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  1. I want to bring everyone's attention here: I am not trying to pick on Kristen out of anything, but I thought that if she happened to read this post, please think about it. I know personal emotions got the best of us, however, we still had to act what's appropriate. I know probably you felt like Jen had not talk about the points, but your post made it sound like you gave her a lot. Now the reward system states that "150 points = 10% off" which is still nice that you offered to Jen, but that's based on you changed the reward system without notices. If you did promise something, give notice so customers do have time to react to it. (not if someone spent that much on your products) Thank everyone for commenting. To ibasttpwanse: Last time I read a post thru a comment and it is a fan well over-reacted a bit and called out anyone who harassed Kristen to (well, above many things unpleasant). However, the owner has since removed her rant and apologized for it. So, I do respect that and therefore will not be naming it. There are things people disagree on and it's nice to see things turn for the better. I'm sorry for anyone who have been in this situation. Take care though! EDITED to ADD: Tally's rant4theugly post I've been there but today I checked and I find that there seems to be a lot more thumbs down from last week... Looks like AL fans stirke back. However, if you look at some posts, they're very mild but friendly comments stating they "like the product but don't like how the owner treats some people". I encourage people to read those comments one by one and not care about those negative ratings.
  2. Fairly speaking: I never bought anything from this site though i've heard rave reviews. I do think there's a reason why their shadows are so popular. but I am echoing from some people's speculations above regarding Sugarpill mainly got through words of mouths from friends, but I think some indie brands do that... Yes, so there're underlying bias there, but if you think the products are greater than that, awesome! Here's a post comparing MUFE and Sugarpill: Makeup Addiction Overload: Sugarpill Cosmetics- Swatches & Comparison to MUFE Bottom line: if you're into theatrical makeup and wanted to invest in MUFE or BEN NYE, Sugarpill is a great competitor judging by all those swatches and reviews. I don't think they're expensive compared to high brands. However, I doubt i would buy them because 1. I am not into loud bright theatrical makeup. 2. i can buy my loose powders from Fyrinnae for less (and I really don't see myself finish any of 4gram of products by SP!) LOL
  3. At first, i really don't want to feed the drama, but felt that I had to let some people know that instead letting it hide under the rocks. IDK what some fans think though, but I try my best to be unbiased in this. Probably some might argue what Jen said could be more "polite sounding", but I think she is entitled to her opinions who is pretty neutral based on her own opinions. I DK what kristen thinks leaving a message in a blogger's comments section, just because Jen's blog is small does not mean it won't be found. One more puzzling thing is some AL fans defending this action of the owner in a situation like this. I know the LC drama, some Al fans have bashed LC and fans altogether more harshly, but shouldn't the mirror reflect both sides? PS, Glad to know (Carina from EDM, Christina from Pure Luxe, Xenia from Lime Crime etc.) too. Very unfortunate when they don't care about their customer services. oh, Marion, that post was on MMMutiny and was run by Kristen, but still, I don't think teh owner from PL shoulda have said that. See, I am fair (XD)
  4. People, if you ever doubted a previous customer who had a bad row with MissK, don't. The user, who starts with a T and ends with a 7 (XD) and I understand how she feels now. Too bad AL has changed their forum, their old ones don't work anymore, so evidences cleared. I know some people have been avoiding companies that don't bother answering to emails, but this one is teh opposite. It's not just this blogger or T....7, but many people who decided against their best nature to not speak out their experiences. Although I bought from AL and was happy, I cannot tolerate this behavior. To people who experienced things like that: please don't feel that it's your fault, it's not. I am saddened by seeing some AL a&^ kissers (censored LOL) shifting their position to question the integrity of this blogger and implied that they maybe portraying themselves as victims by shedding a better light. One fan even commented saying t7 or this blogger is nasty in not portraying the entire side...This is the best evidence of how MissK isn't the wholesome image of victim in the eyes of Al fans. I used to be a fan, but I can't ignore how the comments made on this blog is something that brought my eyes to a brand new light. Like "may karma treat you well" (what the..?) I am not a brainwashed totter who's willing to fight for a brand's "integrity". this blogger is really brave in saying this and her original post is harmless, go check it out, alright? Remember Lime crime fans defending Doe Deere's actions; this feels like LC all over again. Fyrinnae's price raising plan had them receive some hate mails, but they're not hunting blogs down to tell them that, are they? Go shopping at Fyrinnae, Morgana, or Sassy or whatever works for you; customers don't deserve to be treated like this.
