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  1. Hey all I have been asked to work on a photoshoot however feel a little lost makeup wise as it is an underwater shoot. Has anyone ever worked on an underwater shoot before and if so, what products did you find worked well? And which products not so well? I have a kit full of makeup but I fear the makeup I do have will just run... Would appreciate any advice, thanks all
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I know some ppl may think it incorrect should a company advertise their products in certain ways if they are made through a private label manufacturer with merely their company logo on it..... So what is wrong? What is right? An example may be "(business name) has launched their own cosmetics line"
  3. Hi all This is probably a silly question but i wanted to get your take on this. I am about to order some cosmetic product samples from America (I am in Sydney, Australia) and they have come back and said the following; "For shipping all we need is courier name and account number, we will then call to schedule the pick up once the order is ready to ship." As this is for a business venture I imagine this means that I need to setup a courier for them to deal with??? Or have a read this wrong?! Would appreciate any info on this as I'm a little lost at the moment. Thanks everyone, Kate
  4. Thats it Can't wait to get mine up and running....
  5. I agree Etiquette Just checked out the Sigma brushes site, now considering buying a few as i need an upgrade and these are more within my price range. Thanks for the heads up! What i find sad as that there doesn't seem to be many well known high quality manufacturers offering private label in Australia......
  6. Hi all I don't really understand the negativity towards Private Label. I feel like it is almost abit naive to think every different makeup brand comes from its very own factory and all colour ranges are unique. I did not have a full understanding of it all until i started researching Private Label myself as it is something I hope to venture into this year. I think it does come all come down to making money as people have said however for ppl like myself who cannot afford to create my own unique products, only those that are private labelled, i think it should be supported
  7. Hi all This year I am planning on investing alot of time and money into Private Label manufacture as I want to have my own range of makeup and incorporate this into part of my business plan. Just wondering if anyone has any information or experiences they'd like to share? I would greatly appreciate it I am from Australia, however there doesn't appear to be many Australian manufacturers? It would obviously be cheaper to source the products from Australia but there is no well known decent quality places i can find other than from America. At present i am looking at going to New York to have a factory tour and meet with manufacturers over there as the quality seems quite good. Would love to hear from you if you've had experience in this area Cheers, Katey
  8. Hey Bec I completed the Design and Apply Course with Mask Academy last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. A few days ago i met with the principal of 'Artistry of Makeup Academy' as this had course options that suited my needs for what i am looking for in a course next. I was just wondering if you have heard anything about this academy or even attended yourself? I must say i was very impressed after my catch up with the principal, now its just a matter of making a decision. Hope you can help!
  9. I have enrolled with Mask Academy doing a basic course to get me started. It is simply design and apply makeup. That will go till the end of December and then i'll enrol in Tafe which will start Feb 9th
  10. Originally Posted by CellyCell So, I have been wanting to do a re-create/inspired look and I'm bored at the moment even though I ought to go to sleep. But meh. Here's the look I am recreating: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...6f028dbf6a.jpg And my version: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...P/fotds042.jpg I'm too afraid to make the blue go that up in my lid, I have the space for it but I don't think it'll suit me very well. Face: Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC45 (reunited once again... I surely don't miss it ) MAC breezy blush Eyes: NYX Jumbo pencil in milk as base MAC Aquadisiac MAC pigment in Fushia MAC Typographic MAC White frost MAC Blacktrack fluideline L'oreal telescopic + HIP voluminous mascara Some random brown pencil from NYC for brows Lips: NYX pink lip liner MAC So scarlet lipstick MAC style minx Flirt! lipgloss... no name but it's light peach color If anyone can recommend a lipgloss color close to what the girl has, much appreciate. More pics: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...P/fotds035.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...P/fotds034.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...P/fotds043.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...P/fotds044.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...P/fotds056.jpg Thanks for looking! This looks amazing i have similar features to you, any chance you'd do a tut on this?! I'd love to see it!
  11. Hi all I bought this book today and i'm only at page 10 and i'm loving it. Does anyone else have this book and if so what are your thoughts? If you're just starting out like i am its a great tool and reference guide and has some great tips. Check it out....
  12. Hi Jill Welcome!!! You will love it - you can learn soooo much on here its great! I am from Oz too although Sydney just like Rosie Enjoy MUT!
  13. Originally Posted by Bec688 Aweome Katey Cert II in nail tech is a great course, I enjoyed studying it. It will also open up other doors if you want to continue your beauty studies. Just a thought, it's a lot cheaper doing nail tech at tafe than it is at a private college, and it's only a semester course, and you learn all the same things, might be something to think about? Very good point. I just jumped on the Tafe website to check it out and it is heaps cheaper. It costs pretty much double to study it at a private college..... its crazy! I guess the reason why i wanted to study the nails at Mask Academy was to get a feel for the academy and see if i really liked it b4 spending the big bucks on the makeup course there. Decisions decisions...hmmmm.... You seem to know your stuff and i really appreciate your advice and help while i'm starting out. Just out of curiosity can i ask do you currently work in the makeup industry or have your own business etc etc?
  14. Originally Posted by Bec688 Rosie is right, the quality of your teacher does make a huge impact. It can be hit and miss though. I had some fabulous teachers when I was studying beauty therapy and I also had some pretty average teachers, it's the luck of the draw, you can't always pick and choose. You won't have the same teacher for every subject either, so you've really got to try and make the most of it. Mask Academy is very good, I have been there a few times for some make up technique classes and I found them to be very good, again, see if you can make an appointment to meet the principal of the school and have a look around the college, to get the feel for it. Fabulous! Its nice to hear some positive feedback from someone who's studied there makes me realise im making the right decision, thanks for your help. I hope to check out the place within the next few weeks and then begin my journey starting with certificate II in nail technology
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