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  1. You may not have had the right color. When I had the wrong color on, I felt the same.
  2. I sampled dozens of mmu and Meow FF was the heaviest coverage I found that also had a great finish and last. It's rather difficult to find a match but if you go to their forum and send a pic Jen will narrow it down for you. Then you can order 3-4 samples, making it cheaper to sample.
  3. Be careful with the so-called "dry oils." I have heard so many people say they have broken out from them. This was a really helpful post!
  4. True, in that we all must be our own best physicians. What I thrive on may not be good for you.
  5. Thank you so much! I will try that. My hair does soak up a lot of product so that makes sense.
  6. Do you find you still need to use heavier conditioners occasionally? The Deva products are leaving me with soft, shiny curls but no definition at all. Think cloud hair.
  7. It's Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey and it started the whole no-poo revolution. She's a stylist in NYC and her curls are awesome.
  8. Yuk, yuk, I meant the book by that title.
  9. You mean the Curly Girl method?
  10. It's a great way to eat. I add cherries and flax seed oil to my am smoothie. Cherries are great for arthritis (yeah, I'm that old). Thanks for the post!
  11. I have dry 3 b/c hair and have used a lot of products. The one thing I have found to be true is SLS and cones are death to curls. Curl Keeper is a staple as is Karens Body Beautiful balm when my hair needs serious moisture (this just acts as a sealer though, really). I'm about to try the whole No Poo line by DevaCurl and I'll probably like it a lot, but it will have to be fantastic to inspire product loyalty in me. Ouidad is a very good line. But I found some lines made for curly (and especially black) hair are full of things that are really not good for your hair. Please read your labels. Curly hair is a never ending adventure, ain't it?
  12. Toner: 2 oz aloe, 1/2 t honey, 1/4 t vinegar. Good for dry and sensitive skin. Aloe for about everything.
  13. I'm a cool. Use Meow in Frisky Bengal and their undereye concealer in the same shade. Dry skin kept in good condition with Garden of Wisdom products.
  14. LOL! You see how tricky this is. It's Earthen Glow and EarthGlo. Well, I got no pony in this race: I'm on an e/s nobuy for the rest of my life probably. I have every brown, beige, taupe shade anybody could imagine and I'm done. But I love my EarthGlo foundation. Thanks for the reply; I enjoyed.
  15. A further note on this whole confusing issue: Earthen Glow (who buys from wholesalers) and EarthGlo (who doesn't) are two different companies. All of my references should have been about EarthGlo whom I happen to absolutely love. I have no experience with Earthen Glow but I wonder how many of us were mixing up the names?
  16. EGM are loose and come in 4 finishes and all that I've tried (i'm really not a sparkly kinda girl) have adhered really well. This has sometimes been a problem w/ some other MMU shadows. There is a nice assortment and they don't seem to be dupes of other line"s colors. I don't think repackaging is that big a problem per se although labeling products as such would be nice. But it does make the lines who don't repackage special and you know you are getting something unique (and often at a great $ saving). So it will be something I look for in the future. As for trying the EGM, I think the CS alone is worth the try. I ordered a kit and they were out of one item and rather than hold up my order they upgraded the item to send the kit out the next day. That's the way to win customer loyalty.
  17. Their CS is marvelous too! When I read about mu fiends (okay, fiends like me) spending the big bucks for the big names, I want to shake them and let them know there's a better way. Well, at least we know.
  18. I just tried (and ordered from) Ocean Mist and (my fave) Earthen Glow and was struck by how different they were from all the other dozens of foundations I had tried. I had figured at the beginning of my MMU search that a mineral would be a mineral. Not so. Thanks for the info.
  19. After trying 6 different MMU lines I chose LauRess and thought they were expensive at $22 for the foundation. But I really like it. The thing with kiosk buying is it's such an impulse buy and there is the sales pressure. Online you can leisurely order samples, check out the diff lines in every light, and make a decision based on many factors. (I also won't be ordering e/s from them as I think they are too pricey and I don't like their range (EDM for that). I'm just glad you are satisfied and can justify the cost.

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