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  1. I've tried this. I tried this one night for a club where I had one pair of lashes on and then glue demi lashes on the outer corner of my top lashes so they would give more a dramatic flared out look. I don't think I can pull it off in the day time though.
  2. flipshawtii


  3. NYX has impressive make-up and beauty supplies. So far I love NYX for their popular Jumbo Eye Pencils. I would be curious to buy any of the matte and round lipsticks. Already liked both pages on FB!
  4. Oh okay! I'll have to consider buying into that! As much as I love Seche Vite, I don't love the peeling and shrinking. Thanks you! I used a size zero spotter brush from Michael's and all nail polish.
  5. Yay thanks guys! I have a love/hate relationship with Seche Vite because that pretty manicure started peeling the next day
  6. Happy Birthday (: I hope you have a wonderful day!
  7. My "I'm Ready for Spring" NOTD Other than Seche Vite & CG's Fifth Avenue, the other colors were franken'd. On a side note, I haven't on this forum in quite a while! Wow! I miss you guys!
  8. Tip Topsâ„¢ is the revolutionary 10 piece system designed to cover and protect each nail while you: * Enjoy your manicure * Open your purse + wallet to pay the technician * Put on your coat * Find your keys + sunglasses * Open and start your car (go ahead, slip in your favorite CD) * Buckle your seat belt * and take that cell phone call! All while protecting your perfect manicure. Available in the Nails In Motionâ„¢ Kit (for a separate shipping fee) are the PrettyPedi TM Sandals. Designed to separate and lift toes while color is applied, there is no struggle to get into your sandal or shoe after your pedicure. The PrettyPedi is your personal protector to assure a perfect pedicure. Tip Tops are sturdy, easy to use, one size fits most and they can be used time and time again to save time and money. As each nail is polished the sturdy plastic unit is turned, clicking into place to create a solid, protective covering for the nail and making this the perfect gift for everyone who wants lovely nails. I'm still laughing at the cheezy commercial. I really can't see myself wearing these. What's your opinion?
  9. Sad to hear you critisize yourself like that. It is hard because I think everyone is insecure especially with their looks. I believe you were the one who made the thread called "What do you like about yourself?" So...I'm not going to praise nor put down anything about that picture because it's up to you to see the complients and not have other people say them for you.
  10. I love it! I also love your logo (: very cute.
  11. I believe I was googling something. Either nail products, or hair care I can't remember. Either way I'd glad I found it!
  12. Directly from Models Own's Blog (link): Let us introduce you to Gold Rush – the most extraordinary polish! When painted on it looks like gold leaf – it glistens, glimmers and actually sparkles like tiny diamonds (yet is absolutely smooth to the touch). This exclusive bottle, currently available to view and order from Frost of London, has an exquisite lid which has been carefully hand-crafted from yellow gold and has a total of 1,118 diamonds inlaid. It costs a whopping £83,000 (around $130,000 USD) – an ideal gift for the woman who has everything! If your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far – fear not! We are also releasing a ready to wear version (£5) online and in Boots. Gold Rush couture is available to view and order from today at Frost of London. Gold Rush ready to wear will be available at (link) from mid December and at Boots from 23rd February 2011.
  13. Well hey, the person only did post once. We on MUT can only support and try to remedy any problem relating to health, so joke or not I learned something new from reading all of these posts.
  14. I have created a survey to originally ask some students at my community college, but I'd like to open this up to the MUT forum as well. We can also discusss about this topic and the importance or uninportance of eating with family. This is one of the questions I am asking I don't want to push it and add more questions for you guys. I am a student in college that still lives with my parents but I can honestly say I don't eat with my family unless it's on occasion. We all are busy with our own lives. This Thanksgiving for my family wasn't quite the best because my dad didn't celebrate it with us. Why? He was at home and didn't want to go. I believe food brings people together and well, I was disappointed that my dad never goes out to eat with us.
  15. I'm in the process of growing my right side out. The arch is too high, the brow itself is to slim and it doesn't look right at all. I bought a stencil to give my left brow a more defined shape since I was growing that out before and it worked perfectly. I'm just scared that I won't match up the brows once my right side grows out more. So if you think they're ready to get plucked, pluck them. No harm in waiting a bit more. Don't be too obsessed with plucking like using a magnified mirror to get the littlest ones. Relax your face. As much as one wants an arch, your brows will look more "surprising" if you lift them while you pluck. Keep brushing your brows in each and everyway at a distance in the mirror to see how the hair falls and if the need trimming with scissors. Hope that helps as well.

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