  5. AL-aromaleigh We see it all the time - customers complain about bad customer services. we all have it in some parts of our lives. Now the discretion: if you are an Aromaleigh fan, stay and read til the end. if you think I'm trolling, read on. People who want to badmouth me can say whatever they like, not like I care. If you are running off to missK to report me, whatever. People can slam Lime Crime for their unethical practices, but why not a reputable company that just doesn't offer good customer service? I am feeling really sad right now about this blogger (relatively new and informative with few followers) Please give her encouraging words. It's a matter of a time before Kristen, the owner, find me and hunt me down of this. (if you do see this, there's no backstabbing or unappreciative feelings and I don't even have a company to try and ruin yours) Readers can stay out of this drama or step your games up. I encourage you to read ALL the comments, esp surrounding the blogger and the company owner. First off, this lovely blogger, Heather. Oh, how I love her looks. her newest entry caught my attention: Eyeconic Makeup: Unintentional Rasta EOTD & some very unfortunate drama I then clicked off to that new blogger, and I was entirely SHOCKED. I know Kristen has some problems in dealing with her customers, but this for the public to see? Overboard. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?bl...45145110148029 You can click the top bar for "show original post" to see more details. what Jennifae said was FAIR and HONEST and SHORT and SWEET. RECAP: jennifae had some less than positive experience with Miss K. She said about it and h^%$ broke loose. Miss K actually called Jennifae "What a nasty, unappreciative thing you are!" or "nasty, greedy, liar". I don't even remember the last time Doe Deere of Lime Crime called about her slammers... This actually makes Doe a niceer person in comparison LOL I hope the company owner doesn't delete her comments.. If you need to shout, agree or disagree, write them down. Customers have the right to compalain and have a say about unpleasant experiences. Bottom line: How does MissK find this new blogger, positively pages behind the most popular searches? PS: MissK does it by receiving Google Alerts about others say about her company. I am uncomfortable in making an order. Geez...
  6. I want to say that I love Aromaleigh and I did get fast shipping and so on. (No, I have not emailed her with questions of any sort, so maybe my review will waver) I love her products and she lists her ingredients openly on the site, so i have to give kudos to her for that. HOWEVER, if you have a bad experience with her, you don't have to give her business. I understand we all have some people whom with all the conflicts and so on. I can't blame either you or Kristen. If she acted towards you in a way that is unprovoked (like you give your honest opinions of her products), I'm with you that she should have thought about it before she decided to do that. Although I like a company or their products, I do not think it's right that if they try to block somebody's honest opinions. No one can please anyone. I've only been to Aromaleigh forum for a couple of times and I think I saw your name. Don't feel bad that some people here are accusing you of creating drama if you did not do anything wrong. We have teh right to express displeasure if any, plus you seemd to do it nicely. I thought Kristen was nice, but you get to know a person better at hard times. She had NO right kicking you off the forum unless somebody is spamming useless hatred. I'm with you though I will still order from her. Sorry... (or stop because something she does that pisses me off)
  7. No, you're not the only one actually. Okay, I TAKE BACK WHAT I'VE SAID ABOUT THEM. they're the worst EVER. Why the attitude change? I ordered my first around with no problem though i did wait longer than usual. The second order was from late August. And guess what? I doubt they even sent it. I sent over 3 emails nicely said in the beginning of October. Now I've got nothing, no reply, no stuff. I will continue emailing them starting from next week. One day two emails. Screw them. (omg, I swore) look at their website. IT'S UPDATED ON 10/9/09, WHICH I AM SURE IT'S IN OCTOBER. Darn, I wanna stab them over and over since I lost my chance at complaining them. However, paypal has said that if more than 5 customers compalined, they will do something about it. I realized that Archetype cosmetics is the biggest fraud EVER; they lured me for my first tiem and ignored me the rest. How smartly awful.
