, i guess, have what they call a 'scene' cut. whateves. any suggestions? i haven't had actual scissors used on my hair in years, so i'd prefer not to start now. i'm used to paying $45+ at the salon, so price isn't really a big deal. anyway, thank you to anyone who can help me out!
  2. i have naturally dark brown hair, but i keep it black & blonde. they used to sell this jet black powdered hair colour at Hot Topic that was called RAW. you just mix the powder with water & it turns to this gel-like consistency and you apply it like hair colour. no harsh chemicals, smelled awesome, and most importantly, DID NOT crispy my hair! it last forever, too! it didn't wash out in to my blonde, either. i would only have to color my hair every couple months, and that was just to touch up the roots, because that stuff didn't fade in the least! it was cheap, too, so that made it the perfect hair color. i was seriously in LOVE with that stuff! sadly, the discontinued it & now their RAW 'jet black' comes premixed in a bottle. i used it ONCE. it smells like grapes & turned my blonde chunks blue. i'm totally ok with turning my blonde bits pink every now & again, but i do that on purpose! now, since they went and f-ed with a good thing, i use Feria, which is ok. it doesn't last near as long as the other did & if i use Starry Night, it turns my blonde blue-ish. i don't remember what the other black colour is called, but it isn't as dark & is more of a brown-ish. Starry Night is a better black i think, but it has that unfortunate blue effect. ramble ramble ramble.
  3. thank you! i use the big sexy hair line of stuff already and love it. i will for sure check those out. my poor hair was totally unprepared for this amount of humidity.
  4. i just recently moved from Iowa to Louisiana (HUGE climate and humidity change!) and it has been hell on my hair. i have naturally wavy hair, but i wear it super short in back and the longest in front it is is chin length. i use a straightener on it religiously. i wear it spiky and BIG in back/top. the humidity, however, has pretty much killed ANYTHING i try to do to my hair. it goes all wavy and flat and sometimes almost frizzy. is there any product you ladies suggest to combat the humidity monster? i use a combination of products on my hair now, but i've never had this issue before. if anyone can help, i'd much appreciate it! xx
  5. i started mine at a 0g (piercing them with a 4g needle then stretched them to 0g right away) and are currently at 1". my goal is 1 1/2", but i've found that when i make a stretching goal, it's never big enough. my goal for my septum was 4g, and it's not 9/16 >.< i love them. i love the way they look, especially at the bigger sizes. a friend of mine has 2" lobes and i'm insanely jealous of how healthy and thick his are for being that size. i can understand people not liking them. it's cool if it's not your thing. what i HATE, however, is when someone comes up to me and decides to tell me how disgusting it is and how i'm some kind of freak and 'what are you going to do when you're 80??'. it's so hard to be patient with people like that. it drives me INSANE. why do people have to be such jerks about it? like, if you're gonna be rude, keep it to yourself. it's not your face or your ears, so why do i need to hear your rude and nasty comments? it's not limited to strangers, either. my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) are horrible to me about it. it's like, the people that are nasty about it think that their opinion is going to change MY mind about WHO I AM. UGH! ok, sorry. ending my rant now >.< hah, i get way too worked up about this subject.
  6. i think it's always more fun to shop with a friend. my boss and i go shopping together all the time. of course, the more money you have, the more fun it is, too >.<
  7. ahaha we need this for our apartment. the boy would flip!
  8. gorgeous! celly, i LOVE the pink! pink e/s is a staple for me >.<
  9. i love that yellow e/s kokane!

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