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  1. this is what i was trying to say.. love the eye colors :
  2. i find purple makes my eyes brown show more. also if you try a simple natural color on your lid, with black eyeliner, then color your waterline with green,blue, or purple.
  3. Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner. it really made a difference with my hair!
  4. love it! i could advise you to get longer bangs on the sides to contour your face. but it looks great like this also!
  5. use concealer. I should! and i need it..but somehow i find myself avoiding it.
  6. being pretty is overrated.. think instead of ways to be happy. Enjoy all the things you used to do before you were together. Go back to that happy place of yours. once you are happy, you will feel confident, and pretty. you dont need a guy or anyone for that matter to tell you, you are pretty. you ARE pretty and you enforce that on anyone who tells you otherwise.
  7. I use benefit's moisturizer and found it amazing. the foundation i love and always use is Inglots's one. i never feel like i have makeup on when I use it, and I get load of good comments about it.
  8. What's not on my wishlist? siiigh...
  9. That's a good question. I would love to say yes, but I really can't say. All I can say, is that years ago, Hijab was an issue for us. You'd still find companies that would hire based on your Hijab. Some prefer women with Hijab, and some dont. I think it's because a lot feel uncomfortable around women with Hijab and what they "think" it represents. They would be unsure of how act or talk to one without feeling they have crossed some line. I remember I was hired by an English based company, and it was my English Boss's first visit to an Arab country. He was very unsure on how to be with me at first , but found that I'm really flexible. we talk about movies, music, I have make up on.. etc.. I dont have "rules" or anything of that sort. He did ask a lot about my culture and religion though. So my best friend, with or without hijab, is still as fashionable, as cool as ever.. and is really good at her job. So hopefully she was hired for that. and not based on her "Hijab".
  10. Thanks for sharing.I so believe in hair trimming and not washing your hair everyday.
  11. I think every curly hair is different. There are a lot of youtube videos that can help. Personally, after i normally wash my hair, i use a frizz serum, a leave-in conditioner, and let it air dry. it works for me. i never brush if i intend to have it in curls. if you think your curls are not emphasized, you can divide into parts (after washing it, and towel-drying it for a bit) and braid it. till it completely dries, but still you would need to leave some leave-in conditioner or serum, or whatever works, so your hair wont get dried out. after it completely dries, unbraid it, and comb through your hair to part the curls.. I think mostly you have to experiment with what goes right for your hair type. i struggled for years till i found my natural curls
  12. I think most judge with how you look (makeup wise) and how you dress up. My best friend landed a good engineering job before she used to cover her hair with Hijab. by her joining date, she was a different person only because she had her hijab on. She heard lots of jokes and snarks about how she wont make it because she was only hired for her looks. I used to reassure her more than once that its not true, she's a really smart and hard working girl. and anyways, she looks as sexy with her hijab on as without. and hamdullilah, she's now being promoted and getting bonuses. I know this is a slightly different, but I think we ourselves tend to think that appearances do matter, and we tend to judge ourselves and others.
  13. I think it depends on how you are brought up and the environment. Frankly the world is changing. my days is so different than my Mom's and of course our kids would be different. My brothers and Mom keep asking me what is it about makeup.. why do you need it so. They dont understand that makeup is just another way of looking good just the same as buying a new outfit wanting to look good. its not about changing yourself or feeling a somebody with it. we need to emphasize this point to them. But yeah, I'd love my daughter to go through all stages of life, childhood is playing with barbies, not wanting to be one. i'm not judging, by the way. my best advise is to be makeup buddies with your daughter. dont judge her, dont restrict her too much. that way she'll be comfortable to ask for your opinion and go with it

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