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  1. 1. Wash with raw African black soap. (i get mine on amazon) 2. Toner - Witch Hazel - you get it from the pharmacy. Neutralizes your skin PH, cleanses out your pores even better 3. Moisturizer - Pure jojoba oil - it most closely resembles skins natural sebum. If you DON'T moisturize your skin will work double time making more oil! 4. Makeup base- Valley Girl foundation from LA MInerals - it has allantoin (a natural antiseptic) and Kaolin Clay (soaks up oil). It covers good and is good for your skin. STAY AWAY FROM BRANDS WITH BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE! this ingredient causes cystic acne and it's in a bunch of mineral makeup brands. This is my personal beauty routine...hope it helps
  2. Yeah if you're into contouring I suppose you could use it that way. You could always swap it in the other forum room
  3. my face has to be dry before I apply any foundation or same thing happens. Be sure your bathroom isn't steamy either.
  4. why not glue it? At least you've used the pallette twice now.
  5. I ordered a kit from Tarte that has their mascara in it. It's not here yet, so we shall see. I generally use Maybelline Falsies, but I'm going to try their illegal lengths now. A lot of mascara brands burn my eyes. Maybelline never does.
  6. I bought henna but afraid to even use it after watching some videos. Looks so messy and doesn't look like I can do it myself.
  7. Pressed foundation has oils mixed with it so that they can press it in the container. So if your skin is even slightly oily, it's not going to last that long before sliding off, if you know what I mean. The longest wearing powder foundation Ive ever used is the Valley Girl one from LA Minerals. It's sweat and water proof. I've swam in it and its still there (concealer too). Can't get it in Sephora or Ulta...but their in the US and shipping is cheap or free sometimes
  8. I hear ya...I hate heavy makeup in the summer. I tan pretty easily but like a glow, so I use LA Minerals NoHoGlo foundation in summer. It is medium coverage, depending on how many layers you put on it could be thin coverage too. Nice glowey finish. If I'm going for full coverage I use the Valley Girl formula, plus its sweat/waterproof. I've swam in it before and it stays...so does the concealer ahhh love that.
  9. Lash stiletto with You 3d over it! And no I don't sell it!
  10. LA minerals again! I swear my skin is just like yours and this is my go to brand! They have really fair and deeper shade and yellow, peach, green concealer. I will warn you though....use a small concealer brush and a tiny little bit of the powder. Little goes a long way. It stays when I sweat and swim too!
  11. LA minerals oil control powder works great and keeps my face looking matte all day. They have trial sizes. I use it on my t zone and eyelids and my ears! OMG my ears are like oil wells..but it soaks it up.
  12. Try the Valley Girl foundation by L.A. Minerals. I'm a runner, and I wear it when I run for coverage and sun protection. Stays put! I've swam with it on and it's still there! I mean sure if you blot with a towel you'll see it on the towel, but no blotchy skin.
  13. Get the oil control powder for L.A. Minerals and use it on your eyelids. No talc. No oil! Stuff works crazy good!
  14. I have dark circles too! I like benefits booing, but in summer my skins oilier, so it creased. The concealers by LA minerals stay put and don't crease or settle. Matter of fact I have to use makeup remover to get it off. I use the yellow one, then put the one that matches my skin the over it. I think mine is bisque.
  15. Laura Geller mascara. Made my eyes itch. It was free at Ulta, so not too sad!
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