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  1. Covergirl FaceComplextion concealer! I got it last week. It's thin and liquidy, probably the most liquid-like concealer/foundation I've ever tried. It doesn't have a matte or dewy finish - just natural! It's a 'normal' finish, but I guess it leans more towards matte. I use some of my old hardly touched Revlon Colorstay under my dark eye circles for more coverage, but for my red flushed cheeks it works great! It doesn't have fantastic coverage, but it's soo natural looking! 10x more natural than anything I've used before, I was very surprised because it was around $5.50, so it was I believe the cheapest concealer/foundation I had found that day when shopping. I didn't expect much - and was going to return it for Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse when I would have gotten more money later that week, but I guess I don't need to now. ! I might still try the Dream Liquid, but it probably won't be for a while. My only gripe about it? The packaging is like a lipgloss (with a spongy applicator - erg, could get gross) and it can oxidize in sunlight after a few hours. It doesn't turn a bright orange or anything, but it's enough to make me want to put on another light layer to fix it.
  2. That's enough, it sounds like to me. I say that because you're 16, and to me, it just seems like you don't really need more than what you wear already. Is there anything wrong with the concealer you have now? Stick with it if you like it. I like using Covergirl's FreshComplextion - but it has a lot of bad reviews and isn't very high coverage. But it looks 1000x more natural than anything else I've tried, and that's the only thing I care about at the moment. You don't need foundation if you have eye circles and some dark spots, I would disregard that advice. Foundation is for the whole face, and you can put it on before or after concealer. I prefer before concealer though. I think you should wear a skirt that doesn't show much thigh, and a cute blouse, but I'd look into that because I'm not entirely sure . When working, most likely the same, maybe a bit more casual, is appropriate. It does depend mostly where you're going to waitress at though.
  3. I love a light nice tan in the summer. I still have somewhat of a tan because I know I'm not my natural color right now, and I'm not sure how haha, but I enjoy a slight tan so I don't look ghostly. But during the winter I'm not going to try so hard as to go to tanning beds or fake tan. I think pale is beautiful too.
  4. I like pot concealers coverage, because it is thickk! But it creases bad for me. I just bought CG Freshcomplexion concealer, and wow, it's my favorite foundation/concealer I've ever tried. I only bought it because it was the cheap, and I wanted to try something different (it's in a lipgloss type container), but it's liquid and quite thin. Generally I have to dab on makeup, but with this I can just rub it on. It looks really natural, even if I need to put it on 3 times for it to be thick enough for my eye circles.
  5. Originally Posted by StakeEdward Wait. What? Women who like to wear makeup don't get PhD's or start businesses as a result of spending time on their makeup? Look at the ceo of bare minerals. Originally Posted by JamieL The companies that market these products are basically saying that women are naturally ugly and need to wear chemicals on their faces in order to be presentable. They won't tell you that directly, but that is the message: women are ugly without makeup. Isn't that pathetic? When we look at women who are all dolled up, it screams INSECURITY and EASY. It's sad yes, that I and (obviously not all but some) people DO feel ugly without makeup...but why call us pathetic? It's sad, but there's no need to judge people if they do have insecurities. & If women wear the amount of makeup that Kim Kardasian does, to me it doesn't mean they're only trying to look pretty. It means they like how it looks, whether its different or not - that's the impression I get. I highly doubt Taylor Momsen puts all that black eyeshadow on because she feels ugly without it - but its part of her style. & Makeup doesn't make someone easy. : )
  6. -Revlon Photoready & Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation Although I just returned the Photoready yesterday, and am going to buy the liquid dream mousse tomorrow. -Sephora Lash Plumper mascara -Mango scented Skittles Lip Balm I usually don't wear much! I went to our homecoming dance yesterday and all I wore was that, plus illuminated tinted moisturizer.
  7. I prefer the natural look. Over the top makeup looks great on some people really, but that first photo of Kim quite frankly scares me. The cheek bones (probably photoshopped there)..the spider lashes..no idea. And those eyebrows, I'd rather see bushy ones than ones that are that loong. And the same thickness even at the arch. Although she wears a full face on camera and looks stunning! I think most people aren't quite 'gorgeous' enough to have an amazing face THAT close to a camera and with that blank expression. I've been called gorgeous but I don't think I'd look that great either with that type of photo. But I think she looks great, and certainly not scary with no makeup. Also, I don't think anyone here meant to say that non-models cannot compare to actual models/celebrities. Idk, I didn't get that vibe, and I think everyone here knows gorgeous people who probably will never model. Edit: I'm so trying to find a picture of this one turkish model. I swear I downloaded their picture, but I'd sell my soul to look like her.
  8. Ooh, I have been eyeballing that stuff. I just bought Revlon PhotoReady, my second favorite I've tried, and I'm considering returning it for that! Photoready just has a bit too much sparkles for me and I'm on the fence as to whether I like that or I don't. I have the dream mousse in the glass jar, it's my favorite I've tried. Nothing looks absolutely perfect on me but this stuff is pretty good. I'd love to hear the replies on this. I wouldn't mind reapplying it as long as it looks nice throughout the day. I haven't looked at manyy reviews the Dream Liquid Mousse, but I did hear others had the same problem with it setting..
  9. Originally Posted by divadoll Oil pulling is a load of crap. However, you have to exfoliate really well first then coconut oil. It does take a while but it will work. I have had KP since I was 9. I left it without any treatment until 2 years ago. The bumps are caused by clogged pores at the hair root. Your body can't sluff off skin properly thats why you get the little pimply skin. The darkness is scarring. I was thinking more of going to MAC or a salon that does makeup for proms and weddings etc. Go in with as little makeup as you can bare going out with or none at all. Yeah. I can't exactly say I did oil pulling straight for more than 2 weeks..but I really didn't get any results besides the initial 'cleansing' (basically I just broke out and my throat was really sore, happened every time I tried it) effects, and then everything just stayed the same. My mother said she felt alot better, because she has alot of back pain and such, and I didn't even tell her how it could help her with that..but she's odd. But hmm. You know, I think I just might try it again, with exfoliating, because I know that part I didn't do. I think I'm going to buy some today! Do you know if the scarring goes away, though? I didn't know it was technically scarring, that doesn't sound good! Lol! And do you know how long it took for you? P.S: Maybe the getting makeup done thing is a good idea. I watch a lot of Youtube, & read forums like these, not exactly the same as a live makeup artist. But I wouldn't want to get my makeup done and buy some stuff, but then not learn anything new out of it. >.<

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