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    [center]hello there. im sanaa. ive recently been getting into makeup. haha. im a very creative person (i love to paint. draw. design clothes. make collages. scrapbook. build things. sew. and lots of other stuff) and makeup really is like art. im a really random easy going person. i love life and going with the flow. people have described me as unconventional and i have also been compared to natalie portman in garden state (haha people say im random and spontaneous like her in that movie haha) i love meeting new people and making new friends so dont be shy to say hullo. anyhow au revoir. lovely talking to you.[/center]
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    [center]art. music (im an indie freak). movies. books. photography. cold weather. crisp air. red lips. belly dancing. snowboarding. tae kwon do. lip piercings (but not on me). rose salve. hanging out with my friends. short hair. the color green. berlin. dusseldorf. messenger bags. andycandywarhol. zach condon from beirut and lots more.

    this is my best friend ever. we are so alike and tell each other everything. without him i would be lost haha.[/center]
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    amelie. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. the science of sleep. donnie darko. the prestige. one flew over the cuckoos nest. a clockwork orange. the virgin suicides. lars and the real girl. moulin rouge. pride and prejudice. garden state. fight club. monty python. and so much more...
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    beirut. animal collective. of montreal. au revoir simone. patrick wolf. jens lekman. islands. the unicorns. the shins. jacques brel. pixies. cold war kids. gogol bordello. modest mouse. radiohead. fionn regan. sufjan stevens. and so much more...
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    the fountainhead. atlas shrugged. a dirty job. a clockwork orange. tales of the city series. enders game. on a pale horse. survivor. invisible monsters. on the road. the dharma bums. the beach. popism
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    i love the color green.
  1. I have ordered from Lime Crime before, and in all honesty the colors were bright and pretty but lacked "sticking" power and unique-ness. I ordered 6: Primma Donna, Lime Criminal, Elf, Twilight, Crystal Ball, and Amazon. I found Primma Donna to be disappointing, while gorgeous in the jar it applies medium pigmented on my lids and does NOT stick to them (I use TFSI which is amazing for pigments). Lime Criminal was bright and pretty, applied well but just wasn't very interesting. Give me Aromaleigh or Archetype and I'll get a bright lime green with a pink duochrome or silver glitter, but this LC one was just plain lime green... that being said I still love the color but I just wish it was more interesting. Elf I love and can't really say anything about because I love the color so much! Twilight is another gem of the collection, a gorgeous cool purple-ish lavender blue (I can't describe it, it is tooo pretty) with a strinking pink duochrome sparkle. It isn't DUOCHROME but it isn't light shimmer either. Perfect in every way. Crystal Ball is pretty but the fall out is CRAZY! Amazon is a pretty color but again uninteresting and really low staying power. All in all, I have mixed feelings about Lime Crime. Some shadows I loved, others I wanted to but couldn't (Primma Donna, I so wanted this to be the perfect hot pink-ish red!) In the future I will not be ordering from LC (unless I ever run out of Elf or Twilight which I doubt I ever will) because... 1. $12 is a little pricey for me when it comes to mineral eyeshadow. I would much rather spend my money at Aromaleigh. 2. The eyeshadows were too hit and miss for me 3. They're staying power was terrible (Twilight I exempt from this and Elf and Lime Criminal weren't too bad) On a final note, I had GREAT customer service! I was leaving to go on vacation a week before I ordered and was hoping my eyeshadows would arrive before I left. I emailed LC and they promptly said they would make sure it arrived in time. I was touched at their concern. It was really hearwarming. Also, the jars as some have mentioned contain only 1.2 grams of pigment... in actuality I find these jars to be slightly bigger than others and come PACKED with pigment. The jars will probably last you a very very long time unless you use that shadow A LOT. I hope this helped you guys...
  2. hey everyone! i just wanted to know if anyone else loves it like i do hehe. i dont know why i like it so much but for me its wonderful! the perfect red tinted lipgloss. i wish it wasnt a roll-on but i can get over that. its also nonsticky and looks great with a wide variety of lipsticks and even pigments. so anyone else love it as much as i do???
