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    I'm a 24 year old recent college graduate. I'm applying to pharmacy school at the moment. Trying not to spend too much money on makeup right now. ;)
  • My Interests
    Makeup (obvious), music, movies, education, reading, writing, poetry, surfing the internet, playing my Wii
  • My Occupation
    unemployed at the moment
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Bobbi Brown Train Case
    Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks
    MUFE HD primer, foundation, powder
    MUFE Aqua Eyes set
    MUFE lipsticks
    LORAC Palettes
    Shu uemura shadows
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    Nothing fancy, a caviler
  • My Favorite Movies
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Life is Beautiful, Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Weeks Later, Spring Summer Fall Winter, The Way Home, too many to list!
  • Favorite Music
    Sade, Sia, Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, lots of 80s and early 90s music too.
  • Favorite Books
    Once in a Blue Moon, Cheaters, The Road Less Traveled
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Right now my favorite brand is Bobbi Brown. I'm in love with everything I've tried so far. I love her philosophy too. This brand represents what I want to achieve with my makeup. :)
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I'm half black and half Korean. I guess that's interesting?
  1. I've been lurking and haven't been on in a long time, but I need to do something. I have a mountain of makeup and skin care items (lotions especially). I'm going on a no buy for the entire year of 2014. I'm going to try and apply it to everything in my life. I will only buy necessities and try hard to cut down the items I have. I have so many unused items it's crazy. I'm making one final purchase on January 31st and then that's it. Good luck to those who are trying to cut back in 2014!
  2. Very pretty! You always have great polished looks.
  3. Thought I'd get this started since I'm probably the worst no buy cheater ever. I made a last purchase for the year last night because I will be going on a year long no buy. Except for replacing needed items like mascara and foundation and getting makeup or makeup gift cards as presents, I will not be buying any new stuff this year. It'll be hard since the longest I've made it was 9 days. I wish everyone luck with their no buys!
  4. You're looking fantastic! Love the makeup and hair. It looks like you're ready to hit the town.
  5. I want this game. I heard it's really fun and gets you hooked. I might have to look into it later.
  6. I don't wear any makeup when I go shopping for it. I've had an MA (that I went to high school with but never talked to when we were in high school together) make a comment about it. She's like "so where do you wear all this makeup that you buy cause I never see you come in here with any." I visit the counter a lot, but it's normally after I get done taking care of my niece for the day. I don't wear makeup when I'm just going to be babysitting, and I'm too lazy to throw some on to quickly go to the mall. I could care less if they have something to say about it.
  7. I bought the silver one. It was a really good deal.
  8. Am I the only one who thought about someone coming along and dashing her car with nail polish remover? I always think of bad stuff.
  9. 1. Become more spiritual. 2. Get accepted to pharmacy school (hopefully the first time around). 3. Lose weight. 4. Manage my money A LOT better. 5. Work on my self esteem/accept myself more. 6. Learn to stop being jealous and comparing myself to other people. 7. Make new friends. I have a lot of things to work on.
  10. I clicked the link in the email I received, and it's no longer available. I guess they sold out quick. Sorry.
  11. Urban Decay has this on their site right now, but they only have 60. I check an hour ago, and they were still in stock for those who missed out the first time.
  12. I've been tempted by the hauls people are doing too! It's so hard not to buy stuff when you see and hear of people buying things. I want to join in on the fun!
  13. This was an extremely bad month for me. I had a lot of extra money that came in, and I spent pretty much all of it on makeup. So far, I'm into day 3 of my makeup/non-necessary items no buy. It hasn't been bad. I only bought gifts for my family. There isn't much I really want right now. I'm actually content with my makeup collection. I'm actually going to try for a full year (or longer) no buy. I'm allowing myself to replace used up items like mascara, but nothing new unless I get it as a gift. I'm going to try really hard to stick with it.
  14. You look great Tiffany! I love the gowns you're wearing.

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