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  1. thanks guys. i'm still getting used to the new MUT, not sure how to thank your posts individually! lol i do have some friends here just not as many as i had at uni. but i guess i've been neglecting socialising so much and meeting new people because of the relationships i've been in, so that's something i can work on a lot better now. i've been looking into volunteering but not found anywhere nearby or that doesn't want a super long commitment (some want a year to 6 months!) and if i'm looking for paid work i can't be that committed really. fingers crossed i get a job soon i guess. i have this one side of me that is really positive and happy that i'm finally single (something i've really really wanted for a while) and can start doing things for just me. and this other side of me that is just a bit down all the time and keeps looking at the negative and going "omg you have no job and no boyfriend and hardly any friends". LOL. i suppose i have to find a way to focus more on the positive. it's just tough being independent and strong when i've literally not been by myself (as in single) for almost four years. (and i'm 21, how messed up is that? lol)
  2. So guys I've been kinda AWOL for the last few months I know.. a whole lotta stuff has happened. I'm feeling really lack-lustre and wondering if any of you guys have felt the same in part of your life. I quit the part time job in a shop that I got straight after graduating, they weren't paying me enough money to make it worth travelling there and back (it was hard to get to on public transport) and I hated relying on my parents for lifts. I also got really sick of working weekends, a lot of my friends have mon to fri 9-5 jobs now and it meant I hardly had a social life. I also went straight from breaking off my long term relationship, into another relationship, which has since ended. This last relationship was with a guy who I've known for a long time, always known to be bad news, and guess what, he turned out to be bad news! Lol. I'm honestly ok with it though, I've been feeling un-motivated and down since before that ended, and it was totally expected. It's not played a part in the problem- just keeping you guys up to date! Aaaanyway. I feel like loads of stuff has just happened. A lot of changes in my life in a very short period of time. And now it's all stopped happening, and I need to start rebuilding myself. I'm a really strong person but I'm kinda struggling to motivate myself right now. I know I need to get on top of my game and start looking for real, full time jobs, hobbies, things to do- but I'm sort of lacking in... I don't know, va-va-voom! I need to get my mojo back. I miss my uni friends a lot and it feels like the friends I have here in my hometown aren't as close to me, so I'm a bit lonely. I want to get out there and meet new friends and do new things but I don't really know where to start. Anyone been through crap patches in their life and picked themselves out of it? Does anyone have any words of advice in general?
  3. you NEED to go to primark.. it's so cheap you won't believe your eyes. they have amazing knitwear and really good stuff for winter- like scarves and hats and things. river island is another good shop, if you like topshop you will probably like river island. they have amazing shoes! marks and spencer is a bit fuddy-duddy for clothes, it's very English, mid 40's working woman sort of stuff. they sell some lovely snacks and puddings though. it's worth a look in debenhams or house of fraser- those are our two main department stores, which have lots of different franchises in. they sell all the high end makeup too. don't be too tempted by the topshop makeup, it's not really that good. the nail polishes are decent but the brushes are terrible to work with. it's very overpriced for what you get.
  4. aw.. i'd love to do secret santa again, it was so much fun last year! i'm super poor this year though, i can't really afford to contribute.
  5. ah, great. thanks guys, you're putting my mind at ease! stupid long distance relationships
  6. Hey guys! I know i've been super AWOL these last few weeks... I am here, I promise! just lurking. I've been really busy at the moment. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to a birth control problem i've been pondering over. basically i've skipped like three periods in a row and i need to skip the next period too. (i.e. taking lots of packs together). thing is i feel really unhealthy doing this and want to have the next period, just not on the weekend it's supposed to come! soooo... can i put it off by a week? like take the next 7 days of the following pack, stop, have a 7 day break and period; and then take the remaining 14, and then the next full pack of 21 pills and then have a 7 day break as usual (if it suits me!) then? is this ok to do?
  7. exercising helps LOADS. seriously. if you're not doing anything in the day, try to get at least 20 mins of exercise, or go out on a short walk, just so you're out of the house and using up energy. if you're just getting up, not doing much and then going back to bed you won't be physically tired, even if you feel you are. over the counter medicines that have helped me were nytol and this thing called nite herb, which is a herbal supplement. check with the pharmacist if they interact with your other meds but they shouldn't. also- i'd really bring this up with your doctor anyway, trouble sleeping can be a side effect of anti-depressants, it might be time for a change in what you're taking. big hugs, hope you feel better soon.
  8. doya is absolutely right, though what works for one person might be different for another. i have INSANELY dry skin, all year round. i hate it so much, but i've found a way of managing it to make it so i don't look like a reptile most of the time. one thing i do is drink LOTS of water. all the time. any time you have 5 minutes to spare, down some water. it's good for your skin but it's also good for the rest of your body too so you have nothing to lose here. the other thing i do is take extreme care with my facial products. i can't touch anything that foams on my skin, that dries me out like a prune. instead, makeup remover, and then a creamy cleanser. i don't tone because i haven't found a non-drying one yet. i use nivea blue pot (the really thick one) as moisturiser. be very, very careful with exfoliators. i stopped using the ones you can buy and instead, i take an exfoliating puff from the body shop and gently use that to exfoliate with my cream cleanser no more than once a week. i also use a moisturising foundation- check out bobbi brown's, or the body shop do a great one as a cheaper alternative. i can't really use any powder because i find it just draws moisture out of my face, so if i get too shiny i use blotting paper instead. importantly, i never wear makeup for more than 6 or 7 hours without taking it off, moisturising, and reapplying. this means take your makeup off before bed! sleeping in my makeup and therefore skipping moisturiser is a surefire way to dry out my skin. i need to moisturise at least twice a day. sometimes if i'm just in the house and not wearing makeup, i will moisturise a few extra times. moisturise as much as you can. hope this helped!

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