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  1. Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder
  2. The lipstick tubes looked and felt like plastic too, just like these, but amazingly, they are also made of corn. And, I have a nice wildflower patch in the yard from where I planted the box it came in I absolutely love the PlantLove lipstick in "Joshua Tree" - it is the first lipstick in my life that I will use up completely. And I'll get another....
  3. It's kinda cute, but like someone else said, this is bulky - I prefer sleek, slim palettes (often in your basic black) that can be stacked and put away neatly. I think this would be in the way a lot. And I have noticed Two Faced's trend towards the more juvenile packaging... one palette they had a while back was pink and opened several ways, and had this light up mirror in it, and it reminded me of this plastic pretend makeup I had as a kid. The colors do look really nice though - just not nice enough to tempt me to buy this. I will, however, say that Two Faced Lip Injection Extreme is the bomb for my lips!! Not all of their stuff is juvenile. This is definitely for big girls
  4. Great Lash was the first mascara I ever used at 11 years old, no doubt lured by the pink tube However, even back then I remember being disappointed, thinking, "Isn't it supposed to do more than that??" I still do not care for it.
  5. Hmmm. I got a Laura Geller Kit before - the Eye-talics one. I was lukewarm on it - the colors started off lovely, especially the gold-green eye pencil, but they were GONE in two hours. It improved somewhat when I used UDPP instead of her Eye Spackle primer, but still slipped a lot. So, I'm not too keen on getting another even if it does look gorgeous....I never use the first one!
  6. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a makeup addict. About a year ago, I took a job that makes me so much happier than my previous one - but I made a big sacrifice when I did it, as the pay is $13,000 less per year. For a while I still bought a lot of makeup, but running up my credit cards stressed me out, and now the price of gas is straining my budget even more. So... I am now making a limited buy makeup budget. The deal is that I can spend no more than $100 on makeup each month, but I must attempt to spend less than that and save the remaining money. Now, I have to really plan any hauls that I may decide on. Absolutely NO sudden impulse buys. That is what I need support on - I often find myself wanting to swing by the MAC counter at lunchtime or landing on one of my fave brand websites and seeing something I so want... but I am trying to resist and only buy things I will use (or nothing at all).
  7. When I was 10, I got this Cover Girl kit with four or five eyeshadows, an eyeliner, and a mascara (in those so 1980s blue hues) while out with a friend, and I was immediately addicted. My mother would not let me wear makeup out of the house until I was about 13 though, and then she set all these rules about what colors I could wear, where on the eye I could wear it (upper lid only - no browbone, no lower lid makeup, mascara only on upper lashes). By the time I was 15, I quit listening to her about that stuff, and she quit complaining because I had gotten pretty good at doing my eyes
  8. Hi... just joined today because this looks like a fun forum. I don't have anyone around me who shares my makeup addiction (or even understands it), so I thought it was time to get in with a few folks who do! Anyway, I'm 34, married, one dog, one cat, no kids. I have copperish colored hair, green eyes, light skin (hovers between NW15 and NW20 from MAC during the year) - but I love all makeup colors and I usually try to make them work with my coloring (although red and fuschia are two toughies). My makeup kit is filled with mostly MAC and Smashbox items, but I do have a few other things (including a "no name" eyeshadow palette that I just love and my Urban Decay primer potion) and my hauls don't necessarily have to come from those two brands. Ok, so that's me and my makeup in a nutshell... looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  9. Makeup in general But seriously, eyeshadows and pigment samples are what I really can't resist!!!
  10. I got the one from Coastal Scents, actually it arrived just yesterday. No mold anywhere - it was in perfect condition. The colors are gorgeous - the shadows are highly pigmented so the color payoff is awesome. The staying power is great too; it is hot and humid where I am, and my makeup looks the same now, after work, as it did when I went in this morning. Most of the shadows are silky soft, almost like a Veluxe or Veluxe Pearl texture from MAC - some are a bit rougher but still a joy to use. I can tell you that I'm going to be having a lot of fun with these!
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