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  1. Do y'all use any kind of oil cleanser to remove long wear makeup? Years ago I tried Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation and when the sales associate recommended their cleanser, I said no. IDIOT! I broke out so bad I had to go without makeup for like six weeks. It was awful. Fast forward a few years... I learned about oil cleansing to remove the long wear foundation! I started using DHC Cleansing Oil immediately and I have been so happy with the results. It removes the long wear foundation, eye makeup, everything. I follow it with another cleanser (Olay or philosophy Purity) and I haven't had any trouble with breaking out at all. Other than my normal monthly breakout that is. I was really worried about using an oil on my already extremely oily skin, but it has not made it more oily at all. My question is, if anyone else uses oil, have you tried the St. Ives oil cleanser? It is much less expensive than the DHC. I ordered some today from drugstore.com and am hoping for good results. I'd love to hear other oil cleansing stories and products. I'm trying to find relatively inexpensive products to replace some of the pricier things.
  2. Thanks so much! It is absolutely amazing to me how different I feel. Wow. It is like daylight & dark. Literally!
  3. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!!! So many people are of the "just get over it" thinking and don't realize that with major depressive disorder, you don't "just get over it".
  4. That looks GREAT!!! I love it! You're very pretty anyway!
  5. I am so glad I went to the doctor. I had been feeling so low, blue, depressed, sad, worthless, etc. etc. etc., but I already take antidepressants so I figured it was my PMDD or something. Well, I had a three month long stint and nearly lost my mind. I went to the doctor, explained how I felt, he doubled one of my meds and viola~ the difference is absolutely amazing. I feel like a different person... I hate depression and all that goes with it. I hate PMDD and all that goes with that. I hate when the two intersect and make me wish I was dead. Whew. I could not see the sun. I couldn't figure out what to do to make life worth living again. Because it wasn't. At all. Looking back, I realize I was scared to death the last three months. Scared because I didn't want to think that there was nothing in this world that could possibly make me happy. Thanks doc. My Christmas tree is up, lights on the house, some presents bought, and life is worth living.
  6. I logged on to Sephora and lo and behold, Christmas gift ideas! I bought a Hello Kitty palette for my niece. She's 12 and just getting into makeup. I also got her a book on how to draw anime characters, she's already pretty good at it but eh, she may learn something. I got a cologne sampler for women and one for men for gift exchange, and then I went to Discovery.com and got a combo clock and digital picture frame. I got my son Skyrim and another one.. I don't remember. All of this I did in one marathon internet shopping session. Oh, and I got myself some nail polish. >_>
  7. I don't know about y'all, but I have a terrible time finding clothes that fit me (size 18) that are just normal classic clothes. Everything is either very trendy, and obviously geared to a younger crowd (I'm 43), or, pardon the expression, granny-ish. I work in a school bus garage (admin) so I can, and do, wear jeans everyday, and I have had the hardest time finding jeans. Not skinny jeans and not "mom" jeans. It seems like a lot of plus size clothing stores just take the trend and make it bigger. No shaping or consideration for a waist line or anything. Just because my butt is big, doesn't mean my shoulders are. I just want nice tops that aren't off the shoulder or a tube top. I want a nice sweater that is a normal length, not a tunic (although I do like tunic length stuff in some things), and not huge and boxy. So, where are you ladies who aren't a size 2 finding good classic clothes?
  8. I agree with the other Roxanne (that's my name too!). I would definitely donate my makeup to charity. None of my friends here are as passionate about makeup and nail polish as I am, so there really isn't anyone I'd want to give it to. My best friend is totally different skintone wise so she's out. Plus she's pretty persnickety. I would try to find an organization that helps women find jobs.
  9. At the risk of being a copy cat... I would have to say that eye makeup in general is at the top of my favorites list. I tend to be matchy-matchy, which I know is kind of a no no, but I love planning an outfit and then planning a coordinating eye look to go with. I also tend to wear too much eyemakeup... I wear liner every day and several coats of mascara. Don't worry! I thoroughly comb through my lashes to prevent clumping! Everything else I do to my face depends on my eye look choice. I have neutral skin, blue eyes, and red hair. I can add a cooler foundation to my normal one, go with purple or pink or gray eye makeup or I can leave the foundation and go with a bronze, orange-ish, or warm pink look. I have so many eyeshadows, there is no way I could possibly use them all if I changed my makeup three times a day. I also figure that if my eyemakeup is bold enough, no one will look at my fat rear end!
  10. I don't have any girls, but I'm sure if I did, I would be super territorial over my makeup and nail polish. My mother made it very clear to me when I was young that I was not to touch her makeup. We had totally different skin types and tones so it wouldn't have worked anyway! That didn't stop me from wearing blue and pink eyeshadow and frosty pink lipstick. : It was not a good look!
  11. I'm Roxanne and I haven't posted here in awhile.... I don't know if I can access this site from my work so my posting may be sporadic. I'm looking forward to being back!
  12. Being from the South, I have to agree that all pageants are very popular. I don't agree with babies wearing makeup like that and getting spray tans. My son did competition cheerleading for several years and I saw the very same thing with mothers and young girls. A lot of them had abs spray tanned on. ?? I just think kids should be allowed to be kids. There's plenty of time for these girls to worry about makeup and hair and all that.
  13. You're so darn cute. I love your dimples! Great natural and spring-y look!
  14. I've never had my brows done professionally but I wish I had. I have (normally) thick brows and over the years, I've plucked and stuff and just about ruined the shape. Now, I've gone and pulled out all of them and have to use the Anastasia Brow Kit to draw them on.
  15. Gorgeous!! i love the way your eyeshadow makes your blue eyes pop....
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