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  1. Chanel Glossimer in Unity
  2. Originally Posted by laurafaye NYX!!! Really wanna try the trios and lipsticks..I know I could just order online but the shipping is extortionate. Cherry Culture Makeup Cosmetics : Bloom, Eyeko, Juice Beauty, MOR, NYX, Playboy, Splash, Sugar, Tinte and more has NYX products. You can also go to NYX Cosmetics: Simple Life, Simple Cosmetics.
  3. Originally Posted by magneticheart Sooo many things. A lot of them I could probably get over the internet but I'm not keen on doing that because I like to see it in person and test it out. They don't really have a proper MAC counter where I live they just sell certain items and the prices are through the roof. Can't get MUFE over here. Mark: I know that it's a cheap american makeup brand and a lot of people say it's not that great but I'd really like to try it and I'm cheap LOL They don't sell it over here though. Do you mean mark from Avon? Avon.com should have more on it. Avon is ok, but there are better products depending on what you want.
  4. Originally Posted by Bec688 Hey Rosie, you can buy the MUFE foundation from here Media Make Up, they're based in South Australia. Trust me, I searched high and low for a supplier in Australia, finally found this place and they're fabulous! mediamakeup.com is the link.
  5. Originally Posted by pinksugar lol. Yes, that's right, I have a list of items I've always wanted to try, and I can't find them here in Oz. And I want to rant about it. It's frustrating that if I ever did want to get it, I couldn't try them out, I'd have to just shell out for a full sized product, since they aren't available in Aussie stores! Maybe you girls will know where I might find them. Or maybe, you'd like to share your own 'want but can't get' list? here's mine! africa mango superbalm. Leony sent me this stuff from Japan and it is epic. I wore it every day until I hit 'pan' (if you can do that with a lip balm, lol) and now I use it sparingly since I looooove it so much. Shame I've never seen it anywhere! even online! MUFE foundation. You can buy it online, but I want to test it first, i want to try it against my skin, I want to PLAY with it, and there are no stores that sell it in Oz to the best of my knowledge. I've followed up all online suggestions made in 2004ish (mostly the Vogue Australia website) and none of the places that are listed have it any more, or even exist Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask. It's super cheap and supposedly super awesome and I just want to tryyyyyy it! and you can't buy it here! I'm pretty sure there are more things too, but I can't think of them right now.. I'm sure if they DID have these things here, they'd be completely overpriced! So! list yours! Did you look at queenhelene.com? I don't know if you can order from australia, but you can contact them to ask. I tried looking for the other things. MUFE said something about accepting orders via fax or e-mail only (makeupforever.com) and the only superbalm I found was from Clinique.
  6. This sounds like a very subtle attack on everyone on this thread. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone's complaint is valid when they say that micabella is pricey or that the customer service sucks. Everyone else here has just as much of a open mind as you to have tried it and most (if not all) of the posters love the product itself. With that, if you have something to say and it is supporting micabella, let it be that. Don't add subtle insults because it makes it look like you are a micabella retailer who is using propaganda to invalidate other posters' legitimate concerns just to make a sale.
  7. To lealynn: I'm in the same boat, but I'm loving it! Originally Posted by Annelle I mean, discussing it doesn't really offend me, it's more when people just assume I'm still a kid I guess. I didn't mind being assumed to be a kid when I still felt like a kid...but with most of my friends out here being an average of 3-5 years younger than me, I'm almost always one of the oldest ones in the group, and usually by a few years. Honestly I never really thought about how it affects my makeup. I really didn't start using makeup until I joined cheerleading in high school, and even then, the only times I really wore makeup were for games and competitions. Then when I started college, I wore makeup for the first month of each semester (gotta have that good first impression) ....but then I'd get lazy and just wake up 5 minutes before I'd have to leave the house! I didn't really start using and feeling like I was starting to master the whole make up thing until I moved out to California. I grew up in the midwest and looks weren't as big of a focal point as it is out here and the first job I got out here was the "girl at the front desk who looks pretty and tells you to sit in the waiting area for 10 minutes while I get the manager for you" person. Of course I wore full makeup to the interview, and the guy basically told me "The owner of the company *cough* likes the girl up front to look well kept up" -- and I guess I was prettier than the person who already had the job who was working part time (my full time availability also bumped me into her position) So working there got me into the habit of putting makeup on everyday. I suppose I do go a lot more dramatic than I probably should (neutral shadows are now my being lazy, not my work face. I'll wear any color in the rainbow for work), but I think that's mostly because I'm honestly still in my first year of really wearing makeup and all of it is still fun and fairly new. I DO feel a bit more confident that I look older and better and more knowledgeable (although that part makes no logical sense, it just does help me feel more confident in those ways) if I'm all made up instead of when I've just got a plain face. That's interesting. While I look young for my age, I usually don't bother with makeup because I'm unsure of how most colors would look on me. I did fall in love with the colors available in nail polish and eyeshadow, but I'm afraid of looking like a clown. Hence, I rarely use makeup and usually look young. I wish I could offer suggestions, but I really don't know what to say or suggest (btw i'm new to the makeup scene as well).
