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  1. Hi guys, Looking for opinions on the best things I can do for my skin to 1) get rid of oil and 2) stop getting zits. I'm 28 years old and I've always had oily skin. My skin gets oily ~5-10 minutes post-shower and post-exfoilation; with or without makeup. I typically wear my hair pulled back from my face in a ponytail because I can't imagine even more oil. So I'm looking for a routine that will help both of these issues - cleaners, cleansers, toners, exfoliators, and moisturizers (which scare me currently, because...oil.) Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Updating to remove listing - have moved the rest of the eyeshadows over to Ebay.
  3. Updated prices for total sale; marked off items that have already sold.
  4. Hi all - I'd like to sell this in mass or at least in significant groups (so the shipping is worth it!). I'm willing to sell the entire lot for $250 (w/ free shipping), or can break it down as follows: Each foundation - $5 + shipping or $70 + shipping for all. Each eyeshadow - $3 + shipping or $180 + shipping for all. The vast majority of this collection is opened, but never used. Some items were used more than others, but still not much. I just don't have time to have as much fun with the make-up as I used to, and I'm lucky to wear it at all. I haven't posted here in a long time as a result, but I do have excellent ratings on Ebay and Half.com. This post will stay up until sold or until 2 weeks have passed, after which time it'll all go on Ebay. Pictures of the items (in their drawers) are below. The following are the items for sell: Foundations/Blushes/Finishes: Lumiere Silk Radiance - Bare Beauty Lumiere Silk Radiance - Island Sands Lumiere Silk Blush - Sweet Cherub Lumiere Silk Radiance - Bare Skin Milan Minerals Blush - Skinn One Rock Minerals - California Girl Silk Naturals - Heavenly Alima Pure - Natural Pure Luxe - Creamy Natural Pure Luxe - Ivory OceanMist - Porcelain Foundation OceanMist - Linen Foundation OceanMist - Bare Foundation Mineral Hygenics - Fair Mineral Hygenics - Fairest Meow Cosmetics - Sleek Himalayan Blue Eyeshadows: Fyrinnae - Faerie Glamour SOLD Fyrinnae - Wizard's Apprentice SOLD Fyrinnae - Sorceress SOLD Aromaleigh - Shadowplay Aromaleigh - Space Oddity Aromaleigh - Destination Unknown MAD Minerals - Furious MAD Minerals - Daydreamer MAD Minerals - Cobolt Lumiere - Peacock Blue Lumiere - Midnight Lumiere - Sapphire Our Rock Minerals - Sophie + 5 additional blue eyeshadows - I forgot the brand name, but all are new. (It used to be a really popular brand, and I can't remember what it changed to now.) Green Eyeshadows: Fyrinnae - Farseer SOLD Fyrinnae - Dragonmagic SOLD Fyrinnae - Archmage SOLD Archetype - Angel of Indulgence Lumiere - Deep Forest Green Lumiere - Emerald Lumiere - Lime Our Rock Minerals - Caribbean + 4 additional green eyeshadows Purple Eyeshadows: Aromaleigh - Lady Stardust Aromaleigh - London Dungeon MAD Minerals - Islander Lumiere - Divine Fyrinnae - Fyre and Ice SOLD + 7 additional purple eyeshadows Pink/Red/Orange Eyeshadows: Lumiere - Allure Lumiere - Raspberry Margarita Lumiere - Pink Shimmer Silk Naturals - Sandy (x2) Silk Naturals - Nekkid Bare Minerals - Soft Focus Pure Bare Minerals - Soft Focus Romance MAD Minerals - Sienna MAD Minerals - Bordeaux MAD Minerals - Wild Mango Aromaleigh - Gothic (Eyeliner) Aromaleigh - Fanclub Fyrinnae - Conjourer SOLD Our Rock Minerals - Bubble Gum Our Rock Minerals - Pink Eyes Val Cosmetics - Bombshell (Used more than others) + 7 additional red/pink/orange eyeshadows Brown/Gold/Yellow: Bare Minerals - True Gold L'oreal HIP - Visionary Val Cosmetics - Corset MAD Minerals - Sheer Earth MAD Minerals - Chocolate, Sample (LE) Lumiere - Champagne + 2 additional brown/yellow/gold eyeshadows Black/Grey/White: Bare Minerals Liner Shadow - Blueblack Val Cosmetics - Vixen Val Cosmetics - Smolder Val Cosmetics - Vision Fyrinnae - Equality (Sample Size) SOLD Fyrinnae - Mystic SOLD Aromaleigh - Black Celebration Aromaleigh - Back in Black Aromaleigh - Black Diamond Aromaleigh - Black Angel Aromaleigh - Adrenochrome Archetype - Behind the Velvet Mask Archetype - Abalone Archetype - Antique Platinum MAD Minerals - Whisper Opal +9 additional black/grey/white eyeshadows Fun! Pure Luxe Glow in the Dark Eyeshadow - Apparition Fyrinnae - Elemental Fire SOLD
  5. Travel to Antarctica and swim with sharks. (and about 500 other items.)
  6. Originally Posted by Karren The sun just came out so tonight I might drag the telescope out and set it up and see what I can see... I'd really like to connect my digital camera to the telescope but the adapter is like $400. Maybe I can make something. What telescope do you have?
  7. What is that container for those samples?!?!?!?!
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