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  1. Bit disappointed by spoilers. It seems the boxes have been lacking lately, so I ended up canceling the box finally. The coupons/discounts in the boxes were never used. Was holding out hoping a good box would come along soon. Plus the price hike doesn't help. I was already paying taxes on it making it over $40
  2. Yes I notice VS lotions are so watered down. I like BW a lot better. DS brands I use is Palmer's-chocolatey smell and supposed to help tone skin/stretchmarks. It is very moisturizing if you do have dry skin. Sometimes I try other drug store brands that are new but none that really stick but mostly use BW or Palmer's. I go by the ingredients listing for the most part by what I choose and if I can tolerate the smell.
  3. I haven't gotten that email. That is sad to hear that they had to lie about ingredients. I honestly would have still bought it because of how well it worked and definitely the best mineral formula I've used that lasts through humidity and because my skin isn't sensitive. Company goes further being honest. It only seems like they were open a few months from what I remember? I just wish I could find a comparable formula now though! They are either too light or wear out too quick and I loved both the glo and regular formulas.
  4. I really liked EG as well-although I never knew what happened with them closing It was my favorite for mineral (HG) foundation and definitely had the best coverage and longest lasting-my mineral equivalent of Revlon Colorstay. I've tried a lot of other brands as well but none quite match up. I would say Lauress is my 2nd favorite-decent staying power. EDM is too light of coverage and definitely no staying power. Meow worked better that EDM for me but again, not enough staying power for me. I noticed Monave is having a sale and I heard Monave has really good coverage and was planning on trying it.
  5. Anyone know what happened to them? They were my fav for foundations. I've tried lots of different brands, but this is the one brand that gave excellent coverage and long lasting power. I'll probably try lauress again. I remember liking them a bit awhile ago. Other brands I've tried melt off and have no coverage even if they are labled as heavier coverage. Anyone know any other good brands? And a brand I know I def don't want to try is EDM. What initially attracted me was cheap prices but the foundation itself is lacking.
  6. Looks cute. Bunch of stuff listed here: Sephora: Beauty, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, & Fragrance I remember buying the bags way back when of tokidoki.
  7. No budget. Usually my bigger buys are on sales like F & F for Sephora & MAC, etc. I'd like to hopefully say under $600 a year and that is a generous estimate. I spend more in some months than others depending on what I see. I don't think it should comprise of more than one percent of your income though and even that is generous.
  8. ^ I have enough dual fiber brushes so I didn't get it. I did feel it though and it felt like it'd be good to apply my colorstay foundation. Soft but not floppy and it was dense enough.
  9. One of the brushes I had bought was an eyeshadow brush for MMU (they have brushes for MMU and regular makeup-bristles look different) and it is soft and dense enough and applies eyeshadow nicely and it was only like 2 bucks! Definitely the same if not better than some of my more expensive brushes. I noticed they had new Revlon brushes there too, but don't know how they are although they do look good and aren't too horribly expensive although pricier. I was surprised they made a section of just brushes. I'm probably going to pick up a couple more brushes to test them out although I prob have enough lol
  10. The only good thing seems to be the packaging. I have quite a few MAC products ( eyeshadows, pigments, quite a few brushes to say they are overpriced when I compare them to my other brushes, mineral skinfinishes, lipglass) and they're ok, but I can get the same quality for a lot cheaper. Never understood the hype about pigments. I can get the same colors from MMU brands with more interference and variation. Also the blendability and textures really vary depending on the pigment. Some are really chunky and some are smoother. Their eyeshadow blendability seems to vary too- some are very hard and as bad of a quality as covergirl. I don't like the whole LE aspect and constantly changing and getting rid of products and repromoting the same thing over and over again. Their brushes are overpriced as well and I have a couple of them. Their skin mineral skinfinishes are ok although they do seem to have a lot of junk in them, but I've found better finishes from MMU brands that are more natural. Never understood the hype about their lipglass either. The texture of certain colors feels so tacky and doesn't blend well. It just really seems to be a hit or miss with them since their products aren't consistent. All in all ok products, but honestly is overpriced and I've found better for cheaper. I probably would still "occasionally" buy MAC if they have something new that catches my eye, but it really isn't worth it. Oh also I hate going to counters and prefer to buy things online! The salespeople are so pushy and annoying. I like to take my time looking at things but can't stand people hovering over my shoulder when I try to make decisions and I don't like them swiping a million diff shades of lipglass on me and telling me a color looks good when it looks horrid on me. I've been pushed to many unfortunate purchases this way lol so don't go to counters anymore.
  11. I don't have oily skin. But this stuff just melts off and has no wear at all. I do love Revlon's Colorstay though. I did notice a bunch of glitter and shimmer in the foundation, but I like shimmer anyway, so that was no problem. It was just the face it was melting off in the winter time. It also becomes kinda patchy and splotchy as it wears on and I don't have dry skin. My skin is normal. In summer, I could only imagine...
  12. I really like garden of wisdom's moisturizers. I've tried plenty of over the counter moisturizers, but they don't work as well with the moisturizing aspect. I've also tried more expensive brands like Philosophy which was ok but not exactly hydrating although it was good at exfoliating because of the lactic acid but any goat milk moisturizer will do that for you. I'd say the only OTC moisturizer I've liked is Olay. Recently, I made my own facial oil which I've been using with GoWs moisturizer which works pretty well. I notice when I use more natural moisturizers, it actually moisturizes deep and also no breakouts and diminishes post acne marks. I've tried the peaches n cream from Kiss my face, but after awhile it honestly started to smell like cat piss/BO. Maybe it was turning rancid? Not sure. Plus it was too oily and broke me out. I've noticed KMF has pretty oily moisturizers which might be better suited for really dry skin.
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