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  1. Do you believe everything you see on YouTube? Try looking around at all the things people claim are carcinogenic. Chocolate is supposed to cause cancer, but then some people say it's supposed to cure it. Everybody's scared of chemicals, but look at all the BS people spread about NutraSweet. I've supposedly drank enough Diet Coke to give me cancer, lupus, MS, constant diarrhea, and bleeding eyeballs, but I feel better than ever. Anyway, I like the Pantene Restoratives Time Renewal mask.
  2. Then a DHT blocker like Propecia (finasteride) would probably help you. Your pituitary can make testosterone, and sometimes it makes a lot, which gets converted to DHT and gives you body hair. Propecia would block 80% of it, and anybody will write you a prescription for it since it doesn't have any other side effects besides lowering your chance of prostate cancer.
  3. Originally Posted by Karren I know Gina's going to chime in but I gave a question for any hair specialsts.. Treatments or supliments to block DHT and promote hair regrowth.. How does it know I want to target my head and not the rest of my body? I've always been trying to reduce or eliminate body hair but if I start a DHT blocking supliment won't I be fighting a loosing battle.. Yeah more hair on my thinning head would be great I just don't want to look like a gorilla either! Any thoughts are welcome! Thanks. That's not how DHT works. After puberty, DHT only causes bad things. It triggers male pattern baldness on your head, but it also causes increased body hair on the rest of your body -- not to mention it's the main cause for BHP which leads to prostate cancer. I think the point is moot, though, if you're talking about supplements, because all that stuff is questionable at best. You need a prescription for the effective DHT blockers like dutasteride, finasteride, and nizoral 2%. But even if you're just using Rogaine, it's much more effective to use Retin-A cream with it, and you need a prescription for that, too. See a doctor. Don't waste your money on bogus products which are often more expensive than the things that actually work. If you're not going to see a doctor, simple scalp massages and Rogaine increase blood flow and will help more than any other non-prescription hair treatment you can get.
  4. Not all dandruff is the same, so you might have to try different things. The important thing to look at is the active ingredient in the shampoo. pyrithone zinc 1% = Head & Shoulders (and most others, including the cheaper kinds of Selsun Blue) selenium sulfide 1% = Selsun Blue coal tar = Neutrogena T-Gel / Denorex nizoral 1% shampoo (or 2% prescription shampoo) Head & Shoulders is good for regular dandruff, but if you have eczema or just really bad dry scalp it doesn't work as well as the others. I found selenium sulfide and nizoral to be the only ones that work for my now-and-then flaky itchyness from eczema / seborrhea. Nizoral also functions as a DHT blocker and can reduce certain kinds of thinning hair.
  5. I always put it in a ponytail or a clip or else it blows all in my face, but it still gets kinda tangled in the back. Maybe I'll wear hats more (but I've got a huge head and hats don't really fit me right). I'm almost out of conditioner, so I'll try that nutri gloss stuff (took me a minute to realize that's the Vive Pro stuff in the US). Do you use the damaged or normal or curly one? Thanks!
  6. I don't really drive much with the top down on my car because it always tangles my hair all up. I'll clip it back or put it in a ponytail, and it still seems pretty tangled when I take it out. Just driving with the windows down is almost as bad. I also hate trying to brush it out and worry about breaking it, so I end up driving with the windows up and the A/C on unless I'm going to wash my hair when I get home when I can put a buncha conditioner on it to get the tangles out. I just wondered if there's any kinda detangler spray or leave-in or whatever that actually does a good job of keeping your hair untangled. Thanks!
  7. Until June 6th Target has the Gilette Venus Embrace (the newest 5-blade one) on sale for $7.99 (regularly $9.44) for the razor, two refill cartriges, and a little holder with suction cups to stick in the shower. They also have a deal that says, "Buy any two Venus Embrace or Fusion Power razors/refills and get a $10 gift card." There is no coupon required. You get the gift card when you check out, and it is instantly activated. You can buy two Venus Embraces and get a $10 gift card -- which you can immediately use to buy two more Venus Embraces and get another $10 gift card. Rinse. Repeat. That's $6 (plus tax for the whole thing) so you're basically getting Venus Embrace 5-blade refills for $1.50 each (plus a bunch of free shaver handles) which is an incredible deal. The refills are normally about $13.79 for a 4-pack ($3.45 each). I think the best deal I've ever seen before is if you have a Sam's Club membership you can get a shaver and 10 refills for $29.88 ($2.99 each + a free razor and shower holder). The guy stuff isn't nearly as good a deal. They have the Fusion Power for $7.99, but it only comes with one refill. So you can get two Fusion Powers, two refills, two caddies and two batteries for $6, which is equal to the best deal you'll find on them ($41.88 for 14 refills at Sam's = $2.99 each). They have 4-pack refills at Target for $14.99, so if you buy two that's 8 refills for $20 after the gift card or $2.50 each (or if you get one Fusion Power razor and one 4-pack refill you're paying $2.60 per refill and you get the free razor).
  8. Thanks! The foundation that matches my face perfectly is the Make Up For Ever HD #117: Sephora: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation: Liquid Foundation So it's pretty light with a little olive/yellow-ish thing going on. I'm also kinda colorblind. Does anybody have any suggestions on what kind of color I should try in bronzer? Bronzzer Ultimate Bronzing Powder | wet n wild | Beauty & Spa | Walgreens Bronzer Compact, Bronzing Makeup, Lightweight Bronzing Powder, Teen Cosmetics I think even the lightest Acapulco Glow one will be darker than the bronzer I normally use...