  8. Last time, I bought a Posh brush (the regular sized one). She says it works well, and the brush head looks so dense and well made (natural haired). The price wasn't too expensive i believe. Karen at makeupandbeautyblog, she's helpful at bargain prices just as much at higher priced goodies! both posts contain powder brushes! 1. Sonia Kashuk (natural haired $19.99): Makeup Brushes, Sonia Kashuk, 3 Makeup Brush Reviews: Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips and Drugstore Beauty Finds 2. Eco tools (synthetic kabuki $10) The Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush Will Sneak Up on Ya: Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips and Drugstore Beauty Finds Regarding eyelash curler, I've tried a drugstore one (forgot the name) and it was fine. Now that i've bought Shu uemura, I think it's great, but not awesome, as it did make my lashes looking so naturally curled up, but few of my lashes are acturally downsidely curled by this lash curler! It's too expensive and I expect better results for what I've paid!! So, it's really up to your preferences.. XD
  9. Originally Posted by Kira Faye so was I seeing I have heard rumors of some etsy sellers not hand making their product - plus you can't see, touch or try them before. I have found some good sellers and some I am a bit weary about trying again. It's not rumor, it's true. I've been a victim of getting same old stuff in my items that I've purchased from etsy. (and online minerals, too) I don't know about you, but I hate getting duplicates from two different companies. If it's just one or two, I'll turn a blind eye. However, I 've reported to Etsy support about this and no answers. (I've written to them once before adn it was in 3 days) Overall, be very aware, esp on etsy, you never know when you'll end up with a dupe. I think half of the shop on Etsy that sells minerals, are repackaged. It saddens me that etsy didn't want to do anything about it. I did get some hand made minerals from there too, so i'm happy with those.
  10. I guess i was spoilt by their free custom kits.. I actually love their site, it is refreshing and I did have to find where everything is, but that is soo fine with me. I don't think there's anything wrong with women there being positive. I imagine that edm really works for them adn they've shopped there for a long time. One factor prevents me from buying again. However, that being said, WHY discontinue using Paypal??? It's the only payment option I use online because it is secure and you can get your money back if a seller is dishonest (within a period of course). So, for now, I can't order from them since paypal is not an option, not because of the raised price, actually..
  11. Trust me, I know how you feel.. I mean, that's what I was fussing through too.. Now, I could care less, I guess I'm immune to it. However, over the years, I think I absorbed more paraben than oxide green or ultramarines ironic, huh? Since the FDA did state that it's safe for eyes, I think I'm okay with it. Same goes for chromium oxide green. I don't work for any research facilities, so I don't know why it's according to California only, but not to other states. On the bright side, none of these have caused me breakouts or irritation yet, so.. but I am very glad that many mineral makeup sold online do not contain Bismuth oxychloride - which is a known irritant although it's mineral. Now, for me, if minerals don't contain harmful chemicals, or bismuth or talc, i'm fine with them. It's up to us research and all. Do be careful of those so-called organic or natural products sold (like in Sephora), they still contain lots of chemicals (not necessarily bad) and paraben. Like I said before, I do think that mineral makeup is natural, but not 100% like some sellers claim to sell. (it kinda irritates me when they do that) Yes, it's unfortunate that FDA doesn't regulate. Thumbs up for you to stand up for what you believe in! Give some companies a shout if they're being secretive with their ingredients and I'm sure many will be nicely explaining to you. If tehy don't list their ingredeints or is coy about explaining to you, beware. Go look for Fyrinnae's FAQ page, the last question explains why they claim to be a mineral company, but not a pure and natural one. by the way, what's up with nanoparticles? And what companies do you go for ultramarine free and chromium oxide green free? thanks
  12. I, like you, thought what little mineral world was fairytale come true. All 'natural' and so on. I don't think it's misleading for companies to say their minerasl are natural, but I don't think they should labeled as 100%, like some do-and they don't know what they're talking about or at least it was marketing strategy. Ultramarines are eye safe though. I've bought from many that use the ingredeints and I have never experienced any allergy so far. After some research and some honest distributors and companies being honest with my questions.. Let me tell ya, many of ingredeints are lab man-made. They used to be all natural minerals mined from sites, but later was changed to lab created. Is that a bad thing? Nope. Imagine those minerals being mined from underground, would you use them on your face right away? I wouldn't risk it. Minerals straight from the ground can be abrasive on your skin. That's where the lab created ones come to play - they're smoother in textures adn more effective. You know how some spas use stones in their therapy? I don't think they just picked random rocks off the seashore. XD Rather, they polished the stones smooth and then use them on customers. I think only skin care can be labeled as natural or organic, otherwise, makeup never is all natural. I would say that they're natural BASED, but lab enhanced for consumers safety. Kaolin Clay seems to be the one that retains the most purity.
