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  1. I've seen them and have wanted to try them. Let us know how you like the palette! I never purchased because I knew so little about them.
  2. I live no where near a Sephora. Has anyone felt the brushes or smelled the perfume? They're so dazzling cute <3!
  3. I am DROOLING over this collection! All of these colors would compliment me so well! FINALLY a collection that better matches my skintone <3!
  4. Drugstore Milani the majority of Maybelline shadows NYX Singles ELF (especially their mineral shadows) Wet n Wild High End Lorac Urban Decay Too Faced
  5. I finally bought the Urban Decay BoS III i've been lemming for a while, and I must say, I'm VERY impressed (as expected). The money shade that i've been drooling over is just GORGEOUS! For my first look with this palette I wore Psychedelic Sister on my lid, Uzi as a highlight for my brow and inner corners and Money in the crease and it was perfection! I was going to buy this next week, but after realizing that the display for BoS III was gone (the Vegan palette and that Cowboy Eyeshadow Collection palette now in its place), I was told that UD wouldn't be shipping the LE Shadow Book to their Ulta anymore, in fact, they're getting ready to retire it so many of the other Ultas just didn't have any of the palettes left at all. There were 4 palettes left at my Ulta, so I went ahead and bought mine and i'm so happy I did! The NYC pop-up display is really cute in person. My one gripe is that though Uzi is a long-lasting great shade, it's very glittery. Other than that, perfection <3. If this was on your list to buy, you may want to go ahead and buy before all stores run out of the palette permanently.
  6. Gorgeous! I love it all <3! What foundation did you use for these shoots?
  7. So I recently caved in and bought El's Double Wear foundation and I think it covers great! My only problems with this foundation are: 1). The pinkest shade is still too yellow for my skintone. 2). The foundation can be a little drying on some areas of my face. 3). Most of my setting powders only accentuate dryness on some days when I use this foundation (which setting powders do you think would work best?) 4). Even when using Monistat as a primer, after about 8 hours, the foundation begins to come off of my nose area (my t-zone is very oily). 5). The price. Like I said i'm using Monistat as a primer, and right now i'm using the Translucent Loose Setting powder by N.Y.C. I'm moisturizing with Derma-e Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Crème http://www.dermae.net/cgi-bin/fccgi.exe?w3exec=dei.portal&CMD=DEI.DPRODUCTS&SESSIONID=1565240447A&PN=0480ea&WHICH= I've been applying the foundation with my fingers, the powder with my ELF Studio Powder Brush (and sometimes ELF Mineral Kabuki). I really like this foundation since it doesn't transfer, covers 90% of my blemishes and I don't have that horrible shiny look within 2 hours. I'd hate to switch, but I don't want to look like I didn't put makeup on my nose, or have dry patches on my face. I've heard that Studio Sculpt by MAC is a dewier dupe for this since they both have great coverage but different finishes. Is this true? Can anybody help me out here ;(?
  8. I don't live near a Sephora unfortunately. I'm guessing they don't usually have a tester for their bigger products like this either... Hmm. I know what you girls mean though by lacking in quality in some larger sets so I guess I can see why people have been too afraid to buy it. If these shadows are pigmented as well as the lip colors, then this set will be my portable dream <3! I wish Ulta also sold this thing @[email protected]
  9. What it is: A breathtaking collection of 49 products for the eyes, lips and cheeks in a glamorous, mirrored train case. What it does: This decadent set contains 36 eyeshadows, nine lip glosses, three blushes, and one bronzer that will help you bring out your inner starlet. Packaged in a compact, faux-crocodile train case with swing out shelves, this cute little number with a dazzling variety of colors packs a big punch. What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan This set contains: - 36 x 0.05 oz Eyeshadows - 9 x 0.04 oz Lip Gloss - 3 x 0.15 oz Blush - 0.15 oz Duo Bronzer -- After trying the Close-up Eye kit by Lorac, I must say, Lorac is my new-found religion. Their eye primer has never creased with any shadows i've used (cream or powders included) and their eyelash primer gives my eyelashes this crazy POW effect that no mascara could do alone - i'm simply just sold on the brand. No-ones really been talking about this, and I've been seeing it being sold on ebay for more than what it's sold for in Sephora. Does anyone own this or is anyone as excited about getting this as I am?
  10. I use the one from Avon in their Anew line and it's caused no darkening but it DOES burn if you get it in your eyes and it does cause swelling on the lash line, which is what I believe makes people think they have longer lashes... Don't get me wrong, my lashes looked a little longer in just a week (and MUCH longer by two weeks), but after carefully examining my eye area after about three days, I noticed that my lash line was puffier than usual and a little red. The puffiness is barely noticeable (especially under eye-makeup), but if I look closely at my lash line, I can see that the swelling is actually causing my eyelashes to grow at a different, more upward angle, giving the illusion of longer lashes. The lash serum also makes each individual eyelash feel thicker and look thicker after about one week of application, followed by a mascara. I've definitely received compliments on my eyelashes so far, but i'm beginning to wonder if the majority of these eyelash growth products work the same way.
  11. Lol. I need to save money... so why do I keep viewing MUT? I really want this damn thing (also, damn Ulta for moving a store in close to where I live) ;|.
  12. Ulta's Sandstone single shadow is the only taupe that's wearable enough for me. I would've looked right past it if I hadn't received a shadow for a grand opening event that an Ulta had near me. Compared to other taupes it has more of a purple sheen with silver bits. (Sandstone is on the right).
  13. I just bought the Naked palette at our Ulta. Our Ulta opened up just about a week ago, and they were out of BoS III and Naked the day they opened. They had a representative from the company at the store and I asked her about it and she said that they had run out of stock at the company, and they may have stock up in a week or more (they typically restock on Thursday). I found that annoying but got over it. Next week I go in and Naked is in stock! They had 5 palettes for sale and I purchased one for me (along with the awesome Lorac Close-Up Collection (which I like even better than the Naked palette)). I was super stoked until I realized BoS III was still out of stock... I asked the cashier about it and her response was, "Hey Clueless Ulta Worker that works here! When are we getting that Ulta's Book of Eyeshadows in? (*Repeats herself again before I interrupt her to tell her that it's Urban Decay brand not Ulta*)and the rest of the 5 minutes she yells across the store to some girl who works there, and asks when they'll get a shipment for the palette when the girl replies "Ulta might be shipping us their palette Thursday". ULTA palette? Since when did Ulta make the Naked and Urban Decay palette? The girls at our Ulta have NO idea wtf they're talking about, so I don't really know if it's shipping on Thursday or not to be sure... It's hard to trust someone with such little knowledge of their job ;|. I was really surprised to see the naked palette in stock... both a mixed blessing since I didn't need to spend the money, lol.
  14. Which brush did you buy?
  15. Also a update on this. I purchased the Etude House Duo-Fibre brush and I LOVE it. The brush is crazy thick. The handle is shorter than I thought it would be and the bristles are WAY denser than I could've imagined. Great for stippling, but I still need to practice my technique to get it down. Is there any Youtube vid that any of you watched to teach yourselves to stipple?

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