  8. Originally Posted by Annelle lol that's what everybody always says. But it's kind of sad that I'll have to wait until the final third of my life (the part where I'll be senile and not remember anything anyway!) to where my looks will finally catch up to me, and people will take me for closer to my age! I guess I get offended because I've run into too many situations where people don't take me seriously as an adult or educated individual because they think that I'm 15 years old, even when though I'm years older than they are. Or when my 20 year old friends get the "here's your drink" and then they turn to me with a look like "aw how cute the little minor is trying to buy something, does the widdle girlie want one too?" and i'm like...yeah. i've been old enough for almost a decade now -.- I'm well past the "ooh yay finally old enough" rush. wow... I guess I can sympathize with you. I've had days where I get carded just to buy one thing. About a month ago I was told by a manager at a fabric store that I was not allowed to shop in the store unless I was 18 or older. It does sound like you get that everyday. I hope you don't get offended, but does looking young for your age influence your using makeup?
  9. Originally Posted by Annelle I think I'm officially in my later 20's now. Too old to still be a carefree kid, old enough to be offended when somebody thinks I'm still in college or worse high school... I've been (somewhat jokingly) told I still look 12. Realistically I think i look at least high school senior? 17-18 at least? hopefully at least college aged?? I suppose I still get carded enough to where I look nowhere near my age. I guess I don't know for sure what the public things I look like. I know a lot of people seeing me for the first time don't believe I'm legally able to drink alcohol, even if I'm the oldest one in the room by a few years. Is it bad I get offended from people asking what high school or college I attend (I work at a 2 year college, so people assume I'm a student here -- which would imply 18-20 years old)? I guess maybe I've had the whole "look super young" thing for so long that I feel I'm a bit more mature and intelligent than college freshman -- especially since when I was a college freshman I was still so very naive and sheltered! and not that I was immature back then, but I just really didn't know much at all about life! I'm one of the only people (actually come to think of it, I'm the only person) in my friends group out here with a regular 8-5 job (they're mostly 19-24 years old), and I turn into a pumpkin at midnight, while they're still partying it up at 4am... I"m 25 years old and still have people asking what grade I'm in. I will not take it as an insult, but as a blessing. There are a lot of people trying to look younger while we both have that naturally. Think of it this way: By age 50, you'd may look as old as 40 (with no wrinkles)
  10. Originally Posted by Flowind I personally thank a lot of them in deciding on which brands of makeup I get. If there's something that annoys me, it would be: some of them are really brand-oriented, like talking about a certain (esp high-end) nonstop and how them work so well. Just a thought although it is indeed their opinions of what they think of a product, so that's just me. XD second one: I'm interested in mineral makeup and I search high and low for swatches. i really wish some of them would stop using wet swatches ALONE, because everything shows up wet and I bought some colors the payoff is quite poor. Just a minor thought. but they become celebs, good job for them! I enjoy most of them but I wish specific ones would stop talking so fast. To Flowind: I unfortunately have not tried this brand, but I did look at some loose eyeshadow by NYX (ironically, I found out about it from a youtube guru). I scrolled down on the site and saw that they are made from mica, titanium oxide, and/or iron oxide. Maybe that would help. Back to the subject: I normally don't have a problem with the gurus that I watch. I only wish that one of them would improve the sound quality of the videos (I hate turning my speaker volume up high just to forget about it until the next video gives me a loud reminder).
  11. has anyone ever tried to make their own mica eyeshadow?

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