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    Just a girl who is looking for a way to travel. If this was the 60s I would be an air hostess as it was at least seen as a glamorous job. Nowadays you are just a skivvy in the sky.
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    I love to travel, shop, come back and shop again.
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    Too boring
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    Gurlain Shalimar
    L'Occitane Immortelle
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    United Kingdom
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    Casablanca, The Gods Must Be Crazy, 4 Weddings, \bridesmaids
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    Ting Tings, Muse, Kings of Leon, Foo FIghters 2Door Cinema Club.
  • Favorite Books
    Anything by PGWodehouse
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Max Factor, Boots No7 L'Occitane
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    I am a petrolhead.
  1. I was sitting beside an Italian lake when a friend phoned me. I rushed to the nearest bar and saw the full horror on the tv. I couldn't believe it but two women were chatting away as the rest of us gasped. I couldn't believe it. I had a friend working in one of the Towers, he told me he had to push his way past a guard to get to the stairs and rushed down them. He jumped on the train to New Jersey grabbed his family and drove out to Vermont or somewhere. He said if he hadn't done that he would have been killed.
  2. Wow, looks good but I am not sure that I could work it out how to make all those different pics from just one print. That wall looks great.
  3. I had a Renault Espace, it was a great car, but if money is no object? Citroen DS Convertible or Ferrari GTO or Fiat 500 or a Modelt T hotrod.
  4. I am not sure, I really like some of the new bands and because you don't have to have an expensive studio there can be a lot of originality around. I do think that there is a lack of concept albums because with downloads people just download individual tracks. I totally agree about TV though, there is only so many rooms that can be decorated or cooking and those reality shows are tedious beyond belief.
  5. I was just wondering what month you would be. I think I would be September, hot enough to be still nice but with an interesting touch of Autumn.
  6. I get confused by forms to fill in. Name and address is Ok but after that I just go blank. Maths is a bit of confusion for me as well. I hated algebra in school all those a over b equals c stuff. What was that all about?
  7. This is great advice although I would reccomend just an hours sunbathing in the morning as it is really good for the body's production of vitamin D which is vital for a healthy body.
  8. A friend told me about L'Occitane Immortelle it is made from the Imortal plan which keeps its good looks even after cutting and drying. I look at it but it is sooo expensive I just wondered if anybody is using it and do they think it is worth it.
  9. That Elizabeth West knew a thing or two. How about the world wide web?
  10. I love to see the bad guys mess it up. Ha ha ha.
  11. For me it is Kate Winslett or maybe Audrey Hepburn, she was so classy.
  12. It is the same with everyone whoever is hot gets overhyped on every media outlet until either people cry enough or someone new comes along. In the UK we have this monster called Jordan who is all over the place, sadly her only talent is her false boobs but she has a dynamite publicist. Sadly for you in the States she is about to make an appearance as she has a deal with Fox where she is going to do a road trip a la Paris Hilton. Enjoy. I kinda like Gaga's music though.
  13. Here in the UK the media is in meltdown over the Wedding. People have been camping outside Westminster Abbey for days. Every morning news program has at least one correspondent out side the Abbey or Buckingham Palace, even though there is nothing going on. I am going to have a quick look at her dress, hairdo and make up and then run for the hills. Any of you guys going to be looking?
  14. Hi there. I had a lot of problems with Skype so I went to Vonnage. It is not really web based so you dont get video but you can make cheap international calls.
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