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  1. Thannk you very much, I'm excited to look at all of these!!!!
  2. I'm going shopping , I would like to pick up a good makeup artistry book so I can practice.Can someone tell me a good video as well? It'll be greatly appreciated.Preferrably something that focuses on blending too!
  3. I'm trying to start a business.I was wondering what kind of forms do you need and where can I get them?the help would be appreciated. {empire beauty school graduate} sorry I wasnt sure of where to post this
  4. Almost every department store where I live has a mac counter. however,I do have a freestanding store that I can get to.
  5. I remember back when Maccosmetics.com had the old site that I seen pigments in a little red jar being sold together.Like 8 or 6 of them... I dont know if I am typing in the wrong word or what?
  6. So lucky,Congrats on your new cabinet looks cute too.
  7. LMAO AW haha .I have a little black note pad.It may not be Calvin Klein but it might do as well.Also,Do you they may test me on the spot with a customer?
  8. haha.Would it be unprofessional to bring a notepad to the interview?I dont wanna make a bad impression. If I am nervous I tend to forget my questions.
  9. Welcome to MUT! My name is Tasha.
  10. Things should get better for you because your 15 but I understand how you feel.Theres no rule out there saying that you must get out and date right now.Have time for your hobbies and finish school and have fun with the girlies every now and then.A guy does not defne you,You define you.You will feel better sooner or later.Just take it one day at a time...
  11. Thank you for your responses too. Should just have the questions at the top of my head or have the questions in my lap or is that a bad thing too? Oh and what if I was given a test on the spot?with a customer?Do you think they'd do that to me?because she said she was gonna be at the counter for the second interview.
  12. Her makeup is okay BUT I would tone it down a bit because of her age.Although in beauty school you are allowed to enter at the age of 16 so her wearing that makeup isnt a problem but she shouldd just tone it down a little bit because she does look much older but then again she may look older without the makeup.AH what the hay...leave the chickie alone she is beautiful. hahaha all that typing for nothing but she is a pretty girl.
  13. Oh okay because I am really interested.This company seems really interesting!
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