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  1. AH thank you, L'oreal, for making imitations of one of the mascaras that I've always wanted to try but would never spend that ungodly amount of money for that stupid little thing!
  2. Revlon Colorstay. I love, love, LOVE this foundation; stays on all day and doesn't break me out at all.
  3. Originally Posted by Mixie87 Oh and..Luminary lusterglass.... why spend 18$ for a clear gloss with sparkle in it. Yup, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking.
  4. I'm so happy that their shipping's gotten a LOT better. That berry pop tin sounds delicious. I'm jealous!
  5. I like some of their products. The All Over Color Sticks work AMAZINGLY as eyeshadow bases, and the skin toned All Over Color Sticks are really good as bases too and are actually pretty good spot concealers in their own right. That's great, because they're only a buck. I really like their Super Gloss SPF 15 glosses, they're not SUPER glossy, but it works. The texture is really creamy and I adore the smell and look on my lips. The lasting power is pretty great too, especially for a gloss. I also adore their foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, and eyeliner brush. The other brush I have (bronzing/blush brush) is okay for the price, but it's not very good. It gets scratchy and doesn't pick up enough color. I've heard good things about their Studio Brushes (which are only 3 bucks a pop!), they're really soft but have this bad smell that a few washes will take care of, they have synthetic hair. I like their eyelash curler also, it REALLY holds a curl, but you have to be sturdy with it because if your hand slips, say bye bye to 12 of your eyelashes! (Personal experience, bleh. Couldn't curl my lashes for months.) I have the Brightening Eyeshadow Quad in Butternut. Honestly, these are so much better than I expected, especially with a base (like their all over color sticks!). It's nicely pigmented, I was kinda shocked it was a buck, but then again I only have their Butternut e/s so I can't compare with their others. I only have one of their blushes, the one in Glow. That being said, I have like 3 of them for backup when I run out. I LOVE and ADORE their Glow blush. It's so pretty, I try other brand's blushes but it doesn't give me that GLOW that ELF's does. I haven't tried any of their other blushes though, but the one I have is my HG for sure. I also found this interesting video comparing their Studio Blush/Bronzer Palette ($3) to NARS, really good dupe: YouTube - E.L.F. Studio vs. NARS Review and Comparison Their mineral stuff is pretty good, too. The Mineral Concealer though is just WAY too light, and the foundation is somewhat sheer and there are only a few shades to choose from, but it's really good stuff for 5 bucks. Their Mineral Booster is like someone stole Mineral Veil and put it in ELF packaging, it's so good at controlling oil, and their Mineral Eyeshadows are supposedly amazing, especially $3. Their lipsticks are also really good, but that's prolly cause they charge 5 bucks for it instead of the usual dollar. Anyways, that's my 2 cents. There's some really great stuff hidden in this brand, hope I helped! Good luck!
  6. Yeah, I'm definitely gonna snag that reddish pink lipstick and that cute quad! I think that the black and pink is a little emoish looking too, but oh well!
  7. I loved her "Umbrella" bob the most out of all of her haircuts. I like the edgy short hair, but I sure miss that bob!
  8. Uhh, I'll pass, but I appreciate her style! And the Hello Kitty collection is calling to me. If only MAC didn't cost so much!
  9. Brown mascara sounds good for you. It's not as harsh as Black mascara and will fit with your hair color more. Covergirl, Maybelline, L'oreal, and Max Factor sell fantastic mascaras for a cheap price. Maybelline's mascara is a little more watery, so I would be careful about that, and L'oreal's mascara is more dry. I really reccommend Max Factor's Lash Perfection Volume Couture, it's just great, I love it. Not sure how it flakes though, seeing as I wear primer underneath it. It comes in a good range of colors too. If you're worried about flakes, try L'oreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes, my ultimate favorite mascara. It's "waterproof" so it doesn't flake or smudge, but it comes off easily with warm (and I mean pretty warm) water, so no scrubbing with makeup remover and all that. Be careful if you apply it though, it can get messy and put it on fast. The bad thing is that I don't think they come in a brown color, so it might look harsh since that mascara really gives you a false-eyelash effect. Covergirl's best mascara IMO is Volume Exact . . . but I'm not sure how bad it flakes or not. Covergirl's mascaras are good though, so I'd give it a shot. Lash Blast was good too, and I know that has a brown, but it flaked on me. You could always get waterproof on that, but it is KILLER to get off. Maybelline has this new mascara called Lash Stilletto, and I liked it. Gorgeous lengthening and seperation, and didn't smudge or flake all day. I don't think it comes in a real brown though. :/ All I know is stay away from their Sky High Curves, that thing smudged and flaked like no tomorrow. Hope this helps! Good luck
  10. I also love milani Luminous! And I LOVE Wet n' wild's Naive blush, perfect dupe for NARS's peachy pink orgasm. But I think they're both less than five bucks, if that bothers you. Naive is like three dollars MAX, I usually see Luminous at 4 bucks.
  11. Wait, are you talking about the Beauty Tubes version or the regular Double Extend? Double Extend was HORRIBLE, it did nothing, but Beauty Tubes gives me long beautiful almost faux looking lashes. I freaking love that mascara, but hated it's original counterpart.
  12. WOW, 42 bucks? I guess I'll just have to live with dark circles then.
  13. Originally Posted by empericalbeauty I love Milani Mango Tango blush. I attached a picture of me wearing it without foundation just to show how much it makes you look alive and glowing! Attachment 42596 Not the best picture but look how pretty it is!!!! You really DO look glowing in that picture! So pretty. Other cheap but GLOWING blushes that I LOVE are Wet n Wild's Naive and E.L.F.'s blush in Glow. (duh) I LOVE that blush to bits and pieces. Wet N wild has this blush called "Shimmer", it's really a highlighter and you can put it over any blush to give it that radiant look.
  14. Yeah it's pretty good for your lashes, the primer is conditioning for them unlike most other drugstore primers. I'd used to have to SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB and get really harsh on my lashes to take my mascara off, but now it's just a gently soak&tug. I think it also says on the box NOT to use makeup remover to take it off, so that was prolly your problem before. Put on as many coats as you like! Gosh, this makes my lashes SO FREAKIING LONG.
  15. Aww, don't worry! Just soak your lashes for 30 seconds with warm/hot-but-not-scalding-hot water (like make a pool of it in your cupped hands and hold it up to your eyes) over the sink and your lashes should be drooping. Take a wet warm paper towel and pinch your lashes and gently pull. Sometimes you can just wipe a lil bit and the mascara should come off! It takes some getting used too, but I find it's a WHOLE lot easier on my lashes than other waterproof mascaras and lots of nonwaterproof ones!

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