  9. I try to stay out of the sun, and I use SPF 15 moisturizer on my face. I used to go tanning now and then, but for the past year I've been using Retin-A on my forehead and getting laser hair removal (I'm TS), so I really can't get a tan on my face. I'm going to be at a parade all afternoon next Saturday, and my legs are horribly pale. So I went tanning for 8 min. today and started using a self-tanner lotion on my arms/legs. I'm hoping I'll look a little less scary in shorts by next weekend. But my face isn't going to match. I'm just wondering what I should do about that. I have pretty good skin, and I don't really use much foundation or anything. I like the Physician's Formula "Moonlight" bronzer, but that's super subtle. I don't really have any experience with darker bronzers. So, I could just get a darker shade of foundation (like, go into Sephora and have them match my arm then use that color on my face), but I'm not sure if that would look right. But then again, I doubt it would look right if I just put dark bronzer all over my face, either. Any ideas? Maybe I'll just get a few of those cheap Wet & Wild bronzers and see what amount of color works... (I'm sorry if I gave a little too much info and creeped ppl out.)
  10. Ugh! Anybody born male who puts on makeup is a weirdo pervert! Originally Posted by reesesilverstar It could possibly catch on... There's a movement now that's shaking up what's "normal" in society. Not to scare you Karren, but quite soon there could be tons more CDs, drag queens and metros wearing makeup. I already see signs of it in Houston. You can't think that the acceptability of guys wearing makeup would actually cause more men to want to wear skirts or turn gay and do drag, can you? I think the topic here is whether more mainstream guys will wear makeup. And like others have said, guys are pretty lazy when it comes to personal care, so I can't see much catching on besides the Johnny Depp pirate eyeliner look -- and let's be honest here, everybody thinks that's hot, right? Originally Posted by magosienne I'm not sure if it will catch on, but i have nothing against it. Surely i cannot forbid a man to use correctors when i myself feel the need to cover my flaws. Maybe it would also inspire them to take more care of their skin. Besides, men used to wear makeup just as much as women in the past, considering fashions come and go it's possible it comes back. Didn't men used to wear a lot more makeup than women? Think of French aristocracy. Think of colonial times. Lots of guys with powdered wigs, capris and knee socks. Think of Native Americans. Not a lot of women with war paint, were there? Look at those fancy headdresses that the guys wore! I think we all just need to look at a male peacock's colorful butt, a male Betta's long flowing fins, or a lion's mane ... Aren't the women the ones with gender issues? And in many cultures makeup used to be more of an upper-class thing than a gender thing. Didn't all the trendy ancient Egyptians paint their faces white with lead-based powder? Anyway, I'm just kidding. After all, I'm a beautiful woman trapped in the body of an ugly smartass tranny.
  11. Originally Posted by nishu123 I am not spamming ok its wat i got and when i will get something like that cool one again i will change it And I am not a spammer :@ The only posts you've made on this forum have been trying to sell things. You're advertizing, and you're not contributing at all. That's the very definition of spam. Did you notice your other thread got deleted? That's because you're a spammer.
  12. I don't use much cheap stuff. I feel like a bit of a MAC / Make Up For Ever / Nars snob. But I have yet to find anything that is better than CoverGirl's Lash Exact for more fluttery lashes or Lash Blast for more dramatic lashes, and if I want super dramatic lashes I have much better results just adding a coat of Clinique lash primer than using multiple coats of something else. I don't typically use waterproof mascara, but Lash Exact Waterproof is very waterproof and really holds a curl (it does have a tiny bit of fallout that the non-waterproof one doesn't). It's pretty hard to remove, too. And Max Factor Volume Couture waterproof is also really good.
  13. There are a lot of different eye colors (and combinations of colors) that people call hazel. My eyes are brown with green streaks and people call them hazel. A friend of mine has slate blue/green eyes that she calls hazel. I think violets and olive green both look pretty good with my eyes. The purples I think work really well are MAC Noctournelle and Make Up For Ever purple #92 for a deeper more vivid color (and there's a good cheap Almay purple liner I like). MAC Humid is a pretty good green for hazel eyes -- and the Revlon Olive It Up compact is good (but I think they discontinued it), and Styli-Style has a good olive green liner pencil. Revlon's Berry Bloom quad compact is really cheap and has some nice colors to play around with for hazel eyes. Lancome Cils Booster is a $22 mascara primer that works really well. I think the $12 Clinique version is just as good. You just put it on before your regular mascara and it makes your lashes a lot thicker without making them clumpy (it's actually white). And like Orange said, I think it really helps to focus on the outer half if your lashes, especially when you're curling them. I crimp them once then basically walk the lash curler up the outside edge of my lashes (if that makes any sense). And if you're already going for something dramatic, try Lash Blast Luxe in Black Cabernet. I can't see the red/purple in it very well (except on the wand) but it seems to make my eyes pop more. BTW I don't want to sound like I'm an expert ... just my opinion ... and I don't really know what I'm talking about
  14. I never really thought pain killers helped very much. Pulling out hairs isn't a normal kind of pain. The actual pain isn't bad at all, but it's more like a jolting jump-out-of-your-seat shock to your system that you have to get used to. Because of that I don't really think ibuprofen does much good. I don't see how any pain killer could help unless you actually numbed the area. But an ice pack helps a little because that numbs. And sedatives really help ... like Ativan, or alcohol, or weed. My legs and armpits are about the only places I epilate. I don't really have much hair anywhere else. I don't think the armpits hurt much at all -- nowhere near like my thighs. But I guess everybody's different.
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