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  1. C'mon gals, Sephora has always had large palettes even before CS came along. Remember the blockbuster palettes? Sephora: Sephora Brand Ultimate Blockbuster - Collector's Edition ($320 Value): Eyeshadow
  2. I just got my nail polish today (I won it in the Allure contest). I don't like nail polish and this color clashes with my warm tones, but it is a beautiful color best for cool toned girls. I tested it on my thumb nail, and it is really good quality, dries quickly. I am soooo not used to good quality nail polish. It costs about 12 dollars. Here is the link to the limited edition color: Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer Blackberry-LIMITED EDITION I want to swap it for a good quality eye shadow. I will put it up soon.
  3. I think that with makeup and with other hands-on profession, long distance instruction won't do. I don't think it would be a good program.
  4. Thanks! The brown smokey eye sounds good! What color lipstick can be used? Before, I was thinking a red lip would be good, but do you guys think that is too much?
  5. My friend is going to be wearing a red gown for her engagement party. Any makeup ideas? She has black hair, olive skin, big dark brown eyes. Also, do u have advice on hiring a makeup artist for onsite makeup application?
  6. I wonder why they burn? Makeup shouldn't do that.
  7. Umm, I think CS is just looking to profit by acting as if they are legitimate brand when in reality they buy these cheap makeup sets from the same source as the ebay sellers and sell them at more expensive prices, the source being a small time factory in China. We're not talking about MAC here, no one is going to duplicate CS in order to benefit from their "popularity" (which doesn't exist).
  8. My friend tried it, she hates it. It irritates her and the stuff is so sheer. Not worth the money
  9. They should have a cool, warm, and neutral collection instead lol. This one is too confusing for me. I ama brunette but those l/s colors are for cool-toned women.
  10. I did this with my favorite lip stick, and it turned out lighter.... I am guessing that trick does not work, or I just don't know how to pick out the right ones. lol
  11. I like morrisonmaenad's look the best because even though it is not the Hepburn trademark look, she did a great job pulling off the look in the photo. amazing skills!
  12. A child asks her mother, "Why does a woman wear white on her wedding day?" Her mother replies that its because her wedding is the most happiest day of her life. The child answers "Now I know why a man wears black." i had to translate that, hope it came off just as funny
  13. Thick black eyeliner + red lipstick has to be Gwen's main look, very beautiful!
  14. You're pale and so you shouldn't have much problem with eyeshadow, that is they show up on your skin more easily. I have light olive skin but with dark eyelids, no miracle can make this brand work on me.
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