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  1. I think Most of it is Fugly sorry it just looks like its not done and that there was a lack of idea just a vomit of things attach together and the 4th pic the material she used the pink black with golden & silver things on it is really beautiful and i think if the dress was made differently it would be a kick ass dress i mean whats the point of creating clothing that's not really wearable i understand its fashion its art, but Men...
  2. I had one samples of concealer and im going to be honest its the best i had compared to other brands i used for sure ill buy more of that .
  3. Originally Posted by blueangel1023 I put on MU because I feel better about myself, not because to look good for some guy. I admit sometimes I can be an attention whore...lol. I do fish for compliments. Most guys don't care what you wear anyway. A blue, purple, or green e/s looks all the same to them. If you had one red lipstick and pink the next day, he would hardly notice (unless he's gay) Now the clothes you're wearing might be a different story (lol) I was at the Makeup Forever studio last wk, and Kevin James Bennett (awesome professional MA btw) was telling me "lets get serious hun...women don't put on makeup to look good for men. They put on makeup to look good for other women, because you know damn well you want those compliments! You know they're going to speak amongst themselves and say across the room "damn, what is she wearing to make her look that GOOD" Haha, Kevin's a riot...but in a way I do agree with what he says. I so agree i like to compete with other women sometimes even in high school my friends and i were trying diff styles to show off who has done the best makeup but 4 me MU is a way to represent who i am and show my creativity every single morning i like to wake up and think on what color im going to use its fun thinking about what clothe makeup,accessories, Makeup is like an Accessory for the face it enhance and do not make you look fake while i was reading the comments i asked my fiance if he liked me with makeup on or without he told me i really like both i was suprised he didnt told me the Oll Ohh Natural BEAUTY thing but i like to wear makeup 4 him it makes me feel + confidence ..and sexy?:
  4. HMM its weird but cool in its own way.
  5. Originally Posted by Beautyfocus I just finished...I had fun doing this theme... My niece got scared when she saw me lol Anyway here's my entry!....................... http://i38.tinypic.com/aw945z.jpg http://i33.tinypic.com/2mg3995.jpg http://i34.tinypic.com/w2gciw.jpg Woow really nice beautyfocus Im impressed! nice work
  6. Originally Posted by Killah Kitty I love it. It looks like the perfect little thing for on-the-go or to stash away at work just in case.
  7. First of all i think your super lucky lol and second heres a link a was looking ProjectRunway and in this show they use accessories from bluefly.com and i always loved the purses so i went on the site The purses are amazing! and you know the prices if you have 2000$ to spent are not that bad you could get a couple of Desingner Hand bags you should check out really Pretty Purses: Designer Handbags and Accessories Featuring Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Kooba, and Yves Saint Laurent at Bluefly
  8. Originally Posted by katey_pie237 Awesome! Thanks for the advice. I'm going to do the course and become fully accredited and then start my own thing. I love the fact that theres always a demand for nails because they grow so quickly so ppl always need them done again and again.... hehe I'm then hoping to complete makeup training and then move on to hair so for weddings and things i could offer a whole package and be fully qualified im excited!! Well i wish you luck its a nice job im planing on going to Vancouver to get my makeup Training at the Blanche Mcdonald School look like a nice one cant wait to start!Some of them had to go to some of the fashion weeks like newyork,montreal,toronto i would die to do that its big dream but thats what i want:P
  9. Originally Posted by katey_pie237 For those of you who have taken nail courses - did you find them beneficial? I am looking at doing an evening course once per week for 20 weeks Well the best way its to start your onw business you start at home then you have a regular clientele then you try to open a lil nail shop its better then working for a nailshop that you have to rent Your station to work there! For most of the places its that way so its really better when you start your own then working for others.
  10. Originally Posted by Alien8 I had to learn how to do this because my rent was raised and I am so broke. Here is a sample. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e308/dc2610/Nails.jpg My Nails by ~dc2610 on deviantART Wow those are really cute did you do the design on it?? it soo pretty Originally Posted by Sunshine80 both are very pretty Gabriella: Are they acrylic with a tip? Yes i used tips,gel but its not acrylic ect.. and Crystaline Powder That how they said it in french dont know if its the same in english :S and then after Polishing everything i used a Normal Nail color on it but that one for some reason is reaally silky to say that its really shinny finish not even a top coat on the photo actually didnt wanted to have french nail tips or use my colored powder dont have enough time 4 that
  11. Yeah the video is really cute its artistic i love it all the colours idk lol and yes i admit it has that touch of the 80's Just Love It.
  12. Originally Posted by jmgjmg623 Those are cute Gabriella! Thank you!
  13. Yeah i got one Its Cherries First my mom did this tattoo on me i wanted something cute simple so found that Cherries are cute and simple also it represents the sensuality of a women and sweetness also cherries can represent the well being I have this tattoo since im 16 years old its not totally finish i want to put little more design to it but what it represents the most is MY Mom since shes the one who did it so its like a long term souvenir
  14. Oh Im sorry hope you will get better! Theres nothing to do for that ?
  15. Well actually in my situation asking if i look fat is not really a question its a fact lol either way im asking i know the answer anyway so i never ask but my fiance says like i dunno how to say like a men you know, ohh yeah your butt looks nice let me see or no you dont look fat im like No! im asking you about my makeup gossh.. anyway even if i ask if i look fat he will always tell me your beautiful and i like women with meat on so for that situation i guess im ok
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