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  1. fox news sucks. bill oreilly is the devil.
  2. Originally Posted by magosienne I was into it for the first 13 episodes, then i never really took the time to watch the rest. It's entertaining and with the strike i had to find something to watch, lol, but i wouldn't say i'm a big fan. I do love some of Blair's and Serena's outfits i agree that if you don't like the show for the show, you can at least appreciate the outfits and styles they showcase. i think the last episodes were really good (after the strike) it got really juicy at the end!
  3. Who are your favorite artists, bands, musicians? I'm just curious what people around here listen to.
  4. Chuck and Blair are the reason the show is so good. The others are great too, but the show wouldn't be what it is without them. I like Blair much more. :-) Feisty and she always has something clever to say, same with Chuck. That's why I love them so much.
  5. Originally Posted by xtiffanyx I'm not nearly as into Dan and Serena as I am Chuck and Blair...mainly Chuck . And while Nate is quite the purrty one his character isn't always all that interesting to me. I was in love w/ Serena's hair at the white party though-gorgeous! That clip was one of my favorite scenes . Yeah, I think Chuck is sooo hot. Nate is next, and I never used to think Dan was special but he looked really good this episode for some reason. I'm not sure why but I feel like when Chuck talks, it's always poetic. Even if he is acting like a perverted jerk, it's still very seductive like all of the time. I <3 it.
  6. Thank you so much everyone. It's really nice to meet you all!
  7. kaylen

    Heritage 1981

    yeah IT IS part of the Forever 21 company, like twelve by twelve. I dont think its at all in competition with those companies.. they have completely different clothes and styles but okay. lol.
  8. kaylen

    Heritage 1981

    No no, they are in person. I first saw them at the store and they struck my curiousity. They are supposed to be like 80s inspired modern clothing, hence the name 1981. But you can shop them online, and they are in malls, but not everywhere. You have to search the locations probably and try to find it. But they are really nice!! I'd shop there more if I could find more of them. One thing I don't like is whenever I go in there, I feel weird because a lot of little teens shop there. I dont really care cause I like the clothes, but its like I feel I shouldn't be in a little teens shop, like Aeropostale or something. But whatever, I'll have to get over that, lol.
  9. Originally Posted by GlossyAbby I love Pureology straightening serum I do too. It is great. I <3 Pureology in general
  10. What do you all think of this store? I have bought a few items there. I think the clothes are really comfortable and well-priced.
  11. kaylen

    New shoes =]

    Product there's the link for them, but here's a picture since i can now post.
  12. Same with me umraon. The follicles never go away, it sucks. The answer might just be either getting laser hair removal, or wearing those skirt thingies over your bikini and then you don't have to worry about it. (Then its kind of obvious though)
  13. Here this is the one I bought: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120283731204&ssPageNam e=ADME:X:AAQ:US:1123 Can you tell? It's NIB... so I think it should be fine.
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