  13. Originally Posted by cosmeticaddict Girl, the longest they should answer emails is two business days (weekend is exempted)..I really think that is good customer service..Longer than that is NOT A GOOD customer service... I always shop online so I dont know about waiting for a month for my order to arrive, unless I get a notification of a delayed shipment. The longest shipment I should wait is 15 working days (if orders coming from outside Canada).. Longer than that is NOT GOOD anymore. So everytime I want to order online, I contact them first. And if I didn't get answer from them within 2 business days, they are out of my list..Unless they are really a reputable and I got a lot of recommendations. But waiting for my order to arrive in one month?... Yay... Unless the order is big and heavy?.. Light weight and small orders, I usually get it in less than two weeks. Hi here. Yeah, I totally see your point... You know, I thought about giving people a second chance. (sometimes emails are lost in cyber space) But seriously, I love Fyrinnae and The she space, but their customer services have been oddly insufficient lately. I actually emailed Archetype and they said how long their turn around time is. to me, if they state how long they're going to take, it's fine. However, I grew impatient when I wrote something important to them that needs some response, there's none. I`m particularly frustrated with TSS because while they do offer good customer service at one point, their promises fell short. I don`t like that. For now, out of the three, Archetype is the only one who've answered me. So, that's how my opinions have changed. Now looking to my previous post, sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way. Another advantage Archetype over them is how cheap their samples are but 100% consistent. (i've gotten from some reputable companies and their sizes vary) Girl, the ONE online store that, i`ve shopped from, offers speedy shipping service is Aromaleigh. Although their products aren`t exactly cheap. my perspective has changed and I think i`d rather wait, but that`s just me. I do think people who haven`t got their orders, email Archetype. I know how it feels because few of my orders have not arrived (not mineral) and I`m waiting...
  14. Originally Posted by cosmeticaddict IN A MONTH?... AN EMAIL REPONSE AFTER A WEEK?.. and you will order again?... and you call that GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE? ..... common girl?.... I dont know about that but I am not desperate with sparkly shimmery products... I was annoyed with them at first since they did not reply to my first email. Hello, fyrinnae took about a month to arrive, too. Should I quote that as bad? No. the only fast service I've experienced with is Aromaleigh. No one else beats their speed. Right now, I am a little annoyed with Fyrinnae since they did not reply to two of my emails. one is sent via their site form and another sent via my email account. Those emails are at least a month now. At least Archetype bothers to answer my emails now. BTW, NOT email response after, it's IN a week. (I didn't say after a week) I do excuse that, because I checked my email - my second email got answered in 4 days, my third email got answered next day! (my first email went unanswered in Jan.) if you want proof, I can print my email screen. I am shocked too that I actually received good customer service with them. I think it's all that matters. I mean, heck, I even had to wait at least three weeks for my she space order and my fyrinnae. Right now, those two companies email answering services have been odd.

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