  3. hello everyone! this is my FIRST fotd post! haha. well i just want to say that i did this look pretty quickly this morning for school. i felt like going a bit more glam than my usual (usually its pretty much this look but without the liquid liner, lipgloss, the bronze and apricot moose eyeshadow, and with a different base). so i guess this is a little vamped up version of my everyday look but still keeping it pretty natural. OH. and keep in mind the flash IS washing out some of the colors haha. OH. and i just wanted to say as for perfect skin haha that i do not have. im not going for perfection here but just enough so i dont look terrible. i dont like putting too much stuff on my face. im still young so i just wanted to say that because i know i didnt cover all of the redness and all of the imperfections. just letting everyone know haha. OH QUESTIONS: ok so as you can see my lips are SUPER PIGMENTED! they are this peachy pink color and even with a pretty light gloss like instant gold they look super peach. the flash may have wahsed it out a bit but theyre pretty pigmented. does anyone have any suggestions for a product to cut down on how bright my lips look all the time? so here is what i used: FACE: fyrinnae "fluff" as primer everyday minerals concealer in "mint" and "abbott's concealer" everyday minerals foundation in "light almond" in matte mac blush in "style" EYES: mac "soft ochre" paint pot as base nyx single eyeshadow in "apricot moose" in inner corner urban decay single eyeshadow in "X" in middle and a little on outer 1/3 mac single eyeshadow in "bronze" lightly in crease and outer 1/3 nyx single eyeshadow in "nude" as highlight sephora brand liquid liner in "black" maybelline "the colossal" mascara in "glam black" LIPS: just mac lustreglass in "instant gold"
  4. my order came in! haha. ill post pictures when i get the chance im so excited. overall im pretty happy with everything
  5. Originally Posted by PurpleTai Sounds good! I really want to try the round lipsticks from NYX. I've read so many positive reviews on them. SAME HERE! thats why i wanted to try them. i love lipstick in general im a big fan of natural eye make up and a pop of color on the lips. so im really eager to get them in! i just wish the cherryculture and nyx swatches were better!
  6. ahhh. just came into some money so i thought i would blow fifty bucks on some new make up. huzzah! haha here is what i got: -7 NYX round lipsticks: ceto, summer love, femme, darling, thalia, opal, and heather. -1 Lustreglass from MAC: instant gold -1 Sample Kit from Everyday Minerals (three foundation samples, one concealer sample, one blush sample<--all FREE aside from shipping!) -1 sample of mint color corrector from Everyday Minerals (i was to lazy to just wait and order another sample kit hahaha.) -3 eyeshadow samples from Fyrinnae (they give such big samples and in jars too!): anemone, leif, and kurisumasu! -1 large jar of "Fluff" from Fyrinnae (its a finishing powder pretty much and i got a sample in my last order. FELL IN LOVE!) so thats my haulish. i got a lot of lipsticks hahaha. i was in need of some and NYX has cheap ones so i thought hey why not! swatches and what not will be up later! au revoir!
  7. Originally Posted by PaperFlowers Argh! So I was dumb and forgot to order the primer today, so I'll have to do it now. I think I'm going to get the black one to start and I'll do 1 eye with the black primer and 1 eye with UDPP and post pictures. Thoughts? ahh that sounds like a wonderful plan to me will be waiting for the comparison!
  8. Tasti Butterfly you look absolutely gorgeous! your makeup looks flawless and i ADORE the purple eye makeup!
  9. so here are some photoshops i have done in the past: OK. for this last one i TRIED to find the before picture. but i COULDNT. i really liked the end result though so i decided to post it anyway! so those are just a few of them. im in all the pictures and there is one with my friend and i. tell me what you think! comments are appreciated! love. sanaa.
  10. tuna_fish your lips look absolutely lush!
  11. Originally Posted by icmreis Hi Sanaa, your name is very beautiful. Where are you from??? I'm from Brazil. I've never been to a MAC store and I' dying for it. Lucky for my pockets I think it's gonna take a while. Welcome. aww. well thank you about my name! im originally from pakistan but my family moved to the US when i was 2. ahh thats so exciting that youre from brazil. i love meeting people from different places! ahh a MAC store ive only been once. and its wonderful (and expensive for my pockets too haha). lately ive been ordering from mineral makeup sites. theyre fairly cheap and have great color payoff for eyeshadows/pigments. i recently ordered from fyrinnae and i cannot wait for my eyeshadow samples to come in! hehe.
  12. Originally Posted by Sirvinya Hi and welcome to MuT! I'm Becky from the UK. oh becky. ive subscribed to you on youtube. your tutorials are lovely and youre very beautiful! i am highly thankful!
  13. ah i just saw your look magneticheart/katie and i must say you look absolutely gorgeous i love that simple look on you! and might i add everyone else look ravashing
  14. haha. thansk everyone! oh and internetchick your makeup looks lovely in your avatar im surprised you have never been in a sephora! you look like youve been perfecting makeup for years
  15. hey! its great to meet you. i'm Sanaa.

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